Sweeney and Nellie belong to Stephen S.

Everybody was doing one about the end, so here's my contribution.

Enjoy. Thank you to all my reviewers, this is in two parts.

This was the moment, she would die tonight. Sweeney rose from the floor, his wife's body slipping from his arms. His vision clouded by a haze of red, his whole world had turned bloody. He could see her trembling form, huddled in the corner. Her back arched in a protective cocoon.

Nothing would save the vindictive bitch, he would bathe his hands in her spilled rubies. "You lied to me." she flinched, unable to take her eyes of his shadow coming to claim her. "I did it for you…" she uncurled her spine, kneeling on the stone floor.

Can't let her know, she must be fooled, must think we could have a future. "For me…"he smirked holding out his hand, and leading her into his arms.

They danced in complete unison, their bodies moving with no engagement of their minds. Her black bombazine gown brushing his dark shoes in a staccato rhythm.

Their embrace like so many other doomed lovers before them. She knew what was coming, she had been with him too long not too recognize the killer emerging. She couldn't bring herself to stop, her mind screaming to halt the madness, her heart unyielding in its demand to feel his.

His face gleamed in the firelight, his charming smile melting into it's true sadistic form. Enjoying one last feel of his slim body pressed intimately against hers, Nellie did not know if she should fight.

She had begun their union with deception, it was only fitting it should end this way. "You're going to do it, aren't you Mr. Todd." her face muffled against his dark vest, still warm from the blood of his last victim. Was it the Judge or Lucy's blood which coated her cheek. " Toss me into that blaze with no more thought in your head but that of you lovely wife." she sighed, holding him closer.

Nellie had always been a strong woman but even she had her limitations. Sobs escaped her, no denial from his lips, "Speak comfort to me." she begged. She had her pride but when her life was to be snuffed like a candle, what did it matter if she let go of her dignity.

He remained still, a carved statuette that moved and breathed. Nellie buried her face into his neck cloth, if she was to die tonight, she would enjoy every last bit of it.

They waltzed closer to the heat, Sweeney could see nothing but her auburn curls, he was amazed at her composure. She had not fought him, but she would. They all did, she thought she was ready but once faced with beautiful oblivion the spirit raged. 'My deal Lucy. Did you think of that or was your mind so gone, you could not feel anything but release.'

He was tired of this charade. Tired of feeding the beast inside, hearing the man within screaming for mercy. So very weary of pretending not to care for this vile woman, who had stolen and given so much.

His mind reeled, 'Could he kill her outright. 'Carve the life and watch it flow over him.'

No he could not bring himself to taint her blood by mingling it with those of the judge and the beadle. Even she was worth more than that. She would be consumed like he was consumed. Fire would flick and taste her flesh, the way he had so many times.

His arm flexed, preparing to doom her at last. "Forgive me, love. My beloved Mr. T for being a stupid lovelorn woman." Todd clenched his teeth, the pain overwhelmed him. Half of his heart was fighting for her life.

"Wait." her plea echoed off the hollow walls of the bake house, smashing his malevolent silence. Eyes hard and dark pierced her very core, "Not one more of your lies" he warned.

Her fight had begun, Sweeney had almost been disappointed. He was glad for the excuse to drag her kicking and screaming. She would not have the soft exit his Lucy had been denied. "Sweeney" she screamed, he was trying to lift her. Trying to sweep her into his arms, where struggling could not help her.

"Please Benjamin, please." Sweeney momentarily lost his hold on her legs, his name bringing him out of his bloodlust. Nellie clung to his waist, her hand questing for the blade he carried. He fought the burning desire building inside him. Her hand snaking up his thigh, but it was no caress, only a way to disarm him.

He yanked her head, her face contorted in fear and desire. Too many times had they assumed similar roles, it was hard to decipher between their lust and survival. "I'll show you what I'm to do to you." her mouth went slack, unable to understand what he was saying. 'I'll slit your pretty throat from ear to ear, you'll be smiling for me for all eternity.'

Nellie had found it, her fingers nimbly grasping the blade. A silent wince as it cut into her, it wanted a piece of her at all cost. She slipped it into her sleeve, the cold silver making her shiver.

"Please Mr. T. I meant no harm, just doing it for you. All for you. Don't kill me."