I showed my brother this and he was laughing for like 5 minutes…how weird. Since he loves hidan I made this for him.


The Akatsuki where going on there normal business, reading, arguing, exploding, killing. Hidan and kakuzu were on a mission selling popcorn and won't be back for weeks. Tobi came in the lounge room caring a pink fluffy book. "What's that tobi? You're dairy?" deidara laughed historically.

"This book isn't tobi's, tobi found it under hidan-san's pillow" tobi said with a smile under his mask.

"That's weird… bibles aren't pink and fluffy…" itachi interrupted the conversation

"Open it then" kisame shouted

"Yer tobi open it" deidara agreed

"What if tobi gets in trouble? What if hidan-sun summons Godzilla?" tobi said worried

"His religion probably doesn't believe in Godzilla" zetsu said as he walked in

"Good let's open it then" deidara said

"But sempai tobi is a good boy" tobi said "and what if hidan-san summoned out mecha-Godzoilla?"

"Tobi! Shut up before I nock you in to next week" deidara shouted over poor tobi

"Now lets open it" itachi said

Diary of hidan

Wensday 22 Sep 2007

Dear lovely dovely dairy,

Today my lovely dovely period started

From princess hidan

"ha! Hidan can't spell wendesday!" deidara started rolling around on the floor

"What's a per-i-od?" tobi asked. Deidara stoped laughing and changed his smile into a worried look.

"Period?" the rest looked at tobi sweating

"Well tobi…" deidara said shaking "it means…"

"Every month or so a woman's body will get rid of UN wanted blood using tampons, to-"

"That's enough itachi!" kisame said angrily

"Dude how do you know all this stuff?" zetsu asked

"Huh? Umm…well I watched a weasel documentary…yer that's right" itachi said with sweat coming down his face.


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