Darkness and Shadow

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Pairings: Harry/Draco

Summary: Harry looks for a way to help the Order win the war, while Draco comes to terms with some new abilities. Finding each other was the easy part. Can they manage to stay together when the War seems determined to pull them apart?


Sweet lovely death

I am waiting for your breath
Oh sweet death

One last caress…

Misfits – Last Caress

Down in the deepest regions of Hell…

A beautiful woman walked down a corridor made of black marble. She wore a Grecian gown made of silk, and her golden hair hung in loose waves down her back. She entered the throne room regally with her head held high and her shoulders back. A man sat slumped in the chair in front of her. He tapped his fingers on an armrest, deep in thought.

She bent down on one knee in front of him, "My Lord."

He bent over, taking her hands and pulling her into the chair next to him. "Per, you know I don't want you kneeling in front of me."

"It seemed like a little adulation might cheer you up," she said with a small smile, and placed her pale hand on his knee. "What's wrong?"

"Erebus was here today," he frowned.

"Isn't that a good thing? You haven't seen him in quite a while. It must have been nice to visit."

"It wasn't a pleasure trip. He tells me that one of his children has been born in the mortal world."

"Really?" she looked at her husband in surprise. "How long has it been since the last one? 300 years?"

The Lord of Hell nodded.

"I don't understand the problem," his wife said. "Isn't this a good thing?"

He sighed, "The mortal world is in the middle of a war right now-"

"Aren't they always?" she interrupted and pursed her lips.

He frowned and continued, "This man they call the Dark Lord is trying to take over the wizarding world. I took the time to go and look at this man's mind myself. It's my belief that he is trying to challenge my power on the mortal plane."

The woman gasped. "Is he the one…?"

"No, thankfully he is not the one who receives the inheritance. Unfortunately the one to receive it is close to him because his father is one of this dark man's minions. It would be better for us if he decided to change his allegiances. Unlikely, but better."

"We cannot force him toward either side. You know this," She sighed and pulled a golden curl behind her ear. "But he can't be bound or coerced by this dark man's magic. No one knows the future. It still has many possible outcomes."

"Per, I'd like you to go to him. The boy will need guidance, and someone who can teach him about his abilities. He'll fight you at first. They all do."

She smiled, "Better me, than a grumpy old man like yourself is that what you're thinking?"

"Who can resist a beauty like yourself milady," he picked up her hand and kissed it. "You may want to use one of your lesser known names so it won't be such a shock."

"As you wish My Lord," she bent over and kissed his cheek before disappearing.

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