Sasuke smiled as he walked beside Hinata, "You are really helping with my fan-club problem."

"Y-yes…I guess I am." Sasuke looked at her curiously, but she stared at him with a weak smile.

Sasuke sighed, "What's wrong? Is it because of-" Hinata let out a muffled scream as Sasuke pressed her against the wall, capturing her lips again.

"Hey…Sasuke…?" Naruto jaw dropped to the floor again. Hinata started pounding her fists into Sasuke's back. Naruto pulled him off quickly, "What the hell? Sasuke…tone it down a little, god it looked like you were trying to rape her."

Hinata pressed herself tightly against the wall, "I-I think Naruto-kun…i-is right Sasuke, pl-please just st-stop."

Sasuke scoffed, "Well I apologize for spending time with my official girlfriend, Narutard."

Naruto grinned, "I guess were both hooked up…except the fact Sakura and I are engaged!"

Hinata felt pain tear at her heart, "G-g-g…good for y-you Naruto-kun…i-isn't good Sasuke?"

Sasuke could see the hurt lacing her eyes, "Hn." Hinata smiled weakly. Sasuke gently hugged her, "Come on, let's go get some…ramen…yeah ramen!"

Hinata shook her head, "I…I don't like ramen."


Hinata quietly opened the door to her clan house, "Sasuke? Wh-what are you doing here?"

"I invited Narutard and Suckura over for a movie night. Sakura…is…breaking up with him tonight."

"Hinata! Why is there an Uchiha in this house!?"

Hinata looked at her father in fear, "F-father…I-I-"

Sasuke stood up and walked over to Hinata and wrapped his arms around her waist, "I came to visit my beautiful girlfriend."

Haishi's face was overcome by confusion, "Uchiha…certainly you would be happier with a more…appealing young lady. My daughter isn't in the least attractive. Why not marry yourself to a young lady like that Haruno?"

Sasuke growled lowly, "Shut up…"

Haishi smirked, "What was that?"

Sasuke glared back up at him, "Shut up…or I'll fucking kill you!"

Haishi snarled at the young man, while Hinata looked at him in shock, "Fine then, Hinata since your boyfriend can not watch his ungrateful tongue…you are no longer a Hyuga! You are, as of now, married to Sasuke Uchiha!"

Hinata stared at him with wide eyes, "W-w-what!?"

Haishi threw a bottle of champagne at Sasuke, "Enjoy you're honeymoon."

Sasuke threw the bottle to the floor and pulled Hinata out the door. He gripped her hand tightly, "Dammit…"

Hinata winced, "S-Sasuke…that hurts…Neji-san? NEJI-SAN!" Hinata wiggled free of Sasuke's grip and hugged Neji.

Neji hugged her tightly, "Hello Hinata-sama…are you and the Uchiha on a mission?"

Sasuke sighed, "Hyuga…we're married."

Neji stared at Sasuke, "Hinata is…is this true?" She nodded slowly, "Very well then…I assume you would like to carry on…goodbye Uchiha's."

Hinata felt tears fill her eyes, "Goodbye N-Neji…" Hinata looked at Sasuke, "Sasuke I-I don't want th-this…"

Sasuke frowned, "Che, Deal with it. No more stuttering…you're an Uchiha now."

Hinata let the tears slide down her face, "What has happened to you…?" she whispered.

Sasuke scoffed, "What are you talking about?"

Hinata eyes saddened farther, "Sasuke…you were so kind to me before. Now…now your just acting a like a stuck-up asshole!"

Sasuke slapped her, "You will never speak to me like that ever again! Can you get that through your thick head!?"

Hinata shook her head, "No…no I can not. I don't know why all these girls are so stuck on you!"

The Uchiha in front of her narrowed his red eyes, "I fucking hate you. I have no doubt in my mind now to as of why Naruto chose Sakura over a pathetic excuse for a human like you!" Hinata pulled her hand free of his grasp and ran blindly through the Konoha streets, tears spilling from her eyes.


When Hinata stopped running she looked up and saw Naruto sitting on a bench with his face resting in his hands, "N-Naruto-kun?"

Naruto looked up with tears staining his cheeks, "Hinata…are-are you okay?"

Hinata shook her head, "No…I'm not okay. But I-I am more concerned about you. Please tell m-me what's wrong."

Naruto sighed, "Right before you got here…um Sakura she-she threw the ring in my face…and she ran off with. Well…that doesn't matter-"

Hinata stood up, "Y-Yes it does! Please tell me."

Naruto stared at the ground, "I-it was Sasuke."

Hinata nodded, "Well I-I should have known that…I guess. I am supposed to be married to him…"

Naruto's eyes widened, "What!? Since when? Wait…you never told me what was wrong with you."

Hinata sighed, "H-He just said to deal with the fact that we were married. I asked him what had happened to him, because he was really kind before. He got mad and asked what I meant…I-I told him that now he just acted like a stuck-up asshole. H-He slapped me, a-and told me to never speak to him like that ever again. He asked me did I understand, and I said no and that I didn't know why all the girls were so stuck on him. H-He activated sharingan and started yelling that he hated m-me and that now he knew why y-you chose Sakura over m-me…" Hinata gasped and clamped her hands over her mouth.

Naruto blinked, "You…like me?" Hinata quietly nodded. Naruto hugged her, "Then why don't you just divorce Sasuke?"

Hinata sighed, "Because…I can't. H-he would kill me…and it was my father's decision." Hinata's face saddened as Sasuke walked up.

"Hinata…we need to talk…now." Hinata nodded, said goodbye, and followed him.


Sasuke sighed as he leaned back in his chair, "Look…I'm sorry for what I said earlier. I didn't mean it. I was just pissed off at your dad, and I took it out on you. I'm actually really happy to have you as my wife. It's just…I didn't think it would turn out like this." Hinata nodded. "Well…aren't you going to say something?"

"I…believe you. I won't complain around you, but as one condition to this marriage…I will not kiss you because someone is looking at us. I think that was all you were starting to do before. Also if you were to force yourself on me…kissing or…more than that I will leave you, even if it has to be taken up with Hokage-sama. Okay?"

He nodded, "Fine…but…I-I have to tell you that you and this relationship aren't my top priority. Killing my brother is."

"I…I always pitied who would become your wife, because I knew you would have to tell them that…I just-I never thought it would be me."

"Listen…I had to tell you this because I'm going on a two week mission. So…I'm leaving in an hour. I need to prepare goodbye Hinata."

She nodded, "Goodbye Sasuke…san"


Hinata felt the air choke her with the tense feeling it carried. She silently gasped as a small thud echoed through the room with footsteps walking towards her, "Hmph, a Hyuga. Hinata, no less." She held her eyes closed as he turned her towards him; he tucked a strand of hair behind her ear, "Why would Sasuke pick you if he knew I was already in love with you. He should have known I would come back for you…I just wouldn't have guessed he would have fallen for you this quickly as well."

He stared down at her, "Wh-who are y-you?" She felt him tense as he stood up. She sat up slowly trying to see him through the darkness. 'I can't see…'

He sighed, "My name…is Itachi Uchiha."