I'm sad and very much happy at the same time. This is the last chapter. I'm sad because it's over. And then again I'm happy because it's over. Now I can focus on my other stories. Which I recommend. This was my first fanfic story. How did I do?


We were on the plane now. Our seats are first class A-12 through 19. Bella whimpers in her sleep, sitting between Esme and me. Mother gave me some privacy by leaning towards Carlisle in the aisle seat.. Alice, however, had no such politeness. She was leaning in-between Bella and my seats. Talking non-stop. I wasn't about to listen. I was just staring at my beautiful Bella. Amazed at what she could do, and terrified of how she got there. I busied my mind with the past two hours of events.

It had only taken us fifty minutes to get to the airport. Alice had just told us that the Volturi wouldn't press charges, they'll hold a bit of a grudge, but that's the extent of the damage.

I never did let go of Bella's hand all through our journey. It was very selfish of me but, she didn't seem to mind. On the contrary, she seemed to have enjoyed the caring touch. My Bella probably hasn't had so many luxuries in the past, long months. It was like I was truly guiding her back to her real self. That's why she didn't let go of me.

I was satisfied with this.

Anyway, we had gotten to the outside of the airport, but by then it was mid-day and the sun was brightly shinning.

"Hmm... we'll have to find a back entrance or we'll have to wait until tonight." Carlisle stated.

I growled. "No. I can't stand it if we stay here a minute longer than necessary."

"We'll it just may be necessary to stay here. And, with the Volturi so close and on bad terms... it's not a good idea to push our boundaries."

"We could call a cab maybe or a rental service and rent a car with tinted windows." Rosalie suggested.

"No, no. Who would rent us a van and bring it to the woods behind the airport?" Jasper said realistically.

We were all starting to ponder our predicament when I felt pressure leave my hand. I turned to see that Bella was gone.

"Bella?" I called.

I found her scent trail and ran with it. The rest of my family following.

She was at the edge of the woods now, feet away from the hot dry concrete.

"Bella, get back here." Esme commanded worry inflicted in her voice. "What are you doing?"

"Don't worry guys. I'm going to get you all a car so we can leave." She said very matter-of-factly.

"Oh, no you're not." I disagreed with her. "We can't expose ourselves."

"I know. That's why I'm getting you the van that you all desire." She smiled, seeing us still not understanding.

"But... the sun... you can't. I mean you can... but you may not.-" Jasper stuttered, astonished and wondering if Bella had lost her mind as well as her mortality.

"Wanna bet?" Bella smiled mischievously. And before I could stop her she stepped out of the woods.

I would have closed my eyes, but Bella was too breathtaking to turn away from. So I had to witness her suicide.

But, there were no screams from the dozens of people. There were no flickers of light that should have danced all over the corner.

There was just Bella, standing in the sunlight as if nothing was the matter. And nothing was the matter. Her skin was completely normal, as if she still had human skin. But it wasn't. It had an eerie tinge to it that I couldn't place. You could only notice it if you stared too long or had the eyes of our kind.

She smiled brilliantly and skipped off to the rental car service desk that was placed right inside.

Bella came out a few minutes later with keys in her hand and a man in the other. He brought around the car which she brought as close to us as she could.

She stepped out of the driver's seat with a dazed look on her face.

When she was close enough that I could yank her back into the safety of the shadows, I asked if she was alright.

"Yea, I'm fine. But, I just realized. I have no idea how to drive a car. Or... I didn't... but then I just drove and parked it with such ease... weird." She shook it off and handed Carlisle the keys.

We were all wondering and burning to ask how she could stand in the sunlight but, we kept our mouths shut not wanting to scare her with our tenacity.

Next, I remember we were now in the airport's interior.

We had just walked into the port we needed to be in. The customs check had been as tedious now as it would have been if we were human.

Bella managed to hit her head on the metal detector.

We all broke out in silent giggles and smiles.

Bella turned to us sheepishly. "I have a tendency to do that. Just every now and then. It's so odd. But I usually am very graceful. I guess I just have my moments."

Esme spoke. "You were a very clumsy human."

"Was I? I don't think so. I remember most of my past. I was one of the most athletic girls in my school. I don't think I was clumsy."

But either way the airport security took her in to integrate her. Apparently, being clumsy in an airport is a felony.

I didn't like the thoughts running through the security guards minds as they walked her into a secluded room. Nasty visions.

I couldn't hear what was going on in there but she emerged forty seconds later with a disgusted and weary look on her face.

The security guards came out looking blushed and entirely too attracted to Bella for his own good.

"How did you get out of there so quick!?" Emmett asked... or imploded.

"Yea, and... his feelings are quite unmentionable and I would rather not repeat them." Jasper said amazed.

"What did you do?"

Bella sighed. "I did what was instinct. I seduced him. I'm eighteen percent succubus. It's what that eighteen percent of me does." Bella shrugged.

That would explain the new sensuality in Bella's features that wasn't there before..

"And the rest of you?" Carlisle subtly pushed.

"Seventy-nine percent vampire and three percent human. In short I don't know what the crap I am." She stared ruefully at one of the walls.

We were all silent for a couple of minutes, not knowing what to say.

"Our plane leaving in five minutes. We better go." Bella stated in a sad dejected voice.

As we got on the plane I heard her mutter. "I wish I could remember you." I grabbed her hand to comfort her. She didn't rebel.

And, so here we are on the plane somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean.

It pains me that she can't remember me. It pains me more that it wasn't natural doing of her forgetfulness. Ocean's Eleven was playing on the many screens. Alice was rambling and Jasper was trying to contain her. Rosalie was checking her self in the mirror with one hand, the other on Emmett's thigh. Emmett was intently watching the movie and laughing when jokes were made. He would look to Rosalie as if looking for agreement to the hilarity, or action. Carlisle just watched each of his adoptive children in happiness and contentment. Esme ran her hand up and down Carlisle's arm soothingly. Her head rested back and her feet propped up watching Carlisle's face in pure bliss.

We were together. Finally. The puzzle was complete. Well, almost. But, it would suffice. Everything was in its place. The only thing was Bella's memory. But, I had a feeling that would come in its own time. Meanwhile, I'm here watching my beautiful Bella sleep. It's amazing that she can still do that. I guess that's still part of her three percent humanness.

I adored it. She looked so at peace and happy.

I was completely surprised when we had landed in Seattle already. It seemed only moments ago that Bella first closed her eyes.

Her head was on my shoulder now and her arms were wrapped around me and vice versa. She moved to this position I guess around Ontario.

It was late evening now and I caressed Bella's hair, trying to get her to wake. I had a feeling that her memories might have come back to her in slumber.

My Bella's eyes flittered opened.

We stared at each other for an immeasurable moment. I knew that she knew me now. I knew, intuitively, that she recollected everything.

Her cherry lips turned into a playful smirk.

"I remember Jell-O."


And they all lived happily ever after.

The End.