"Bella, come here," I heard Edward laugh from the kitchen.

I dropped the book I had been reading, and ran from the living room, stubbing my toe on the ridiculous Bella-prove coffee table and hopping the rest of the way in pain. "Yeah, Edward?" I asked leaning against the counter to inspect my damaged toe. "Ouch," I muttered as it began to throb.

He smiled and picked me up and placed me on the counter top as he held my swollen toe in his cool hand. The pain seized almost immediately and I heard myself sigh in contentment. His smile expanded and he pointed out the window that was behind my back. I twisted my neck and laughed out loud.

"Lilly," I gasped between giggles. Outside I could see Lilly flying by, back and forth, an extremely terrified Lucas clung to her back.

She stopped suddenly, laughing as he trembled like a newborn puppy on her back.

"Well doesn't that look familiar," I laughed turning back to Edward.

"Mhmm," he mused coming closer so I could wrap my arms around his neck.

"Maybe someday Lucas will even have his own little vampire sweetheart," I smiled.

"And maybe someday Lilly will have a very cute," he tapped my nose with his pointer finger, "little human, to make her dead heart beat once again." And with that, he lowered his ear to chest, and we both listened to the familiar music of my heartbeat.

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