Hinata smiled sweetly at the newest couple, but her heart throbbed with sadness, "At least he's happy…so is she." Naruto smiled as he kissed Sakura happily, while Sasuke followed with a disgusted look on his face. Hinata sent him a sympathetic look; Sasuke whispered something in Naruto's ear, and walked towards her.

Hinata smiled kindly as he plopped beside her, "I'm sick of this shit."

Hinata blinked, "Wh-What do you mean Uchiha-sama?"

Sasuke grabbed her chin and forced her to look into his eyes, "You mean it honestly doesn't bother you?" Hinata let her eyes drifted downward, "So it does bother you." Sasuke let go of her chin, and sat back in a slumping posture, "Why do you say Uchiha-sama? Why not say Uchiha-san or Sasuke-kun?"

Hinata chewed on her lower lip, "B-because, you a-are of a h-higher rank than m-me."

Sasuke looked at the sun dial beside him, "Well I must go meet with Kakashi, later Hinata-hime."

Hinata smiled, "Goodbye, Sasuke-sama."


Hinata walked with Sakura to Ino's flower shop, "H-how are doing you doing, Haruno-san."

Sakura smiled, "Hey Hinata, what did Sasuke-kun say to you?"

Hinata tilted her head slightly, "Um…well. H-he asked me why I-I use the s-suffix sama instead of kun for h-him. Then he said he-he had to m-meet with K-Kakashi-sama. W-we said goodbye and h-he left."

Sakura's eyes narrowed, "What suffix did he use for you?"

Hinata blushed, "U-um…hime."

Sakura reached out to slap her, but she stopped, "Bitch." She walked into the flower shop. Hinata stared at the dirt road beneath her feet before walking in the flower shop. She noticed Sakura and Ino walk into the back room, unaware of her presence. Sakura's voice echoed through the walls, "I swear Ino, Naruto is such a dumbass. I'm only going out with him to make Sasuke-kun jealous…but god he is so annoying. I can't wait to see the look on his face when I dump him. Let's go back to the main entrance…you probably have costumers." Sakura opened the door and her face collided with Hinata's fist. She hissed in pain, "What the hell was that for!?"

Hinata growled, "That was for Naruto-kun, you bitch. He deserves better than you. I'm not good enough for him…but neither are you!"

Sakura spit at her, "Well our course he wouldn't want an outcast like you! And you're so ugly and weak; I mean look at your stringing, nasty hair. Then you're skin is sickly pale, while your eyes make you look like a blind old hag!"

Hinata felt her tears and her stutter come back, "I-I know he wouldn't want a slut, either." Hinata ran out of the shop, ignoring everyone she ran into. When Hinata stopped running she was at team seven's training grounds, "They have practice soon." She watched as Sasuke, Sai, and Naruto walked up. "G-Good morning, I-I should be leaving."

She was shocked when Sasuke grabbed her wrist, "Please stay Hinata-hime."


"Please stay…for me." Hinata nodded, while Sasuke smiled slightly, "So my hime, where would you like to sit while we wait for Kakashi?"

Hinata smiled, "Anywhere is fine, but why are you being so nice?"

Sasuke smirked and pulled Hinata close enough so only she could here him, "Because you finally know why Sakura is going out with Naruto. Why don't we make her jealous?" Hinata nodded, "Okay then, when she walks up follow my lead. Here she comes."

Sakura frowned at Hinata, "Hi Sasuke-kun, and Hi Naruto!"

Sasuke smirked, "You know my little hime, you look really attractive right now." Sasuke pressed Hinata back against the ground, and captured her lips. 'Come on Hinata…react. This has to be believable.' Sasuke smirked as Hinata started to run her fingers through his hair. Hinata felt Sasuke's tongue asking to enter her mouth. Sasuke waited patiently, 'Come on…this is the last step...success!' Hinata felt him smirk, but she ignored it. When he could tell Hinata was in desperate need of air he pulled back and stared into her pale eyes, "You're beautiful…" He looked around: Sakura, Naruto, and Kakashi's jaws were clinging to the ground, while Sai was painting, "What I'm just spending time with my hime."

Kakashi was the first to recover, "Sasuke do you want the day off?"

Sakura recovered next, "You slut!"

Naruto was next, "Sasuke…isn't…gay…?"

Sasuke sighed, "Kakashi: No, Sakura: fuck off bitch, Naruto: no duh."

Kakashi gulped, "Hinata would you like to join training today?" She nodded slowly, "Ok then, Sakura you're against Naruto. Hinata you're against Sasuke. Winners face each other. You win by drawing blood. First off Naruto vs. Sakura…START!"

Sakura smiled, and then…flashed Naruto, "Yay! I win!"

Kakashi sighed, "Ok Hinata…please don't try that one on Sasuke. Now ready, START!"

Sasuke grabbed Hinata and kissed her…for luck. Unlucky for Sasuke, Hinata managed to pull at his eyebrow ring enough to make it bleed. "I-I win Sasuke-kun!"

Kakashi gulped, "Last round…Hinata vs. Sakura….START!"

Hinata pulled out and threw five shuriken, before Sakura could even blink. Sakura opened her eyes, she was pinned to a tree by a shuriken in each limb of her body, and the fifth had cut deep and long down her face sure to leave a nasty scar. "I win, bitch. Now tell Naruto the truth!"


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