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"What? Yuki what are you asking?" the headmaster inquired. He looked a little sad but I know he would get this way.

"I said that I want to go to a different school headmaster." I said again not meeting his eyes

"But Why?? You have everything you ever want here. This is one of the best schools for miles." he said trying to convince me to stay.

"Ya I know but dad I don't have many friends… I only have zero and Yoir and I want to make a fresh start. I'll still help with the night class and everything but I just want to go somewhere else." I said slowly he knew I was lying. He knows me too well.

"Very well Yuki. You can go to whatever school you want just tell me and I will go with you to sign you up." he said not saying anything I hugged him and left the room to look at the schools that were around here...

-In yuki's room-

In my room I sat on my bed with my laptop looking at some of the schools online. I stopped on one that was about 50 miles from here. It was everything I ever wanted. There weren't many students and they all seem to be... simple. The town was similar and it looked just what I always wanted. I painted out the papers and when to my dad...

I went to his office and he wasn't there. I sat in his chair and thought back to what happen last weekend. I could still remember it clearly.. I woke up to find myself in a room with no windows and be side me was Kaname. He told me not to leave. But then the little boy that Iwas with came into the room and took me out with him and that when I saw her. Sara, she was to be kaname future wife... I can't be here
anymore not for school anyways. I had to go out there meet new people have new friends human friends. Ones that could at least understand me… I know I have Yori but there were times I feel like she is not enough like I'm not good enough to be her friend. I'm hoping to make new friends so I could spend less time here and less time seeing kaname that was all to it .

"Yuki did you find a school already??" asked my father as he came in.

"Yes Headmaster I did-here it's just 50 miles always from here but twill be no problem for me I can dive now. So it will be easily enough." I said and he nodded.

"Very well Yuki, I will call them and then go to sign you up." he said. I hugged him and thanked him.

-A week later-
It was my first day and the headmaster had gotten me a new… well not that new truck. It looked like it was from the 80's but it was something and it didn't look to bad. Well a good change about my new school was that I could wear whatever I wanted which was awesome!! I wore a pair of jeans and a black tank top with white tense shoes.

Once I was outside I saw some of the kids watching me leave. There were all whispering. I knew what they were saying- they were all taking about me and they were mad that I was going to another school. Yearend zero were also mad at me and they wouldn't talk to me at all. But I wasn't going to change my mind just because they don't like it. It took me about 50 minutes to get to school. I could see that the town was smell but I liked it. I found the school but wasn't sure where the parking place was for the students. So I parked in front of the office, for now.

"How may I help you miss?" a women asked me from her desk.

"Um, yes I'm new here and I need my schedule." I said.


"Yuki Cross"

"Oh! Yes we've been waiting for you. We're happy to have you here. if you ever have a question or need help with anything just come and asked me." the woman was very kind to me, and I saw that she had red hair which was uncommon here, she also had blue eyes she was not thin or fat she look like she had just gotten out of college. I nod and thank her. As I feet outside I see that there were students that were just coming as I got in my truck and followed the others student's. Once parked I got out with my book and went in but stupid me, as I entered I bumped into someone and drop my books.

"Oh I'm so sorry!!" I said as I bow and stared to pick up my books, as I looked up at the person that I bumped into. To see that it was a girl with light brown hair and eyes.

"Oh that's ok are you new here?" she asked me as she helped me out.

"Yes, um, I'm Yuki Cross" I told her and as we stood up she gave me 2 of my books.

"Cool, I'm Jessica can I see your schedule to see if we have any classes together?" she asked me. I nodded and gave it to her.

"This is cool we have 1st hour together come on I'll help you go to your locker and then to class." I was so surprised- no one in Cross Academy was nice to me like Jessica besides Yori. She helped me get to my locker and open it. Then she told me I should take my first 5 hour's notebooks in case we would have to go to other towers for class. I just nod as she told me all the short cuts. As we walk I could feel that all the other students were looking at me. We enter our first class it was English, Jessica told me that they teach 3 languages here which were English, Spanish, and Italian. I know English and Spanish thanks to the headmaster and kaname who taught me when I was younger but Italian was something new to me. And just my luck I had all the foreign languages first.

2 hours later
I met even more kids from my class; a boy name Erik took me to Italian class. The teacher told me that I would have to pick a name but when I couldn't think of one she asked the class what my name should be.

"Bella." Said a boy that sat way in the back everyone looked at him like they just knew that he was there. I looked at him and was amazed at how handsome he was, I never thought I would see someone with the same beauty as the night class, he looked tall and muscular he had golden eyes and reddish-brown like hair.

"Thank you Edward. What do you think of the name Yuki?" she asked me I just nod and she let me sit down. I sat next to Erik. The class when affair I was so lost.

"You're really bad at Italian" Erik said- it wasn't a question it was a fact of life.

"Ya, oh well."

"What do you have next?"

I looked at my schedule. "Um…………………. I have history then lunch." I told him
"Come on then I'll take you there." he said as we walked outside he took me to another building. And there I found a guy, Mark I think his name was.

"Ah!! Yuki! I didn't know we are in the same history class." he said as he looked at Erik.

"Come on after this you have lunch right??" he asked me. I nodded.

"Cool! I will take you to the lunch room after this, ok?" I nod and wave goodbye to Erik.

"History wasn't that bad. I knew most of the things in it or at least I heard them before. After class I saw that Jessica was waiting for me atone of the doors.

"Hey how was class so far?" she asked me.


"Come on I'm hungry." the 3 of us went to get something to eat. And then we sat with some of Mark's friends. I looked around to see Edward and the rest of his friend but they weren't eating their food. I looked at them all they all looked as good as if they belong in the night class.

"Jess who are they?" I asked her.

"That the Cullen's they think they are too good for anyone. Just ignored them they're not worth knowing." she told me but for some reason I couldn't keep my eyes off them... They were just so good looking. But then Edward turned and saw that I was looking at them and I looked back at my food. I knew I was all red. I didn't dare look at them all lunch. Next was bio. I was ok in that class, but I ended up sitting with Edward. He didn't look well. He looked like he was going to kill someone- manly me because I was next to him. I kept my eyes on my notebook in front of me for the whole class… one hour. Once the bell rang I stood up and took my things. Mark was heading to the same place as me- the gym. Well I'm not going to tell you what happen in gym (let's just say that one of the girls will forever hate me…) After school I drove home, and as I entered the school grounds I could see
that the that the students were going to come out in about 5 more minutes, so I had time to pull my truck inland wait for them to come out.

-10 min later-
The students were CRAZY!! Zero, Yoir (That's right. Yoir was the new guardian) and me were fringing them off. After we finished I was on the ground.

"Man that was tiring." I said looking up at them but they still didn't talk to me, so I got the message. "I'm taking inside duties." I said as I wandered inside of the school. It was going to be a long night; I could just feel it...