Ok so, bold is the answer phone message and italics is the message the person left.

"Hi, you've reached Shibuya Psychic Research. Sorry but we are unable to take your call at this moment in time, but if you leave you're name, number and reason for calling, we'll get back to you as soon as possible. Bubi!"

"Hey, Mai! It's Takato, y'know from your math class? I found out you worked at SPR and just wanted to see if you wanted to go out sometime, 'cause, y'know, you're really cute---"


"You've reached SPR. Please leave a message and Mr Kazuya Shibuya will contact you when he can."

"Mai, it's me again! Takato! What happened to you're cute voicemail message? Now it's some dude! Any way, you've not called back so I just wanted to make sure you got my message---"


"Greetings! This is a member of SPR. Sorry there ain't no one around right now but if you're a cute girl leave a message-"

"You can't say that Bou-san"
"Shut up blondie."

"Mai? It's me. Again. Eh...this is the right number yeh? I mean, this is the third message! And you've not been in school because of work. Also how many guys do you work with! 4 I've counted so far, including your boss. Not that I'm jelou-"


"No one is at our office right now but if you leave a message Naru...oh I mean, Mr Shibuya will get back to you as soon as he can"
"Mai! Tea"
"Coming you insensitive, egotistical, narssasistc know it all..."

"Naru, it's Masako, I was wondering if-"


"Mai, me again! Listen, there's a mov-"


"Mai? I hope you're ok, if you're ill or-"


"You've reached Shibuya Psychic Research. This is Kazuya Shibuya, CEO of SPR. My team and I are unable to answer this call so please leave a message after the tone. Unless it's you again Takato, in which case STOP CALLING. Mai will not return you're phone calls."

"NARU! Have you been deleting my messages again?!? I sware any time a guy calls me, you delete the message! Just because you don't want me destracted from work! I was calling to tell you I'm sick today so I can't come in, but to make sure you delete no more of MY messages, I'm leaving my apartment now."

"No SPR employees are able to take you're calls at the moment as we are trying to restrain a certain Mai Tamiyama from killing Kazuya Shibuya"
"I can't understand why anyone would want to go out with you with your temper Mai."




"Hi guys...eh...why are Naru and Mai kissing?"

"You've reached Shibuya Psychic Research. Mai and Kazuya are unable to answer due to the fact they have been locked in Kazuya's office for the past 5 hours and 56 minutes and have sent me home for the night. Sorry for any inconvinence or death cause by this. Please leave a message."

Ok unless you didn't get it, Naru deleted all of Takako's messages because he was jelouse and Mai deleted Masako's message for the same reason lol Please review.