It has been a few days since Linda and Kino rescued the Judgment Boys from the camp. Now they were hiding out in a cave they had found and were planning on their next move.

"The camp surely will notice the Judgment Boys missing and will probable alert the other of it so will have to have a low profile and stay out of sight while we rescue the others from the rest of the camps," Linda explained.

"But we don't know where the other camps are," One J.B said.

"He is right we will be running in circles," Kino said.

"I know but all we can do is search out the land for them," Linda said, "Hopefully one of the camps will have a map of all the camps but for now we have to depend on Pacro to sniff out them."

"Talking about Pacro where is that little runt?" J.B.G asked.


Linda and Kino came out of the cave wondering what was up with Chidero. When they reached Chidero Pacro was with him.

"I just got the scent of Hell's Chef," Pacro said.

"Who is Hell's Chef?" Kino asked.

"He is a chef who takes great pride his cooking and doesn't like anyone messing with it," Linda explained.

"But why is he called Hell's Chef?"

"I don't know but maybe it's because he has a giant candle on his head,"

"What is the plan?" Pacro asked.

"It dark out so we will rest tonight and head out tomorrow," Linda explained.

So Linda, Kino, and Pacro headed back into the cave to get a good night sleep. The next morning they got up early to get a head start. Once they had strapped the Judgment Boy onto the make shift raft and attached it to Chidero Linda, Kino, and Pacro climbed onto Chidero and headed out. Pacro guided them through the forest as they traveled for a few miles until they came upon a clearing. The clearing was very big to a point that a camp was set up in it.

"Alright Pacro you know the drill," Linda said.

Pacro nodded and headed into the camp. After an hour of waiting Pacro returned and told them that Hell's Chef was being held in the middle of the camp.

"We will wait until night time comes to go in," Linda explained.

So they waited until night came before entering but the Judgment Boys were left behind. The group tipped toed through the camp until the reached the middle. Linda looked into the tent and spotted the chef and motioned the others to follow.

"Is he sleeping?" Kino whispered.

"No his candle is out," Linda whispered back, "lets get him out first before lighting him."

"Wait we must find his knife," Pacro whispered, "If we light him up and finds out we don't have it he will be mad."

"I will find it," Linda said, "Chidero help them get the chef out."

As Kino and the others worked on getting the chef out Linda quietly looked around the tent for the knife. She finally spotted it. It was next to the bed behind the bird stand of a hawk. Linda crept up reached out and grabbed the handle of it. She tried to leave the huge knife but the weight of it made Linda drop which in turn knocked against the bird stand. This action woke up the hawk that looked around until it spotted Linda. The bird squawked loudly while flapping its wing which in turn woke up the master who sat up. Linda, still holding the knife, fled out of the tent.

"Let's get out of here!" Linda cried.

The small group fled through the camp as the man that had awoken came out of his tent.

"Intruders, Intruders!" He shouted.

Everyone at the camp started waking up and coming out as Linda and her friends and brother passed a few of them in their attempt to get out of the camp. Some soldiers gave chase as the group reached the trees and quickly tied on the Judgment Boys and took off with the soldiers in hot pursuit. Chidero ran at full speed.

"Hey take it easy will you," A J.B cried as pebbles dinged of its body.

"Sorry but we slow down for if we do they will get us," Kino said.

Luckily they were able to lose the soldiers and were to stop and relax.

"I think we lost them but I think its best if we find a place to hide until everything cools down," Linda said.

Once they found a place to hide they settled down for tonight with one staying awake to keep watch. In the morning Linda used two rocks to start up a small fire and once she did she place a stick in it until it caught. With the light stick Linda went over to the Hell's Chef and lit the candle on top of his head. Once lit Chef's red eyes glowed brightly and he blinked.

"Linda," He said in sinister voice.

"Hey there Chef long time no see," Linda said.

"Where is my knife?" Chef asked.

"Here it is," Kino said dragging the knife behind him and handed it to Chef.

"Okay now that you are awake its time to get moving," Linda said.

Once they were ready they soon headded off.