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Chapter VI


Tyson backed up as his cell partner approached with an air of dominance and power. Fox was so trained on the younger male that he failed to hear the approaching footsteps. Tyson's stormy eyes flicked to the small door window to see jail guards.

"Why don't you put up a little resistance this time instead of pretending like you're a doll?"

"You want resistance?" Tyson's lips curved into a devious smirk, an expression that Fox had never seen on him before. It took him by surprise.

The jingling of keys and the opening of the cell door also caught him by surprise, and Tyson took the opportunity to kick him hard in the nuts. Fox fell over in pain, howling curses.

"Good enough for ya?"

One of them prowled in, grabbed his upper arm, and yanking him out. As the door closed, Tyson gave Fox the middle finger, and the inmate growled angrily before being closed in.

Tyson was dragged down the hallway, his legs stumbling clumsily underneath him. Ordinary workers approached them, shouting and taking out their pistols.

"What are you doing?" "Prisoners aren't allowed to be out –"

Bang. Bang. Bang.

One by one, they tumbled to the floor like dominoes, red liquid gushing from their heads as though they were giant popped water balloons.

Alarms rang throughout the building as they sprinted up the steps. The hallway was lighter as actual sunlight filtered in through small, high-placed windows; they were above ground. Tyson had never been so thrilled to see the sun's rays, but he didn't have time to enjoy it as the group ushered him through exiting double doors. There was a very loud, constant noise, but Tyson couldn't tell what it was through all of the chaos. High, concrete walls surrounded the jail, and gunshots were fired from several watch-guard towers. Others were running around, waving their weapons through the air fiercely. When had it become a battlefield? The hair on Tyson's head stood on end as he yelped, some of the ammunition barely whizzing past him. His "body guards" shot back, hardly getting injured due to their preplanning. They had brought long shields, which conveniently clasped onto their arms.

A rope ladder fell on top of Tyson's head, and before he knew it, Boris' men were prodding him up it. A helicopter hovered swiftly over the ground, matching with the sound that the beyblader noticed upon exiting the building.

The blue-haired teenager collapsed on the helicopter floor from exhaustion and gravity; the pilot was making a hasty getaway. Bullets ricocheted off of the vehicle's outer shell, indenting it.

'C'mon, Yuriy. Now's your chance to prove how loyal you really are.' Tyson thought, staring at the quickly receding ground through the open hatch. Boris' minions were busy at work rolling up the ladder, careful not to fall out.

Tyson sighed in frustration as his wrists were put in handcuffs yet again behind his back. It was almost like he hadn't even left that stupid jail.

A sleek, black motorcycle came to life with a loud roar, pulling away from the jail's concrete wall against which it was parked. It sped along the fast-paced road, weaving dangerously through the traffic jam that had started to build up on said artery road of the city. People screamed, yelled, swore, and honked their horns at the crazy young driver, who drove with such ferocity that only a person who was one hundred percent focused on getting somewhere could.

A black helicopter zoomed across the sky hundreds of meters up, the motorcyclist's only clue of direction.

And he was hell-bent on following it.

Kai was laid parallel to the small television screen, eyes squinting at the shuffling white-and-black fuzz every now and then. Had screens ever been this bright? He couldn't remember. It burned his corneas to stare at it.

After being submerged in darkness for almost four months solid, even Tyson's favourite shirts would probably be too much for Kai's eyes to handle.


Kai's eyes widened as the screen flickered, turned blue, and then displayed a grainy black-and-white video in live time. Kai forced himself to breathe, as he suddenly found himself holding his breath.

The beyblader he hadn't seen since the incident in front of the building was lying crumpled on a cot. Boris was blocking out everything else with his big fat ugly face, adjusting the lens of the camera and smiling evilly at it.

A shuffle of clothing behind him reminded him of the female assistant that Boris instructed to be 'the go-between messenger girl'. If Kai wanted Boris to stop whatever he was doing to Tyson, he was supposed to alert the woman standing near the exit, and she would, in turn, go and alert Boris. And then, Boris would gladly come back and continue the torture on Kai.

"It's all a matter of who you love more," he recalled Boris cooing mockingly the previous day, "yourself, or Tyson?"

"Where's Kai!" Tyson demanded, trying his hardest to glare up at the Russian man.

"You really want me to tell you?" Boris said, a knee on either side of the Japanese blader. "Alright, fine." And the man commenced to speak in Russian.

"Argh!" A cry of frustration, a hard swipe of stubby nails (which caused a proud smirk from his single audience member in the other room), and a couple of blood drops from Boris' cheek later, Tyson found himself in an extremely dangerous situation. A sharp knife's blade was pressed against his throat, threateningly close to his jugular.

The door handle began to twist and turn, but Boris ignored it.

"You wanna try that again?" the man sneered against Tyson's ear, biting it softly – not with love, but as a warning.

"Is this what you've been doing to him?" Tyson whispered softly, horror-struck. He felt the lips now replacing the blade smile menacingly against his neck, and he knew that it was the truth.

The door handle stopped moving, and someone knocked on the door.

"Sir," the muffled voice of a female said from behind it.

Boris sighed, lifting his head from Tyson's neck just a little bit in order to reply. His booming, loud voice rattled Tyson. "What is it? I'm busy." The beyblader noticed Boris' trench coat – which he hadn't yet taken off – was loose and hung from the rapist's body. It pooled over Tyson.

Maybe, just maybe, Boris was stupid enough to carry around something dangerous in his pocket that Tyson could swipe and use against him. The coat was baggy enough; maybe he wouldn't feel it…

Tanned fingers slowly and stealthily inched their way to the side and up, delving softly into one of the pockets. Nothing. He tried again in another. Nothing. Maybe Boris wasn't as stupid as he seemed… But maybe he was for not carrying around multiple weapons.

On the third attempt, they brushed against something small, and Tyson was about to ignore it, when he recognized the shape.

"Kai said he wanted you to stop, sir."

A cool wave flushed through him as he pulled it out and clenched his fist around it tightly.

A powerful, familiar feeling flooded from the object Tyson held in his hand, all the way up his arm, circulating through his whole body.

He felt whole for the first time in four months.

The older man smirked, looking up at the device that watched them. "Like hell I'm going to listen to you, Kai. Did you even dare to think I was going to keep my word for once? Wave to the camera, Tyson, you're on TV!" he said, pointing at a hastily set up camera in plain view with his dagger.

But Tyson didn't respond, or even move a muscle, for that matter. A strange breeze had started to pick up in the room, although there was absence of a window.

Boris stared down at him, mouth agape. A twisting s shaped dragon insignia glowed with a pale blue aura from the middle of Tyson's forehead. His stormy irises actively glowed in the same way as the insignia, his pupils faded slightly, giving him an ethereal look.

Boris hastily jumped off of the Japanese teenager, backing towards the door. Tyson had started to visibly grow what looked like metallic claws. "On second thought, I suppose promises are meant to be kept."

Boris quickly let himself out and locked the door behind him.

He flipped out a cell phone, speed-dialling a number while jogging away from the scene.

"Tyson isn't human," Boris spoke as soon as the phone had been picked up on the other side of the line. "Somehow, he sort of… fused with Dragoon."

"IMBECILE!" Voltaire screeched. "HOW DID HE GET HIS HANDS ON IT?!"

Boris fumbled, putting his hand in all of the pockets he owned. "I must have dropped it… or he must have stolen it." He was in shit fathoms deep now.

Voltaire growled dangerously. "Kill Kai. Now. If Tyson breaks him out, and he is able to fuse with Dranzer, we won't be able to stop them without using the backup plan. And I won't use that unless my only option is to drag them down with me."

Kai's eyes were glued to the screen, no matter how badly it burned his eyes. The sole figure being taped, Tyson, somehow seemed different… and what was that glowing thing on his forehead? Kai could sense a strange static in the air; the screen was getting increasingly grainy with what seemed to be interference. There appeared to be a strong gust in the room, small pieces of paper were circling its perimeter mid-air – and then all he could see was the black-and-white fuzz again.

A door creaked, and Kai quickly scrambled to the middle of the cell beside the glowing, humming screen. The light improved his situation, but not by much. The chains rattled, the lock came undone, and Boris let himself in for the umpteenth time.

"Well," Boris said, his back turned to the lock once he had redone it to make sure Kai couldn't escape, "it's been nice, but I have to kill you now." His right hand was tucked behind him.

"What?" Kai said, his fear kicking in adrenaline, "Why?"

'I can't die because of this jackass. I have to make sure Tyson gets out of here alive.'

"Because. Your gramps told me to." Boris began to approach him, his right hand coming out from behind him. It clenched the same dagger that he'd threatened Tyson with.

'No matter what, I have to get out of here.' An idea popped into his head, and he felt sick at the thought of executing it, but he had no other choice. Then again, it would allow Kai to get revenge for the countless sins that Boris had committed; not only to Kai, but to others. Like Yuriy. And that thought suddenly made the effort twice worth his while. 'Here goes… for an old friend, his other helpless victims, and… love.'

"I have a better idea." The dual-haired male suggestively leant in, collar bone jutting out scantily, the light of the screen illuminating him in all the right places. "Why don't you come get some?"

The older Russian stared at Kai, dumbfounded. After a moment, Kai realized that the man was literally drooling.

Boris stared at Kai like he was a piece of meat. He analyzed Kai's expression in the eerie light of the television; he was certain that those crimson orbs were filled to the brim with lust. They were filled to the brim – but it was not lust that filled them. It was pure, bitter rage, and the ultimate need for revenge.

Forgetting his mission, Boris was kneeled, leaning against Kai, kissing him fiercely. Kai cringed, suppressing a violent shiver, and quickly grabbed at the dagger loosely held in Boris' hand. Once Boris realized that Kai was trying to get the knife, he tightened his hold on it, although it was almost out of his grasp. They tossed and turned; Kai, clawing at Boris' right hand with all his might, and Boris, hanging on to that dagger and reaching towards Kai's neck with his other hand.

Kai was finally able to pull the weapon free. He stood hastily, as did Boris, who backed away from the armed teenager. "I'm going to kill you," Kai growled, "you're going to pay for everything." Kai only paused for a moment's thought before throwing his only weapon through the bars. It clattered against the wall.

Boris was speechless, panting and huffing. Kai could tell he was scared, and felt his ego swell. It encouraged him. "W-why'd you throw that away? Don't you need a weapon?"

Kai locked his fingers together and stretched, his knuckles popping. The small sounds echoed in the chamber, as if to foreshadow the events that would follow.

"I don't plan on using one." An evil smile crept on Kai's face, his blood-coloured eyes hard as diamonds.

Boris jolted towards the door. Kai let him struggle with the lock for a moment, enjoying the panic that radiated from the man.

Kai lunged at Boris, his eyes gone berserk.

The helicopter had landed on a giant factory, appearing to having been owned by a logging company years ago. Several warehouses were closely built like keys on a keyboard, allowing for easy access to each with minimal effort of transportation. There wasn't much around – it was kind of surprising that there could be such a desolate place as this in Japan, but just how sensible would it be to build a forestry factory in the middle of a megalopolis?

The roar of a powerful motor shook the trees, echoing through the quiet. The black motorcycle sped as fast as a bullet along the dirt road, the driver beginning to glow with a pale white aura – CRASH - the metal gates were chewed up and spit out, crumpled on the ground; gunshots, yells, all half-drowned out by the engine of the machine.

Kai blinked several times, as if just gaining consciousness. He was staring at nothing, head hanging loose as if he hadn't the energy to lift it, his shoulders slumped, arms limp. He was sitting on the floor. His body ached horribly. How did he get there?

His skin was covered in something sticky and warm, and some of his silvery hair strands were glued to his face. There was an awful coppery taste in his mouth, making him sick. The same flavour was in the air, the stench radiating from the ground. It attacked his senses, overloading them, making him even more dazed than he already was.

He placed two hands on the floor in front of him, confusion raking through him as he found it slippery with a substance. What was it? The teenager crawled on his hands and knees for a bit, unsure of what was happening. Eerie silence compressed him. His shaking right hand slipped as it landed on a circular object. He fumbled in the darkness to pick it up, and analyzed it with his sense of touch. Shrugging, he threw it to the side. He continued to search the ground, unsure of what he was looking for. A couple of objects later, he discovered a slime-covered rectangular object.

It was a lighter. Why there was one in his cell, he had no idea. Kai flicked it open. With a few (seemingly) loud clicks, a small flame burst forth from the metal container, the small light seeping forth to illuminate the area around him.

The cobblestone floor wasn't the same way Kai had remembered it being. It should have been a desolate shade of grey. So why was it dark red?

He held up the lighter, squinting with his exhausted eyes. Dark pink and purple bags sat underneath his lower eyelids, the result of endless stress and insomnia.

Kai inched forward on his knees, the light continuing to consume the darkness.

He froze when two dark blobs were illuminated. He squinted at them. They were feet. Chills ran up his spine. Who was that? Why weren't things clicking in his brain?

"Hello?" Kai called, moving so that the light would illuminate the entire person.

There was a television, and the person's head had been smashed through the screen, hidden inside the cheap wooden box. The glass was shattered into small shards that absorbed the light, glittering as though they were embers themselves. They were scattered across the victim's body and all over the floor.

Everything rushed back to him as soon as he realized that the person lying there was Boris, and that the man was now a corpse. The items scattered on the floor were belonged to him.

He yelped, falling backwards shakily. Pain shot from his palms as glass cut them and jutted from them.

He was sitting in blood. He was soaked with it.

And he quickly realized that it mostly wasn't his own.

He was shaking like a leaf in the wind, his eyes wide with the most fear and horror he'd ever experienced in his life. He was panting.

He jumped as a voice boomed right in his ear, looking around in paranoia. Others joined in, screaming.

You killed him.

You killed him.



Both hands clasped around his ears, his eyes were squeezed shut. "STOP IT!" he cried. Were the shadows talking to him? No other living beings were present, from what he gathered.

'I need to calm down, find keys, get out of here before they catch me…' Kai thought frantically, hastily jumping to his tired feet. He vaguely registered the fire that had grown beside him. The lighter had clattered from his hand in his shock, and the tiny flame had hungrily begun to consume the blood as if it were a type of fuel.

He made his way towards Boris, searching in his pockets for cold metal keys. Kai did everything possible to not look at his face. Eventually he found them, the flames growing hastily, edging closer to him and the corpse, increasing the cold temperature of the room. He stumbled towards the lock, holding up one of the keys that were on the silver loop. Missing a couple of times, Kai finally got it in the keyhole, and turned. It didn't work. On the third key, the lock fell to the floor, and Kai hastily began to fidget with the silver chains. The backs of his dirty pants were getting singed.

He rushed out of the cell, closing the door hastily. Slumping against the cool wall, Kai found himself immobile with pain and self-disgust.

'I should burn with him,' thought Kai, 'I deserve it. But Tyson needs to get out alive. That's all that matters. And Voltaire...' his crimson eyes suddenly flashing like two glinting diamonds, '…Voltaire needs to pay.'

Slowly, Kai made his way from the huge bonfire and through the heavy metal door that had concealed him for months on end. He hissed silently and squinted as the harsh light attacked his oversensitive eyes.

He limped down the hallway, pressing his bleeding palms to the wall in order to keep going. Footsteps were coming from the corridor up ahead. 'Tyson...?'

Large men wearing BioVolt uniforms rushed down the hall, shouting in Russian at him.

"Get back in your cell!"

"What is he doing out?!"

'I must be going crazy,' Kai thought dazedly as they approached him, 'there's no way a wind could be picking up in a hallway without windows.'

Several seconds later, Kai felt an enormous slice of compressed air brush past him, and he watched as it slammed into the men like a bowling ball into pins. They crashed against the far wall and into each other, effectively knocking the wind out of them. The trio crumpled to the floor, unconscious. 'Wait…Wind… Dragoon?'

He looked the other way. Another figure was approaching him, one his age. "Tyson!"

The Japanese beyblader who didn't look entirely human anymore was standing behind him, a couple meters away. "KAI BUDDY! Glad to see me? Woah man, what happened to you? You're bleeding everywhere… Hey… are you listening to me?" The taller male was acting strange.

"Kai!" Tyson surged forward to save the Russian from hitting his head on the cobblestone floor. The bloody teenager rested limp in his arms, one eye open a crack. It gazed at him, the smallest shine of relief and contentment in its exhausted crimson depths. His bloody, cracked lips opened a bit to let limited sound out. "Sorry… 'm just relieved…"

"It's okay," Tyson said, his eyes wide with worry, "I'll get you out of here!" Carefully but quickly, he began to lift Kai up.


"Yeah, we'll find her, too. Dragoon said he saw her, so I know where she is." Tyson smiled at Kai, and the Russian had never felt so reassured. He sighed as he fell unconscious against the Japanese blader's chest.

Tyson furrowed his brow, taking in Kai's unconscious face before taking off down the hallway.

'We only have a limited time before the whole building is on the lookout,' thought Tyson, running past another man he knocked the wind out of, 'and there are already a lot of bad guys on our tail as it is!'

The dragon-morphed Tyson huffed and puffed in response to the impressive levels of adrenaline and power flooding his system. His heavy footsteps echoed throughout the umpteenth corridor they'd gone through, but Dragoon was telling him that this was it. They would be able to get Dranzer and then flee.

Eardrum-popping bangs greeted the pony-tailed beyblader as soon as he had run through the metal doorframe. He skidded to a stop, nearly dropping Kai as his momentum was almost too much for his Dragoon-improved arms to handle. Thanking the heavens, he quickly took note of the solid concrete fence that framed the high, metal bridge that Dragoon had led him to. He crouched down, minding to keep his head lower than the hand railing.

He placed Kai down gently and propped him up against the concrete, his silvery head falling to his chest. He reminded himself that Kai was still human, and one gunshot was all it took to kill a mortal.

The bangs were continuous, the sounds making him flinch. He knew, without having to look up, that all-too-familiar projectiles were going through the space he stood in only a few seconds ago.

The catwalk was suspended high, close to the ceiling of a large room. The concrete railing was luckily enough to act as a sort of shield for the two fugitives, but the floor was composed of crisscrossed black metal strips. Tyson didn't think that a bullet could fit through one of the small holes, but he didn't want to find out. He hoped that the BioVolt idiots would remain idiots for the time being and not shoot at them from underneath while he figured out what to do. Getting a bullet up the ass was not something on his to-do list.

Tyson suspected that Voltaire assumed they would take the bait, the bait being Dranzer, and would come through this room. After all, the place was just littered with cameras.

Judging by the amount of bullets showering them, almost all of the BioVolt guards were down there.

And daaaaamn, there were a lot of them.

"Shit!" Tyson seethed, a clawed hand pulling at his hair in frustration. "What am I gonna do now?! I have to get Dranzer, but we can't crawl 'cause Kai's out cold, I can't carry him or we'll get shot, and I can't leave him here in case more assholes come while I'm breaking Dranzer out! Shit, shit, SHIT!! I made a promise!"

Frustrated tears pricked Tyson's eyes as he panicked.

A huge crash and proceeding yelling caused Tyson's head to jerk up. "What the fuck is going on down there? Did they bring out a freaking cannon?!" The guards were still shooting their weapons, but, as Tyson learned from glancing upwards, far fewer bullets were flying past them.

He risked raising his head slightly above the railing level, just so he could see what was going on. The room looked like the front of a warehouse.

At the center of all the chaos was a shiny, black motorcycle with a glowing driver seated on it. It had crashed through the big, wooden export-and-import entrance, and wooden debris was scattered everywhere. Many of the guards were already down, although it was still like a human sea below.

The glowing motorcyclist was holding two guns, one in each hand, and was shooting like there was no tomorrow at either side. He slammed his booted foot on the breaks and leaped off it, successively doing a landing roll and popping back up, guns firing, while the vehicle skidded to the side and into more guards.

Even though the rider was indeed skilled, nobody could avoid a hundred bullets flying at them.

"HEY!" Tyson screamed, suddenly angry beyond belief at the unfairness. He stood up and threw his arms out in front of him. A huge surge of wind blasted the area below, bodies falling instantly, taking down others with them. Four more slices of compressed air hit the ground, rumbling it.

Tyson was knocked backwards by two powerful blows, one to his right shoulder and one through the left side of his ribs. He yelled out in pain and looked down, watching blood start to seep from the wounds. Some bloody bastard shot him!

Just then, another loud motor entered the scene, and a familiar rusty car stopped just outside the entrance. The side door opened, and Tyson could not believe his eyes.

"KKKYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!" Kenny screamed, running through the opening made by the motorcyclist. In his clutches and resting over his right shoulder was… a… a…

A bazooka?! 1

Loud explosions rang throughout the room, the force of the launching projectiles knocking small Kenny back each time. The boy was laughing like a maniac. Tyson found the will to chuckle through his pain. 'I must be going insane. Kenny? And a gun? Please tell me I'm dreaming…'

He took a closer look. 'Scratch that, thank God!'

Through the heavy smoke, Tyson squinted to see that most of the guards were down. The driver had abandoned his twin guns, and Tyson followed his white, ethereal aura that penetrated the smokescreen easily. He zoomed through the leftovers, bodies flying out of the way as he proceeded. It was unclear exactly what he was doing, but Tyson could hear loud, threatening, wolf-like growls and snarls emitting from the young adult.

Fifteen seconds later, and all of them had been taken care of. The driver limped back to the center of the room, several obvious gunshot wounds decorating him. He pulled off his helmet.

"Yuriy!" Tyson yelled, wincing at the pain shooting through his shoulder and side. It seemed, however, to be decreasing. He figured it was the power of Dragoon; otherwise he would have been long dead by now.

"Where's Kai?" Yuriy demanded, staring up at the injured, but alive, Japanese teen. He was glowing with a light-blue aura, similar to his own.

"He's with me!" Tyson replied loudly.

Tyson was startled when he saw a pale hand reach up in his peripheral vision. Jumping slightly, he whipped around to see Kai grasp the edge of the concrete wall, slowly standing to his feet.

The white glow came closer, and Yuriy jumped all the way up to the bridge with powerful legs, levying himself over the concrete barrier. His ice-blue eyes glowed ferociously, and a wispy, white wolf tail swished behind him.

A white insignia of a wolf was imprinted on his forehead, and it glowed with the same sheen. His red hair and the blood soaking his white jumpsuit and pale skin stood out profusely.

"Are you better?" Tyson asked with a concerned voice, placing a hand on Kai's shoulder. The teen was teetering over the side, and Tyson was worried he was going to fall over.

"Dizzy," Kai mumbled. He looked up to see Yuriy, and his eyes slightly widened.

"You…" The dual-haired Russian was at a loss for words.

A deep voice came from the metallic door frame, making all three bladers jerk up in response.

"How quaint. It's a get-together."

"Voltaire," Kai hissed, his hands balling into angry fists.

"How come you're still alive, Kai?"

A menacing smirk crossed Kai's lips. "I killed him."

After a moment, a smirk just like Kai's stretched Voltaire's leathery face, surprising them.

"He was a waste of space. He was plotting to overthrow me. So really, I should be thanking you," the old man said, putting a hand in his coat pocket. He got closer to them. Yuriy growled furiously, his voice husky with the mix of Wolborg.

"You deserve to die too, old prick," The redhead snarled, stepping past Tyson and Kai.

"Either I die, or you all die. And I'm not dying until I have my hands on your bitbeasts, so kiss your asses goodbye." His wrinkled hand emerged clutching something, and suddenly, his creased face became void of emotion.

There was silence.

Voltaire groaned as a pained expression crossed his face.

"Look out!" Tyson yelled, leaping backwards and pulling Kai along. Yuriy raised his arms in defence, curved, sharp claws at the ready.

Black flames had begun to consume Voltaire from bottom up, eating him whole. His form was cringing and writhing with an unbelievable pain, his body morphing. When they finally died back down to his feet, the man had entirely changed.

His silvery hair had become eerily white and thinner, his eyes midnight black. His wrinkled skin was pale to an extreme, giving him a dead look. All of his veins were clearly visible. His fingers were elongated into massive, deformed talons. His bones stood out. Two large towers of black fire had erupted from his shoulder blades, and they flexed like wings.

A black phoenix insignia was embellished into his wrinkled forehead.

"Boy," even his voice was warped to an extreme, the inside of his mouth like a black hole, dark smoke seeping from it as he spoke, "you couldn't handle Black Dranzer even if your pathetic life depended on it. She is mine, and I'll show you just how much destruction she can bring to this world."

"Break Dranzer free while I take him down." Yuriy commanded. "I have a score to settle with this bastard."

"But, you'll get hurt!" Tyson exclaimed.

Three powerful swoops of the black fire wings, and what they assumed was Voltaire was airborne.

"Just shut up and do it," growled Yuriy, breaking into a dash. He jumped, launching himself into the air by firmly placing his foot on the concrete barrier to get extra height, and collided with hell itself. The force of Yuriy's launch took them both down, out of sight.

"YURIY!" Tyson shouted while leaning over the barrier, frantically trying to see what was happening.

"C'mon," Kai nudged him, beginning to drunkenly limp forward, "we can't waste the opportunity he's given us."

Tyson lifted one of Kai's arms and wrapped it around his own shoulders, trying to speed up their pace. Kai's hand hovered over the wound in Tyson's right shoulder; the pain had settled into a mere throb. Dragoon was urging him to go down the staircase at the end of the catwalk. Trying to ignore the earthquake tremors that viciously shook their path, they made haste to the secondary shelf that the stairs exited to.

The metal, rickety stairs lead into an inner room that was large and full of scientific equipment. Labs were scattered throughout it, many containing large glass tubes filled with lime-green liquid. It was sickening and eerie; what were they planning to do with them?

Tyson swallowed painfully, trying to focus on finding Dranzer.

"I…" Kai muttered, drawing Tyson's attention, "I feel… warm." His crimson eyes were staring straight ahead at something.

Dragoon's master followed his line of vision and saw an indefinable form that glowed as if it were a binary star to our own.

"Dranzer!" Tyson exclaimed.

"How are we going to get her out?" Kai pondered aloud, brow furrowed. The tube was seven layers thick, and its radius was huge.

Tyson walked Kai over a couple of meters, before untangling himself from the other. "Stay here."

Kai watched intently as Tyson lined himself up with the tube and closed his eyes.

'Dragoon, I need all of your strength.' Tyson thought, concentrating on his inner partner. The blue dragon appeared. The Japanese blader reached out to stroke his scaled neck.

'Anything to break Dranzer free.'

Tyson was taken aback, as he recalled Dragoon growling at Dranzer's owner nearly half a year ago, but he nodded with a smile. Dragoon seemed to mimic his expression.

Tyson's arms rose, hands focusing on the tube.

A roar ripped from his lips, one unique to only a dragon, his glowing eyes suddenly wide open. Blue light shot outwards, blinding the entire lab. Kai shielded his eyes and face with his less-bloody left arm, trying to stay on his own two feet as a gale-force wind whipped everything.

The sound of glass shattering and a million shards hitting the ground was music to Kai's ears. He took his arm away; the glow and wind had died down.

But all he could see was fire.

Dranzer flew forth like a lit arrow. She pierced Kai.

The force of the impact knocked him backwards, although he seemed to be gracefully unconscious at this point.

"Whoa!" Tyson ran forward, just able to catch Kai with the ends of his fingers. He held on to him for a few seconds; everything had stilled.

"WHOA!" Tyson cried for a second time, dropping Kai and leaping backwards. Fire consumed him for a second. Like Voltaire, two towers of red flames shot from his back, flapping to set him standing upright again.

A red-hot phoenix insignia was welded into his forehead; his eyes and the symbol glowed like magma.

He was like a God.

Kai began to smoke; the blood on his skin was bubbling, vaporizing.

The atmosphere between them was humming, vibrant with various energies.

It was dangerous; it seemed that if either one of them walked into it, they would be instantly fried. But Tyson had never so strongly felt the need to be close to Kai.

North and south. Hot and cold. Forest and desert. Dark and light. Dragon and phoenix.

Opposites attract.

Without a word, both demigods sped back the way they came. They leapt over the barrier; Kai spreading his wings for a graceful float downwards, Tyson landing on his two feet effortlessly, like a cat.

The rumbling had stopped. It was silent like a graveyard. Small, black flames ate at the debris scattered on the ground, which had various sizes of cracks in it.

Voltaire lay on the floor in front of them, stiff and white as a ghost, black eyes still open. His black wings had dissipated, his bleach-white hair falling out rapidly. The talons had shrunk back into bony hands. His mouth was frozen slightly open, dark smoke floating out of his lifeless body. It was corroding his skin quickly, creating a vile smell.

"Ew man, that's gross." Tyson pulled the collar of his shirt up over his nose, his face scrunched up, clearly disgusted. He was suddenly ungrateful for his momentarily improved sense of smell.

A smile embedded Kai's face as he stared at the rotting corpse of his grandfather. It had erupted of pure joy. He didn't even so much mind the smell, because it was just another sign that his grandfather was finally, after so long, dead as a doorknob. He wouldn't have to see Voltaire for a long, long time, until he himself died and went to Hell.

But at least he had time before that happened. Even a week without Voltaire was good enough.

The smile disappeared, as Kai began to look around for something.


"You find him," Tyson instructed, beginning to walk away, "I need to find Kenny and make sure he's OK."

"Yuriy! Where are you!" Kai called, nearly expecting his half-wolf companion to jump from the baluster and surprise him with a 'Here I am!'. And then they would all go home and be happy.

He spotted something lying on the ground.

'God, no…'

He sprinted towards it, dropping down on his knees.

"Kai…" that familiar voice croaked. Yuriy coughed, blood dribbling over his lips.

"Shit," Kai muttered. "You'd better not die, you hear me?!"

"Heh," Yuriy mumbled as Kai gathered him in his arms. He was paler than Kai had ever seen him; he was covered with blood and injuries that kept adding to it. The wolf insignia was duller than before, his lips were colourless.

"Tell me where your biggest injuries are, I'll sear them shut," Kai offered as more of a demand, his curved claws on his free right hand beginning to glow like hot coal.

"Don't… bother," Yuriy said quietly, his eyes trained on Kai's face, "there's nothing… you can do for me."

Kai growled. "I'm a bloody phoenix! I can heal you, can't I?!"

"I doubt… you have that kind of power," Yuriy whispered, his eyes drooping slightly. Not one to give up, Kai placed his hand over one of the bloodiest spots, and concentrated as hard as he could. A faint red light began to emit from below Kai's palm.

"Listen to me. You need to learn… to be… yourself, don't… keep yourself frozen. It… It would be nice to see the… the real Kai before… I… leave."

Yuriy's eyes microscopically widened as he witnessed Kai's face completely change.

Kai's eyes were glistening; the unshed tears were caught in the glow of his magma eyes, making them look like embers. His brow was pulled together in anguish. An extreme look of guilt, remorse, and sorrow had overwritten Kai's icy features.

"You must teach yourself to cry," the words wisped through white, hardly-moving lips, "to laugh," he coughed, "to smile," his eyes drooped again, "to love. Tyson needs… to see the real you, as… I have done."

"You'll get to see more of the real me, don't say things like that!" Kai exclaimed, still trying to convince himself it wasn't too late.

The red light from underneath Kai's palm dissipated as Yuriy weakly clasped it with his own cold hand. There was something in it.

"I will see you soon, Kai." Yuriy said, his eyes growing distant. "Oh… and… happy birthday, my friend."

Kai watched Yuriy's eyes become dull. The insignia was also lifeless, but the sign was still imprinted on his papery-white forehead.

The phoenix hybrid moved Yuriy's frozen hand to lie over his stomach, and opened his palm to look at what he had been given.

Black Dranzer's bit sat in his palm. It was cold like Yuriy's flesh. It bit into his warm hand like the metal handcuffs that had captivated him for so long.

He looked at Yuriy's face, which stared at him, but did not see him.

"Thank you for everything." Kai brushed some ash from his friend's motionless face, and gently closed Yuriy's white eyelids over his cloudy, icy blue eyes.

He removed his left hand from behind Yuriy's head after gently placing him to rest on the ground.

Taking both ends of the chip between his claw-like fingers, he exerted force from behind at the center. The chip snapped in half, a loud cry deafening him. Vile, black smoke erupted from inside the bit, curling upwards into the air.

He watched it with hatred until he could see it no longer. Turning his head, he saw Tyson helping Kenny stand. Sirens were drawing nearer.

There was one thing left to do.

Kai's fiery wings pumped powerfully. He jumped from the ground, his temporary wings carrying him up to the metal bridge. He landed on it and made his way back to the giant laboratory on the shelf.

He closed his eyes.

'Dranzer,' he reached out to feel for her. Surprisingly, she was right there.

'Let's blow this place to smithereens.' It appeared the feeling was indeed mutual.

'You read my mind.'

Kai's aura exploded like a supernova, angry fire hungrily consuming everything. The warehouse's large, loft-like windows exploded outwards, the glass pieces falling like dusty snow. He surveyed the destruction. Satisfied with the raging inferno, he walked back out and floated down to where Yuriy rested.

The sirens were loud now. Many doors were being slammed shut. The phoenix wings snuffed themselves out, and everything else about Kai was human again, except his eyes and the symbol still present on his forehead. He scooped his arms underneath Yuriy and began to make his way out of the building.

Outside, officers passed him by, running into the building. Large, red fire trucks were stationed along the side of the warehouse, and the firemen were making haste to unravel the long, thick hose.

"Kai!" Tyson waved at him. He seemed to be back to his old self, too, with the same exceptions as Kai's own. The rest of the Bladebreakers were surrounding him, trying to get the story out of him, trying to see if he was alright. The ambulance workers were trying to shoo them away, saying that Tyson was in critical condition – he'd been shot twice, for heaven's sake!

Kai approached them slowly.

"Is Yuriy alright?"

The Russian looked down at his friend, whose lips now had a blue tint to them.

The chatter stopped, and the gravity of what had happened sunk in.

"Kai, I'm so sorry… I shouldn't have let him go after Voltaire," Tyson whispered as he looked up at Kai from the floor, his eyes teary with sorrow. Kai, Tyson, and Kenny were in the ambulance, seated on either side in the back. Tyson was forced to lie down on a stretcher in the middle while a doctor examined him. Kai was ordered to lie down as well, but he refused. Yuriy jostled in his arms whenever the ambulance went over a bump in the road. The siren was still going.

"I can't believe this," the doctor muttered to himself as he continued to clean Tyson's wounds. "How are you still alive, let alone not bleeding to death at this very moment?"

The silvery bangs that hung over Kai's face parted slightly, allowing Tyson to see the pure emotion that resided in it. Never before had Tyson seen such a look on his captain's face, and he wasn't sure if he wanted to remember it. Such strong, visible grief was plaguing his captain that Tyson was sure some of his very own tears were triggered by it.

"It's not your fault," Kai replied in a hoarse voice, "it's mine. I should have taken him down myself. I shouldn't have let Yuriy risk his life."

"Kai," Tyson said, "this is going to sound cheesy… but really, it's OK to cry sometimes. I know that's hard for you to do, but you need to try and be human. I swear, I won't tell a soul if you do."

Kai nodded although no tears escaped him, despite him knowing that they were there, ready to spill over.

A voice of one of the drivers in the front crackled through the speaker which connected the two cabins.

"Preparing for hospital arrival in thirty seconds."

"Err, guys, are you OK?" Kenny asked, leaning forward in his seat with concern.

The two seemed to have suddenly become totally exhausted and drained of energy. Their insignias had stopped glowing, and their eyes returned to normal. Kai seemed to drift off to sleep, his head falling forwards onto Yuriy's frozen chest. Tyson's eyelids fluttered shut.

The paramedic jumped as blood started to gush from Tyson's wounds. The other worker who had been attending to Kenny rushed over to help her co-worker. The third, who was sitting with the stubborn Kai, was leaning towards him, trying to shake him awake.

'What madness is this?!' Kenny thought worriedly at the sudden outbreak of chaos.

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