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One of These Days

Usagi has lost count of the number of times Rei has died for her.

(Not that she keeps count. Because she doesn't. Really.)

She thinks she'd be used to it by now, used to the pain of losing her friends—of losing the raven haired warrior who swore to always be there—because always, by some miracle, they come back to her. They always come back, with their eyes gleaming and smiles on their faces, and Rei's smug smirk is the one she always sees the clearest.

(She doesn't feel pain anymore when she thinks about the way Rei's life faded away as she lay in Usagi's arms. Really. She doesn't.)

Rei writes it off as a miracle, as some kind of joke, because someone must be up there guarding their promise—the promise between the princess of the moon and the priestess of fire to always stay together no matter what. Someone must get a laugh out of it, if she's still alive after dying (three or four times).

(Usagi doesn't still have nightmares about the way Rei died. Really. She doesn't.)

The senshi of fire might be able to laugh about it, and sometimes Usagi can, too. If her laugh is a little forced and if her face is a little pale, she just says she's getting tired.

(Rei knows she's lying.)

And it's in those moments that the pretenses drop and Rei pulls the blonde into her arms, and Usagi crumbles into her and sobs into her shoulder, because the pain is still there and the fear, and it's never gone away no matter how many years pass.

(Because if their promise is someone's joke, what happens when it stops being funny?)

Rei brushes away Usagi's tears and whispers into her ear, soothing nothings that they don't dare repeat in public, and her arms are warm and strong and Usagi can hear her heartbeat, strong and steady.

The senshi of fire is still alive. Someone is still keeping an eye on them, whoever they may be.

(Usagi doesn't worry that one of these days Rei will die and not come back. Really. She doesn't.)

The End


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