Hell on Earth

Part 1: Lost and Found

By BukkakeNoJutsu


Disclaimer: Neither Naruto nor Disgaea are mine.


It was him for sure.

Sure, he looked a lot different, but the unmistakable grin was there, along with the boundless confidence and determination.

The rough, arrogant edges of his character had been worn away, and the spark of what was once long-buried goodness now stood out like a lamplight in the darkness.

He was in the midst of a fight like how she always remembered him, shining like a star in his element.

The power he currently wielded was clearly of a different magnitude than before, but extremely impressive considering he was now a young human teenager.

Although his entrance was a bit clumsy, his last words to his strange patchwork opponent made her heart skip a beat.

"I'll be damned if I let you Akatsuki bastards harm my precious people ever again!"

It was as if the sentiments he discovered at the end of his previous life now became his guiding force in this current incarnation.

He unleashed an attack that led her to doubt if his power had diminished much at all as his enemy was suspended and punished by the energies he had summoned. Flashing winds scythed through his opponent, carving out deep trenches in the earth, sending debris hurtling away from the point of impact.

The winds ruffled his unruly blond hair, as he stood exhausted, but proud.

She felt her cheeks heat up as she noticed that at that moment he looked exactly like a hero straight from one of those tokusatsu shows she had always enjoyed.

Maybe he really had become a defender of love and justice.

The extent of his attack clearly astounded his comrades; a silver-haired man in tattered black clothes, a blonde girl in a violet outfit, and a solidly built young man in battle armor.

The young blond man she had been watching and admiring had passed out, clearly injured with his clothes and specifically his right arm shredded.

She was sick of waiting. She had been waiting for years on end, only to discover a small glimmer of hope from a random scan.

She rushed to help him.


Hatake Kakashi stumbled his way over to Kakuzu's fallen form. The stitched-together man was barely, just barely, clinging to life.

"How is this possible? Being defeated by a young brat like that?" wondered Kakuzu out loud.

He had survived countless nin, and had left behind trail after trail of shattered corpses.

Why did it end up like this?

Kakashi beamed with pride at his student's accomplishment.

"There are worse ways to die than being defeated by a future Hokage," offered Kakashi bluntly.

Kakuzu tried to snort in derision, but found the effort too demanding. He spat up some foul-smelling blood, or at least whatever liquid had passed for his blood, in order to clear his throat.

"It was a rhetorical question, idiot. Make sure that that boy becomes Hokage then. I'd hate to be defeated by a mere nobody, and forgotten."

Kakashi nodded.


The conversation ended there as Kakashi gathered chakra to his hand, much less than the amount necessary for a chidori, but enough to take out Kakuzu's last heart.

Now with his objective complete, Kakashi turned around to survey his team's injuries.

A mysterious and oddly-dressed young woman had appeared cradling Naruto's head on her lap.

"This is bad news," thought Kakashi.

His team was exhausted, they knew nothing of this stranger, and this person was evidently skilled enough to sneak past all of them.

The only consolation Kakashi could see was that she did not wear the red and black garments that marked an individual as a member of the Akatsuki.

She made no sudden movements, or gestures to steal Naruto away.

The both of them glowed briefly, and when the light disappeared so did the traces of naruto's injuries.

The girl simply seemed content with cradling Naruto tenderly.

"Odd, " thought Kakashi, "I can't sense any kind of hostile intent from her."

The silver-haired jounin flashed the rest of his team a hand signal telling them to stand down.

The man with mismatched eyes started to have an inkling that this could end well.

After all, Uzumaki Naruto had the devil's luck.


Naruto felt a drop of water landing on his forehead, then a second, and then a third.

Was it staring to rain already?

He yawned, feeling much more refreshed than anyone who had just been in a fight with an S-ranked ninja had the right to be.

He opened his eyes to see bright blonde hair, and wondered when Ino had gotten a makeover.

No, this wasn't Yamanaka Ino.

First off, her eyes were red, and they weren't red from just crying. Her eyes were literally crimson.

First off, Naruto was confused, as he had never known any blonde Uchihas or even female Uchihas.

Maybe she was related to Yuuhi Kurenai?

She had heard his yawn and smiled brightly when his eyes had fluttered open.

It was the same kind of overjoyed expression he had seen from his precious people when he returned to Konohagakure from his extended training trip with Ero-sennin.

He still had no idea who the heck she was.

She was about his age, and extremely cute, and wore a mostly white outfit with red accents like ribbons and such. She wore a huge red bow in her golden hair.

As soon as he sat up, she hugged him tightly as if she were doing a fairly passable impression of Tsunade.

As she embraced him, Naruto noticed that she wore a pair of cute red wings and a red tail as if she were going to attend a costume party.

Did his eyes play a trick on him or did her tail move of its own accord?

"I missed you so much," she whispered as she held him, almost afraid to let go.

Before he could consider the matter much further, the blonde girl broke their embrace, drying her tears.

Naruto, looked to his equally bewildered teammates for help.

Nope, nothing.

He sighed.

"I'm sorry, but I think you may have mistaken me for someone else... My name is Uzumaki Naruto, and I'm not sure if we've met before."

Flonne placed her hands on Naruto's shoulders and shook her head.

"You may not remember now, but a long time ago you saved me at the cost of your own life. I have always wanted to say thanks."

With that she leaned forward and gave him a chaste peck on the cheek.

"Thank you."

Uzumaki Naruto was too busy blushing to say anything.

"I'm sorry if I didn't introduce myself before, Naruto."

She flashed him a smile that could rivaled one of Maito Gai's in brilliance.

"My name is Flonne," said the blonde girl cheerfully, waving to him, and then his teammates.


Yamanaka Ino was perplexed at this turn of events.

Not only had Naruto ended up doing something irrefutably badass, but this girl appeared out of the blue, and started making googly-eyes at him.

When she had latched onto his arm like a lamprey, holding it close to her not-inconsiderable chest, Naruto had done nothing to ward off her attention. Although clearly confused and blushing at the contact, he took it all in stride.

The girl seemed pleasantly surprised at his acceptance of their physical proximity, and seemed to sigh in contentment, every now and then, as she asked Naruto seemingly random questions. This "Flonne" girl seemed to take in his answers with relish, savoring them the same way Asuma-sensei would a cigarette after a particularly difficult mission.

Even without her Yamanaka gifts, Ino could tell the girl definitely had it bad.

Really bad.

With Naruto of all people.

What the hell was going on?

This was Naruto for crying out loud. This was the same guy who had defeated Inuzuka Kiba with the aid of a fart, in public, and in front of a number of foreign dignitaries.

He was clumsy, and thickheaded, and about as smooth as sandpaper.

The coarse-grit kind.

Had so much changed in the past two and a half years?


Akimichi Chouji was quite amused by Flonne's introduction.

She seemed quite friendly and Naruto really was a nice guy. It was about time that a girl had started to see that, and did something about it.

It was heartening to see that maybe nice guys didn't always finish last.

Despite being a shinobi, Chouji had remained fairly optimistic.

Maybe his luck with women could change as well.


Looking at Flonne's imaginative outfit, Hatake Kakashi giggled at how Naruto's life was starting to resemble one of his favorite literary works, "Icha Icha: Touched by an Angel."

Too bad the only volume he had bothered to pack on this mission was the hardbound edition of "Icha Icha: Chained to a Radiator."

As it was though, Kakashi hoped that living vicariously through the exploits of one of his students wouldn't be half-bad.


"Flonne, what about you? Where are you from?" wondered Naruto.

She had been such an enthusiastic listener, but Naruto didn't know a thing about her.

Flonne smiled.

"Well...I'm from Celestia," she replied quite perkily.

"Celestia? Huh, I've never heard of it. Is it far from here?"

The blonde girl shrugged.

"I guess it's pretty far, but I've been living in the Netherworld for a while. That's my home now."

"Um, what do you do there?"

"I've been helping Etna, since she's the Overlord now."

"Is the Overlord over there like the Hokage in Konohagakure?"

Flonne giggled at Naruto's question.

"I keep on forgetting that you don't remember your past. The Overlord is the ruler of the Netherworld. Before Etna had the title, you were the Overlord."

She tapped a finger against his nose.

"I was?" asked Naruto in surprise and disbelief.

The winged girl nodded vigorously.

"You were Laharl, son of King Krichevskoy, and ruler of the Netherworld."

Playing along, Naruto extended his hand slightly and retracted it tightly; in a classical "Hells Yeah!"-type of motion.

"Really?! How long ago was this?" he asked excitably.

Flonne stopped and started ticking off fingers, mumbling complex calculations under her breath.

"Umm...I think maybe around 200 years or so. I'm sorry, I'm not all that great with math."

Suddenly something clicked, in Naruto's mind, as these oddly conflicting pieces seemed to fit together.

He hadn't really given much credence to Flonne's introduction, as she was clearly overcome with emotion. She said she knew him in some past life or other, right? Maybe it was a wacky religious thing she believed. Naruto and Jiraiya had traveled to, and had been kicked out of enough temples and other religious establishments to know that there was a wide range of beliefs out there concerning reincarnation and past lives.

Maybe there was an ancient prophecy somewhere that foretold that he would meet this beautiful blonde girl who would totally be interested in him.

Uzumaki Naruto knew for damn sure that that sounded too good to be true.

Ah, shit.

At first, he had figured her out for some sort of hysterical person that he may have helped out in his travels with Jiraiya, or maybe it was even further back than that.

Naruto really hoped that the girl in front of him wasn't really crazy, or a really old lady under a genjutsu, or a horrible combination of the two.

Naruto hoped that at worst she was a member of a odd religious cult. That could explain the fake tail and wings.

Semi-crazy was quite workable. After all, a person he considered one of his best friends had shoved a lightning covered hand through his chest.

He could handle a crazy girl, but a really old lady hiding her looks with genjutsu would just make him and his libido almost suicidally depressed.

If he were Ero-sennin, it wouldn't matter. Jiraiya could fuck a wooden post if it had expertly applied make up.

The pervert would probably enjoy the splinters.

God damn it.

Flonne was really kind, and having her pressed against his arm was stirring up a hodgepodge of odd hormonal responses that he had never really dealt with before.

Well, at least not in public.

Mentally swallowing his doubts, Naruto ventured to find out the truth.

"Wait a sec. How do you know about all this? Normally people don't survive for hundreds of years."

Flonne laughed at his query.

"That's because I'm an angel, silly."

She thumbed at her back and fluttered her cute little wings for emphasis.


Naruto was at a loss for a few moments. This was a much, much better outcome than either of the worse case scenarios he had anticipated.

"Do you mind if I..."

"No problem."

Flonne turned around to let Naruto touch her wings. They were soft like velvet, but they were warm against his bare skin. He brushed them lightly with his fingertips.

"That tickles," she giggled.

She blushed horribly when he moved southward and started to rub her fairly sensitive tail, and quickly turned her head.

She moaned quite audibly.

"At least buy me dinner first, Naruto," exclaimed Flonne, mock scandalized.

Naruto immediately let go as if her tail were made of hot coals, and looked away horribly embarrassed.

Finally unable to keep a straight face, Flonne erupted into laughter with Naruto joining her soon after.

Mentally, Naruto shrugged his shoulders. Her having wings and a tail and a long lifespan was not that much weirder than him having a gigantic nine-tailed fox demon sealed inside his belly.


As their group traveled back to Konoha, Chouji and Ino did quite well in drowning out the antics of the enthusiastic blonde pair.

Unfortunately, in doing so, they had missed Flonne revealing her true nature and Naruto's nonchalant acceptance of said nature.

Hatake Kakashi heard only bits and pieces of Flonne and Naruto's conversation all the while reading his treasured book. She seemed very genial, albeit somewhat delusional, so he would trust Naruto to keep his pet headcase on a short leash.

Kakashi then giggled, quite pervertedly, at the ensuing mental image.


As the group made their way to rendezvous with Shikamaru and return to Konohagakure, they inched towards an uncertain future.

But as Flonne held on to him, for Naruto, all seemed right with the world.


End Chapter 1

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