! Important Announcement !

Dear Wonderful Readers,

Sorry I haven't been updating often, it's just that things happening in real life is occupying so much of my time. Well, what I would like to say is I'm discontinuing Just the Girl. I know, I know, that a lot of you like this story or have been reading it, and I'm sorry that it's disappointed you. But, to be honest – I just don't have any sense of inspiration of where this story is going to go. I feel it's too… cliché, there's tons of high school based fanfics out there, and what I like is originality. And, I don't want to disappoint you further if you're waiting for an update or something…

So, if anyone is interested in continuing my fanfic, just PM me. Just one click away (: All you gotta do is credit me if you're using any of the chapters / story summary I've written so far, and the story is yours to do whatever you wish with. If no one is interested, then this story is being deleted in a weeks' time.

As for my other fanfics, they are being tentatively completed. Meaning, I'm taking my time writing. So far, I'm editing That One Special Someone, and am up to chapter 5 :D I'm fixing it up and all, but it's still sticking to its main plot. For my other stories, they'll be continued since they're quite short and I like where it's going.

With words,

--shuuxharuka x