Deep into a dying day
I took a step outside an innocent heart
Prepare to hate me fall when I may
This night will hurt you like never before
Old loves they die hard
Old lies they die harder.



I saw Catherine getting nervous.

"Catherine, remember what I said. Alright, which direction do you want to go, Luc?" I asked Lucien.


"Remember what you said. Right..." I said nervously. "All right...Lucien, lead the way!"


I shifted suddenly, my ear picking up a sound in the distance, screaming, struggling.

I picked up Charlotte, who had just recovered and ran up the side of the building so quick no one saw me do it--just an odd gust of wind. We reached the roof tops of the city, I took off towards the shabby end of town, navigating over pilled grand buildings and wide boulevards, the moon hit the top of the sky just as we reached the other end of the city. My grey eyes flew forward as I felt Catherine and Alex flying above, and caught the glimpse of a man hoisting himself on the roof--chasing someone else.

"That's him." I said to myself

Charlotte squinted in the distance but couldn't see anything, I held her closer as my eyes caught someone slithering sneakily behind him.

"Let's go!" I sped off again, "Catherine," I said looking straight ahead, "he needs you--take care of it!" and we all shot on ahead after the odd party.


I wanted to make myself known to Van Helsing so Catherine can reunite with her brother. I sped up towards the creature Van Helsing was chasing. I landed in front of the creature and it slammed right into me, falling back. I picked him up by the throat and waited for Van Helsing.

"I think this is yours, Gabriel." I handed the creature to him. "I have surprise for you." Oddly enough, he looked curious. "Look behind you, Van Helsing." I made little circles with my finger.


I landed-soft and silent as a shadow-behind my intended target: A tall, shadowy man wearing a long black duster and a fedora hat. But I would've known that shadow was the shadow of my dear brother, Gabriel.

"I think this is yours, Gabriel," Alex said, handing some creature to him. "I have a surprise for you. Look behind you, Van Helsing."

She pointed towards me, and Gabriel obliged, turning around. His eyes stared straight into mine...but he seemed to be confused.

"'s me...Catherine..." I said. "Y-You do remember me...r-right?"


-Lucien grabbed me again and, though I was taken off guard and therefore annoyed, I was delighted that it was him. We rushed to go see the others - apparently we had caught up with Van Helsing - and I immediately felt sick once I saw them tear apart whatever creature it was he was following. I turned my face into Lucien's chest to keep myself from writhing.-


Bucharest. The jewel of Romania, as its capitol city. Also the home of my next assignment. It seemed like a normal assignment from Cardinal Jinette, nothing unusual...until it took a turn for the unusual.

A ghostly woman had landed before me, my prey in her hands. She handed the prey over to me, then pointed behind me, telling me she had a surprise for me. I quickly disposed of the creature, then turned-only to find a girl behind me. She seemed so familiar...and her name, was all so familiar. But it was as if she had been a word on the tip of my tongue...I knew her from somewhere, but I couldn't remember exactly who she was, or what she meant to me.

More people appeared from out of nowhere-to people, a male and a female. The girl was human, but the man...he was a vampire, no doubt of it. What were they doing here?

"Who are you people, and what do you want with me?" I asked.


I stood beside Catherine. I took notice of her disappointed face

"Gabriel Van Helsing, do you not remember your own flesh and blood? Your own sister?" I pushed Catherine closer to Gabriel. "This is Catherine VAN HELSING. I could see tears forming in Catherine's eyes. "Gabriel, I am told that we need your help." I waved towards Lucien, inviting him to come closer.


Tears came to my eyes when I realized Gabriel couldn't recall who I was. I thought he would be angry with me. But this...this is much worse...

Alex shoved us closer together, scolding him for not remembering me. I quickly wiped the tears away. I was a Van Helsing...I would be damned if I let someone see me cry like a helpless child.


I stared down at Catherine. The ghost-maiden had claimed her to be my own flesh and own sister, in fact. And she did bear some resemblance to me, this is true. So, while the ghost-maiden spoke and waved for the vampire to come over, I turned my attentions to Catherine, who was wiping at her eyes, trying to obliterate the tears I saw there.

"You're my sister?" I asked quietly.

She gave a nod. "Yes. I...I left you at the Vatican eight years ago...I feared you'd be angry with me for abandoning you...but I guess I don't have to worry about you being angry, now do I?"

There was a sad bitterness in her voice that filled me with sorrow. Clearly, she remembered me, and it was killing her that I didn't remember her. But I'll find a way to make it up to her... I thought to myself. I...I'll help her and the others. I have to. I owe them-and her-that much.

" need my help?" I said to the ghost-maiden and the vampire. "And what is it you need help with?"


I smiled briefly. My face returned to its normal, gloomy grim features when Gabriel asked me.

"Dracula and Alyssa Rose are back. Stronger than ever with an army." I turned towards Lucien. "Lucien here," I patted Lucien on the back, "is or was a loyal Dracula follower. Dracula is trying to lead a war against humanity...again." I breathed slowly. "I am Alexyna LeBeau. I am Alyssa Rose's ancestor and Alyssa Rose is Dracula's newest Bride." I introduced myself.


I had opened my mouth to explain but it seemed in vain, I looked to Charlotte by my side who had a frustrated look upon her that made me want to laugh out loud, but this wasn't the time or the place.

I shifted my grey eyes to Van Helsing who eyed me suspiciously.

"Old friendships die hard and when they do, it seems they stay that way for an eternity."

I said fluidly, I knew he would be a hard one to earn trust from but then again, I was quite used to that. Thinking of how long it took for Charlotte to finally trust me as she does and sometimes for me to even trust myself. I looked up into the moonlight and I could feel my eyes darken a bit.

I had to feed or my blood lust would surely overcome me, I hadn't fed in a couple months and it was catching up to me all the same.

"I've already sent word to a couple friends here, they've graciously put us up."

I reached inside my jacket and handed them the address on pieces of torn parchment.

"Until then, bon soir." I stepped back and materialized myself down to the street and ran into the dead night, I mentally tapped Alex, "bring her there safely please." I requested before I shot ahead as I spotted my meal cornering a helpless child in a dark alleyway, the smile grasping my face as I whispered,

"Bon appetite."


I mentally accepted Lucien's request. I eyed Charlotte from the corner of my eyes. Surely, she saw me eyeing me. I slowly turned my head robotically. I glared at Charlotte

"And yet, you love a murderer of innocent children, Charlotte." I uttered laboriously. I prevented flow of tears. This is not a time to cry. I was so mad at Lucien for killing my family, but in a way, I still loved him. I always had.

"Van Helsing should've been hunting him." I whispered to myself, but stupidly, Charlotte and the others heard me. I recollected myself and changed to a more confident pose. Charlotte threw me an I'm-never-talking-to-you-again look and I graciously smiled back.

"Come, we must find these so-called friends of his." I said with a flawless tone.

Being me and Catherine the only ones who can fly. We agreed the carrying Charlotte and Van Helsing will have to do if we were planning to reach all the addresses on that night. Charlotte somehow knew that I would willingly drop her to her death if I was the carrying her so she convinced Catherine to carry her. Catherine seemed disappointed. I take it she wanted to fly with her brother. As we flew to the first address, I slowed down behind the ladies. Catherine didn't slow down, because I gave her "don't wait for me look". I wanted to talk with Gabriel about Lucien without Charlotte interfering.

"I need to talk with you, Gabriel." He nodded, permitting me to continue so I did. "I don't trust Lucien completely." I blurted out. Van Helsing turned his complete attention to me. "Lucien was a loyal follower of Vlad Dracula before the Devil made Vlad a vampire, and Lucien betrayed me and killed my fam-" I swallowed a few tears, "my family to continue to worship Dracula with the same respect of a God. I do not believe Lucien that he left Dracula because of vampirc deeds just like that. Dracula and Lucien treat each other like family - like brothers. Luc worked for him for...a long time and I don't believe Luc left him simply leave just like that. A part of me believes Luc was sent to distract the good people - us, while Dracula could follow through his plans without any interference. I imagine the friends of his we're fetching are vampires. You should be aware and careful around him." I sighed as I finished. I could see that Van Helsing was making the assumption that Lucien and I had some history. From the corner of my eye, I saw Lucien rapidly feed on a young, helpless child below me in an alley. Lucien saw me with regretting eyes. I didn't want to alert the others so I kept quiet. I sighed to myself. Is this the same man - creature I fell in love with?

I waited for Van Helsing's response to my long, but reasonable suspicion.


I couldn't blame Alex for having her suspicions. If Lucien had been an avid follower of Dracula, it was entirely possible that he still worked for the King of the Undead, and was meant to merely be a distraction. But, at the same time, who was I-a man who lived to kill-to judge?

"I'm...not sure," I said slowly, weighing each word before I spoke. "You make a fair point, Alex, I shall give you that. If Lucien worshipped Dracula so devoutly, how could he turn away from his Master simply like that? I'm no expert at vampiric hierarchy-and I don't pretend to be-but something tells me that even if Lucien did want to turn away, Dracula wouldn't let him do it so easily. Or, even if Dracula did, their relationship wouldn't be the same. But...I'm not the one to judge. I myself am far from perfect, Alex. I kill-I kill in God's name, mind you, and in the name of the church, but I kill none the less. I'm not the one to judge."

I sighed. Alex was probably disappointed with my response, but there was really no clear-cut answer to this situation. Was Lucien working with us? Or was he against us?

Only time would tell.


I was indeed disappointed, but I was still glad that someone other than me knew how I felt.

"I-I understand. Gabriel." I said with a faint smile

I flew faster to catch up with Catherine and Charlotte. Soon, we were side-by-side.

"Enjoying the ride, are we, Charlotte? You know, you remind me of a dog I once had. Always longing for others to be moving her wherever she wanted." I teased her. I started enjoying the teases and had millions where that came from. We landed on the roof of a house. I checked the address.

"This is it. This is the right address."


As we landed on the roof of the house, I gently lowered Charlotte back to her feet. She still clung to my neck, however, probably fearful that we were perched on a roof.

I gently pried her arms from my neck. "Charlotte, you won't fall. I promise. Lucien would kill me, resurrect me, and kill me again if I let you fall off the roof."

"This is it. This is the right address," Alex said, beckoning for us to climb down from the roof.


I gently dropped from the roof, with Alex, Catherine, and Charlotte-who was clinging to Catherine again-close behind. While Catherine and Charlotte headed towards the door, I tapped Alex on her shoulder. I wanted to speak with her.

"Alex...I know you have your suspicions about Lucien's so-called friends. But...I don't...I don't sense any evil, or any sense of foreboding. At least, not right now. But...if anything goes wrong-" I drew a silver stake from within my coat and held it up for Alex to see. "-I guess I'll get a chance to use this, now won't I?"

Alex nodded, and I turned just in time to watch Catherine knock on the elaborate front door.


I saw the silver stake Gabriel showed me. He doesn't sense any evil. But what does senses do? Senses are merely feelings. Just because he senses nothing doesn't mean there's nothing. Although I nodded, I still held my suspicions up high. I watched Catherine knock on the door. A dark, tall figure opened the door. He looked handsome in his long overcoat.

"Hello, I'm Alex LeBeau, Lucien's ex-bride. Lucien sent us?" I introduced myself. I looked at the paper Lucien gave me. "Are you Mr....Giles Leroy?" I asked with a soft voice. He nodded and invited us in. I waited while the others introduced themselves.

"Alex LeBeau?" He asked me as I walked into the grand hallway. I nodded to answer his question. He took my hand and kissed it. For the first time since Lucien proposed to me, I blushed. He seems to be more polite than Lucien had been before we died.


"He had told me so much about your beauty. Alex. Alex. Alex! Only about you and the mistake he made did he talk about! Make yourselves comfortable." I said, walking everyone to a table with leather seats. I pulled the chairs for the ladies and nodded to the lad, Van Helsing, I think.

"Now, I know we can't stay long. We have a few more people to pick up. We'll leave soon as Luc arrives." Just as I finished, I saw Lucien enter. I welcomed him.

"Luc, Luc, Luc, old friend! Shall we go?" I gave him a quick hug and turned to the others.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mention earlier. I'm a creation. Something like the Frankenstein monster. I possess very few powers, though. Now, who's next?" I walked over to Alex.

I held out my hand to Alex. She eagerly took it and pulled herself up and gave me the list of address.

"The next one isn't far, only a few blocks 'way. We can walk there."


I nodded and took the hand Giles offered me. We walked out the door first, followed by Catherine and Van Helsing. Lucien stood there glaring at me. Probably of jealousy. Charlotte was. least to say, surprised to see my change of attitude. I stopped and looked back.

"Lucien? Charlotte? C'mon!" I gestured and they followed.

My change of behavior is no mistake. I had a revenge cooked up back at Giles's house. I had made promise I'll punish Lucien for what he did, but not physically. I'll make Giles crazy for me and fall for me and I'll hurt Lucien's heart! It was a perfect plan. It started to rain lightly and I held Giles's arm tighter for comfort.