Just the Girl

A Work of Fiction by yours truly, Shuuxharuka

Chapter 1: Introduction

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"May, you finished unpacking yet ?" questioned May's mother, also known as Caroline.

"Almost" replied May, wiping her brow.

She'd never thought it'd be this tiring to just unpack, not to mention now all her belongings were strewn across the floor. Her once tidy room had now turned into a sea of rubbish. It didn't even classify as a 'room' more like an ancient basement or a garbage dump.

At that precise moment, May's little brother, Max the self proclaimed 'child prodigy' and the 'smart' one.

He smirked mischievously.

"Well well May, I see you've finally decided to show your piggish ways, which I commend is excellent!"

May stuck out her tongue and ignored him. Little brothers, the most annoying creatures in the world.

"By the way, if you don't hurry up I'm going to eat both the fudge sundaes!" warned Max, laughing his head off.

Her sapphire eyes, rolled in sheer irratation. "Like you would dare eat my sundae, whom I would say, is not a wise choice when I know what you did last summer"

Max suddenly froze, his skin paled. "A-a-lright jeez I was j-just joking!"

And with that he zoomed off. May smirked and chuckled. Too easy.

May sighed as she leaped upon her bed, and stared at the pure white ceiling. One of her favourite past time in order to think.

She was just another average 13 year old with neither much looks nor charm. Dull chocolate brown hair that always stuck out slightly like pig tails, and the personality of a tom boys. One of her favourite features were her large stunning sapphire eyes that when laid upon it gives you a powerful impact.

May didn't really mind what she wore, just the usual red outfit topped off with a bandanna and of course her beloved fanny pack, the keeper of all her necessary items.

Her best friends in the whole world were Dawn and Misty.

Her usual personality traits was her cheerfulness, always optimistic and sunny smile.

Tomorrow was the long awaited day, the day that a child could be classified as a pre teen or a teenager. The priviledges that you'd receive, that feeling that made you swell. Finally becoming a 7th grader, going to Junior High.

May squeled in delight, imagining everything that would happen. It was just perfect.

Moving to the bustling city of LaRousse was a major change in her life, in contrast to the quiet town, LittleRoot, but she'd manage to adjust. Although she did miss her childhood friend Brendan Birch who still lived in LittleRoot.

May began reminiscing her childhood memories, how it all began. How her blissful life filled with friends and happy memories. The Ups and the Downs.

It was the first day of Kindergarten. The usual 'pictures', 'hugs', 'kisses' and words of encouragement. May had been a nervous wreck and refused to let go of her parent's hand, which she had a death vice grip hold on. However, they still managed to encourage her to let go. After the first week, May still hadn't made any friends.

Misty and Dawn were friends already. One fine day, May was sitting all alone, in the cool shade of the cherry blossum tree.

Suddenly, the duo came over and asked her to play and hang out. After weeks passing, months passing, they became inseperable, sisters even.

"Time sure does fly" May murmured playing with a stray strand of brunette hair. It was just yesterday that she was frolocking in the fields of Kindergarten, and now Junior High. A place where everything changes, it's like seeing the world for the first time. Your first word.

A sense of nervousness washed over her. May sighed slightly. Then again, the down sides of such a new place. The typical questions flooding in.

Will i fit in ? Will i make new friends ? Will I get bullied ? Will I be ok?

May slapped herself mentally.

It'll be ok, just stay calm, plus you've got Dawn and Misty to back you up every step of the way! thought May, confidence spreading.

Just then the phone rang. May raced over and picked it up, all knowing who was on the other line.

"Hello Dawn, Misty I'm just so excited for Junior High tomorrow and the uniforms are love!" exclaimed May.

Giggling erupted from the other side.

"You know, it might not have been us calling, how'd you feel if it was for you mum or something ?" questioned Dawn in between laughs.

"Yeah May, in life density doesn't help" agreed Misty.

"Oh give me a break!" said May, rolling her eyes.

"Oh don't roll your eyes with me!" laughed Misty, expecting May to gasp. Then May gasped right on cue.

"Are you psychic!?" exclaimed May.

"No May, even a genious can figure that out. Anyways, what're you bringing tomorrow?" said Dawn sarcastically.

May pouted. "You know the usual , I reckon I'm using my fanny pack though"

"Really? Isn't it a little too small" said Dawn.

"A little too small? More like insanely small!" said Misty.

May sighed, as she heard her mom saying inaudibly along the lines of 'I need the phone' 'Get off the phone'.

"Anyways can't wait for tomorrow! Love you! Bye"

And the phone clicked off.

That night, May lay in bed tossing and turning, unable to contain her excitement.

She was surprised she wasn't having the usual 'I'm the Empress of Desserts' dream.

She blew away a strand of hair off her face.

She stared at the uniform hanging in the closet, smiling dreamily.

I've got to get to sleep, or I'll be late on my first day! thougt May.

Unexpectadly, without her notice, she slowly began to drift to sleep.

Her last thought was:

LaRousse Junior High Here I Come!

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