The Set Up

Me: Hi everyone! This is my first story, and so I have Sasu-kitty here to do the disclaimer!

Sasuke: Okay, first of all, my name is NOT Sasu-kitty, and second of all is WHY THE HECK WOULD I DO THE DISCLAIMER!

Me: Because if you don't i'll lock you in a iron cage with your fangirls AND Lee and Gai.

Sasuke: Hn... fine... sasusakuislife doesn't own Naruto


Sasuke: hn

normal text : sasusaku

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flashbacks: sasusaku

"So do you guys understand the plan?" Ino Yamanaka asked the Rookie Nine minus the Uchiha prodigy who had come back to Konoha one month ago and Pink-haired Haruno girl. A chorus

yeahs filled the room and one "Uhh.. what was it again?" stuck out.

"Ugh, Naruto," Kiba Inuzuka complained, "We're gonna try to get Sasuke and Sakura together. No duh!."

"Stop being mean Kiba!" Ten-Ten retorted

"Come on guys, let's start!" Chouji said, munching on a bag of chips.

Our favorite Uchiha was standing outside when Naruto came up to him. "Hey teme, I have a question." Sasuke merely gave Naruto a death glare, and Naruto said, " Fine, I'll ask anyways...

Do you happen to like Sakura-chan?"

"Hn, no dobe." Sasuke answered monotonously.

"Ok... ZOMG! SAKURA-CHAN JUST GOT KIDNAPPED BY ummm... TOBI, YEAH, IT WAS TOBI!" Ino who was watching from behind slapped her forehead and thought ughhh, we never

should have let Naruto do this... Surprisingly, Sasuke's eyes widened and started screaming a stream of profanities that sounded like, "THAT BEEPING BEEP TOBI BETTER GET THE BEEP

AWAY FROM SAKURA-CHAN OR ELSE I'LLKICK HIS BEEP TO BEEP!!!!!" Next, Sasuke kept screaming profanities and ran off, only to come back with a bloodied up Tobi and a knocked out


Sasuke then said, "Thank god I got her away from him before they got to the Akatsuki Base..." Everybody's jaw dropped when they realized that Naruto's lie had come true. That was

coughcough interesting... Shikamaru stated silently.

"Soooooooo, I'll take that as a yes teme." Naruto said. Sasuke merely blushed and mumbled something that strangley sounded like "Stupid horomones..." The Uchiha then said a

quick bye and left quickly to get Sakura back to her house.

Okay... That didn't work...

A/N: I'm really sorry that it's so short... but I have other stories I'm working on too! I promise I'll make the later chapters longer... But anyways, if you read this, put "Lee is a Llama"

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