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Hello again, since u haven't posted any more to this, I thought u might need some more people to ask questions! SO!

Tsunade: Were you the one who gave Sasu-kun da alcohol?

Naruto: I got you and Hina-chan tickets to an amusement park! Happy early Valentine's Day!

Kakashi: Which of your three students do you think will accomplish da most?

Gai and Lee: Did you two wear matching orange spandex for Halloween?

TenTen: Have you and Neji-kun been on a date yet?

Everyone: May candy fall from a piñata into your waiting arms! LOL!

Tsunade chuckled, shaking her head. "Well, duh! Who else would? The Third Hokage's ghost?" Out of nowhere, a loud, ghostly moaning sound came. After a moment of silence, Tsunade said with wide eyes, "Wow. Creepy.

Naruto squealed in delight. "Thanks Topaz-Chan!!

Kakashi looked very uncomfortable before saying. "They're all pretty." All three members of Team Seven yelled in protest at this.

Gai and Lee showed everybody all of their pictures of them trick-or-treating in their orange spandex. :P

TenTen blushed. "Uh… no…"

Naruto ate all of the candy and got a belly ache. XD

From: Himynameismyname

Sakura: What is it about Sasuke that you love?

Naruto: If I give you a bowl of ramen will you ask Hinata out?

Sasuke: How come in the show your quiet and emo, but in this fic ur hyper, violent, and crazy?

Ten Ten: Aren't you supposed to like Neji? (plz say u do!)

Gaara: Why are you the hottest character but I am the only one who thinks so?

Ino: Chouji is the only one who will ever love you. Can plz just except that and fall in love with him?

Shikamaru: Will it be too troublesome to have kids with Temari?

Sakura giggled. "Well, I love his hair and his eyes and his smirk and his voice and his skin and…" Naruto cut in on her rant, "Just warning you, this is a LONG list…"

Naruto grinned, "Hey Hinata, you wanna go out with me??" Hinata fainted, and then Naruto asked, "Ramen, please?"

Sasuke waggled his eyebrows suggestively, "Because they cut out all of my good moments… If you get what I mean. Sakura, you were in a lot of those, weren't you?" Sakura only blushed a very bright red.

TenTen nodded, making sure that Neji wasn't looking beforehand.

Gaara stared at you, before winking.

Ino snorted, "EWWW!! But he's chubby!" Chouji then ran over her.

Shikamaru sighed, before replying, "Oh, as long as she doesn't, like, puke all over me or something…

From: Princess Ice Crystal

Naruto- I know who the waterfall girl is! It's Hinata!

Sasuke- Are you drunk? Anyway, have you raped Sakura before, and would you if you had a chance?


Temari- Hey, will you kiss Shikamaru, Temari?

shikamaru- says same thing, but will he kiss Temari?

kiba- Would you go out with me because I love dogs, and your my fave -pats akumaru and sees my husky come- So will you?

Sakura- I used to like KibaSaku, but now I'm hooked to SasuSaku -dodges Sasuke attacking me-

Shikamaru, I think you should so hook up with Temari. (hates shikaino!)

(pushes temari on shikamaru face to face =D)

Sakura, I think you're awesome and why are you flat-chested first?

Shino, I'm afraid of bugs!

Neji, when are you going to ask out Tenten? (nejiten fan)

Hinata, why do you have a huge crush on Naruto? (also a naruhina fan)

Sasuke, Why in your name does it have gay in it? Are you gay?

Naruto was blasting loud music into his ears. Therefore, he did not hear this revelation. ;)

"I'm not drunk anymore… Nope. Never have, never will." Sasuke smirked.

"Ugh, don't drink the Haterade!" Ino exclaimed.

Temari blushed.

Shikamaru blushed, as well.

Kiba grinned. "Ok, cool! I like your dog!"

Sakura smiled a little confusedly. "Okay…?" Sasuke sighed, leaning back in his recliner chair. "Meh, I won't attack you. Converted fans are cool, too."

Shikamaru and Temari started making out. XD

Sakura blushed, "Oh, thanks! But, I was flat chested because… I hadn't started puberty…?" Sasuke grinned proudly, "Well, I guess she's gone through it now!"

Shino gave you a nice non-buggy bug.

Neji blushed, and then proceeded to run off to fix his hair.

Hinata is currently unconscious.

Sasuke glared, "I'm not gay. :P"

From: Lexia Tsukiyomi 14

Does Kakashi like Anko maybe? *snicker snicker*

Kakashi is awesome. Has he ever been without a mask? I WANNA SEE.!

I am not a fangirl. *gives Kakashi a cherry pie. YAYZ!*

Does Neji like TenTen?

Kakashi smiled, "Heck yes, I like Anko! And I sent you a picture of me without my mask. And YAY PIE!!

Neji was still hogging the bathroom fixing his hair.

- -

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