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Edwards pov

I watch her as she slept, she looked so peaceful like always. This is not the first time I watch her sleep it become a habit for me to come in here when she sleeps and just watch her she talks in her sleep too she is always calling out someone name Kanaem the guy that was in here who kissed her hand. From what I could see in his head he saved her from a vampire and he is one himself, am surprised that he don't nose that am on too but then again he never meet out kind before non of the others have they only hear of us.

"urr…" she looked like she going to start talking I watch as she open her mouthing know what was going to come out but instilled of Kaname I head something that surprised me more then anything…..

"Edward.. Don't go… pl..eas…e…don..t leav..e me…" she said as she stured a little

'Noo…kaname…sto..p pl…eas…e don't.. hurt… him please……."

I could see some tears in her eyes,

I hugged her and petted her head..

"Shhh am here don't worry am not going anywhere" I wisped to her I couldn't help it threes something about her that makes me want to be there for her and make her safe. She seemed to calm down and I smiled at her. I strayed like this all night just watching her. And then I notches that she had two fang marks on her I wonder who gave her them an di wish I could read her mind why I cant I don't know…

Around 5 in the morring

The headmaster cam in around one and thought I was asleep in the chair next to her and he smiled I read his mind and saw him think of when she was little she was so cute. He then kissed her forehand and wish that she would let him take care of her but she was and is to stubborn she always acted like she was find but he could see thought her lies but he never said anything it seem like people close to her know when she is lying and to be she so mystery. I cant see it or is it cause I don't know her as will as her friends? I wish I know. After he left I went back to my spot next to her and kept watching her time fays for me when am watching her. But then I hear the thought of that kaname guy went back to my chair he too thought I was a sleep he sat on Yuki bed and watch her a little bit and then looked at the fang marks that I saw as will

'stupid Zero he taken so much from you my drear girl but soon he will pay.' he thought before he left …and I went back to my spot Zero so that who make them, and from what I could see she let him take her blood, so she knows about vampires I wonder what she would do if she do if she know I was one too, I should pay a game and see if she could guess what I am. Yes that would be fun.. My phone ring and I answered it

"Edward hey Yuki will wake up at six so am going to get her something to eat for when she getts up and for lunch cause her dad won't have time And good luck I really like her and I know she could make you happy and I will be over after school with some soup that Esme is making, a gift and your homework." she said

"find then I better go." I said as I hanged up on her. She should be here about 5 minutes before Yuki wakes up. So I keep looked at her and hold her close her fever went down but its better for her to stay in bed for today just incase it comes back. I much have let my guard down cause I don't nose her father come in.

"Edw-" he stopped when he saw me in Yuki bed I stood up and saw him smile usual dads would be mad to see a guy in their daughter's bed.

"will I see Yuki has yet another knight that wants to take her but do know there are 2 others that want to do the same anyways I just wanted you to know if you want anything to eat or go out to eat go ahead I well be back later I have another meeting.

"Ok sir thanks you but Alice said that she will be her soon so she will be here and take care of her while I go home and change and eat something." he nodded and left wow that was weird anyways I looked back at the clock and saw that Alice would be here in a few minter so I went outside. And saw her coming she parked In front and got out of her car with 2 bags and she smiled

"go on I'll take care of her while you go home and change" she said as she went in the 'house' and I went to my car and drive off

Alice pov

I went to Yuki room to see that she was always

"Hi there Yuki Edward went to take a shower and eat something so am her to take care of you her is some food for you Esme made it . Oh and Esme is my mom if you were wondering anyways here and here a gift from her I'll give you my gift after school." she looked shook and I smiled

"hi there Alice its good to meet you and thanks for the food," she said as I severed her the food.

"Hey what are friends for and yes I would like to be friends if you don't mind." her eyes light up and nodded good now eat come on tell me what you think I helped her make them and here some milk I wasn't such if you had milk so I got some I put it in the freeze later. So tell me how do you like our school?" I asked her

"I really like it it's so different from what am use to since I went to this school and the student here aren't as nice as they are there and am happy that I could make friend with almost everyone."

"Oh that great so what are people like here?" I asked her

"they are stuck up and think that just because they have money they can make other like they are under them and am only here case am the headmaster daughter it won't be so bad if I was his real daughter but he adopted me when I was little and the 2 friends I did have here turn their backs on me when they found out I was going to another school but thank god I meet all of you guys, I really like the school!" I felt a little bad for Yuki even thought she don't tell me much her eyes tell a million secrets that I would like to know so that she would be a little happier at that moment I know I had to be her friend since the others girls in school might hurt her or use what ever she tells them agset her and I don't want that to happen she too kind for that.

"Yuki I hope we can be friends and when ever you need someone come to me to tell you the truth we don't live that far from here and then we can go shopping and have sleep overs!! It be so much fun." I said and yuki smiled as she ate the pancakes.

"these are really good Alice thank you, I nodded and we kept talking I lead a lot about Yuki and I hope I keep learning more about her.. And I can tell we will be good friends.