Linda was in her room studying for her final exams or at least she was trying to. The noise coming from downstairs from her other 16 brothers and sisters made it had to study. She took a deep breath and tried to drown out the noise so she can get some studying.


Linda looked up from her textbook. She thought for sure she had heard a voice and it sounded familiar.

"Hey sis," Kino, her younger brother, said.

"Yes Kino what is it?" Linda asked.

"I know you are studying for your big test tomorrow and all but I need your help," Kino replied, "And none of the others can help me."


There was that voice again and when she turned to her left she shocked to see a bright light in the shape of a door appear in her room.

"Sis what is that?" Kino asked sounding scared.

But before Linda can reply a powerful wind began sucking them in and once they were in the door closed. Linda slowly opened her eyes to the sound of her brother calling her name.

"What happened?" Linda asked as she slowly got up.

"I don't know but I want to go home," Her brother said.

"Come on Kino let's see if we can get some help," Linda said as she led the way.

Luckily Linda had her bag with her. The two walked for a few minutes until they came upon a building and Linda quickly recognized it. The sign that hung on the top of the double doors read:

Gregory's Hotel

"What's wrong?" Kino asked.

"Let's just say I've been here before," Linda answered.

But the building looked disheveled like something had attacked it. Some of the letters were upside down and the doors was busted in and hung from their hinges. Just then Linda saw a glint in the door way and she ran up to it with her brother following behind. When she got to the item she saw that it was a scythe. She knelt down and picked up and stood up.

"Is this Death's scythe?" She asked softly.

"What's that sis?" Kino asked.

"It's Death's scythe," Linda replied.

"How do you know that?"

"Because he is the only I know that has one," Linda said.

"What happened here?" Kino asked.

The inside was worse then the outside since it showed sign of a battle. Tables and chairs were overturned and little holes can be seen around the place.

"Hello, anyone here?" Linda shouted but got no reply.

She approached the counter and looked it over but it appeared that no one was there. Linda then felt a tug on her skirt and when she looked she saw Kino.

"Linda I'm hungry," He said.

"Alright let's go to the kitchen," Linda said.

They made their way to the kitchen by going through the dinning room.

"Do you think the chief won't mind us going in?"

"I don't think he is in, Kino."

Once they entered the kitchen Linda went straight to the refrigerator, opened it and looked inside. She gathered some food and placed them on the counter.

"Are you sure you can cook sis?"

"Well I try,"

She went over to a pot and when she opened it something came out and latched onto her face.


Linda simply grabbed it and took it off.

"Hey Pacro what's up?" Linda asked.

"Thank goodness you're here, Linda, It just terrible," Pacro said and then started shivering and whimpering.

"Hey calm down you can tell us everything once I prepared dinner," Linda said.

An hour later…..

Once dinner was ready and everyone had sat down Pacro had begun his story of how the hotel came under attack by a strange organization and how the others were taking away by them.

"I was lucky enough to escape by hiding in one of the pots and that's all I know and did until you guys came into the kitchen," Pacro said ending his story.

"Man who ever this organization is means business," Kino said.

"But what I want to know is why they would attack a hotel," Linda said, "What is there to gain from doing that."

"I guess you will be leaving soon?" Pacro asked.

"Think again Pacro," Linda said, "As much as I don't like this place you guys need my help."

"Yeah we're going on an adventure," Kino shouted, "But we don't even know where to begin nor where they went and most of all we don't have a ride."

"No problem we can contact my big brother," Pacro said, "And as for finding out where they went leave that to me."

Once outside the hotel Pacro began howling for a minute. For a while nothing happened until they heard something crashing through the forest and then a huge wolf with a saddle with spikes on it came out of the woods and stopped in front of them.

"Guys I like you meet my big brother Chidero," Pacro introduced, He will be able to get us anywhere we want."

"Cool but how do we find out where they are?" Kino asked.

"I can sniff around the hotel and pick up their scent," Pacro replied.

"Alright then let's pack up and go," Linda said and then went into the hotel.

Pacro gave a few barks to his big brother before following Kino in to help. An half an hour later they were packed and ready and everything was place on Chidero's back. The trio got on and then they were off.