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Chapter 1:

Edward Cullen. The thought drifted across the cafeteria, and I turned, almost as an involuntary response, to see who had been thinking about me. I glanced over to see Jessica Stanley, and next to her, an unfamiliar girl with large, dark eyes. Our gazes met for just a moment before I looked away.

It was the new girl, Bella. Her name had been in every male thought today. She was beautiful; there was no denying that. But just after hearing her name all day, I was already bored with her.

"Hey," Emmett nudged my shoulder. "What does the new girl think? Scared of us yet?" He grinned. Emmett was the only one of us who could find being a vampire humorous. I rolled my eyes, and focused on the girl's thoughts.

They're so beautiful. I sighed. Not another human fascinated with our looks.

All of them. It's uncanny... Hmm. I hoped she didn't speculate too much about our peculiarities. It was fairly unlikely that she would be right, but we couldn't have someone discover what we were.

I can't decide which one is the most beautiful. The blonde girl, perhaps, or the bronze-haired boy. Inside my head, I groaned. I couldn't blame them, of course. Our looks were mesmerizing to them. I just was uncomfortable with people thinking about me like that. I was a loner. Humans - or any other creatures on Earth - didn't hold my interest.

I sighed, gathered my full lunch tray, and dumped it into the trash. Leaving my tray on the counter, I pushed open the cafeteria doors and joined the throng of students heading for class.

I reached biology and sat down at one of the benches, placing my books on the other side of the desk, as if the place were reserved. I'm not a misanthrope, or anything like that. It was just easier not to need to cope with human blood in such close proximity.

The rest of the class filed in, and I breathed out a sigh in relief when nobody approached me. Preparing to settle down, I couldn't help but be a bit annoyed when Bella Swan walked in with Angela. There were only two free seats available, and the two parted. Bella walked down the aisle, passing me. My head whipped up, and I focused in immediately on the delicate web of veins beneath her skin. She was just another human...

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