Life was good until I was eight. That was the day everything changed. My family was mean to me; I didn't matter at all anymore. Of those things I was sure. I was very scared, my brothers and sisters were in charge of me. My parents didn't care about what happened to me, so I was forced to be their servant, no, their slave. All they did was cook my dinner until I knew how to cook by myself. I had to make my own money so I could get my own food. I stopped talking in public, I stopped smiling, and I never had a positive mood anymore; I only felt anger, hate, depression, disturbance, frustration, sickness, pain…That was until I moved to La Push. I met someone named Jacob. I was a little happier than I was before, though I still didn't smile, I talked a little. I was ten then. We moved again and I soon became depressed again. I am seventeen now, and we moved to Forks, which was right next to La Push. I was going to be able to see Jacob again, and that put me in my semi-good mood. I had to go through the first day in a new school first.

I walked into the pouring rain, trying to get to the English classroom.

"Do you need help?" someone asked from behind me. I turned around to see who it was. I was met by a pair of dazzling green eyes. I was dazed; I couldn't remember how to nod. It took me a minute, but I finally did. "Where are you going?" I showed him the paper. He nodded to himself. "I'm not going there, but I can still take you there." I shook my head in protest, but he ignored me. "Where did you move from?" He asked me while we walked. I looked at him sadly. "What's wrong?" I looked at him again, with an obvious expression on my face. "You don't talk, do you?" I shook my head. "Why not?" I looked at him with wide eyes. "Oh, sorry. I won't try to make you talk." We stopped in front of the English classroom. "I'll come take you to your next class after the period is over, okay?" I nodded and walked into the classroom. As soon as I was away from him, my uplifted move that I didn't know I was feeling faded away. I didn't know why was feeling this, but I was willing to find out.