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"Itachi!" kisame said knocking the door loudly "We have to go shopping!"

Itachi pulled open the door looking worried. "lets go-" kisame was pulled back by itachi grabbing his collar (you know that neck thingy).

"Read this" Itachi's voice was trembling

Hidan's Diary

Dear dairy,

Friday 26 Sep 2007

Today was orochimaru's 5th anniversary of telling me he stashes pictures of sasuke in his room. What the

By TOTALLY AWSOME princess hidan-hime

"kisame do you know what this means?" itachi asked kisame

"he thinks sasuke's food" kisame said stupidly "hey you know what? I really think we should go shopping and buy some sasuke for dinner today it is my turn to cook"

"Finally!" itachi sneaked out the door wile kisame started eating his furniture "note to self, mangekyou sharingan to kisame later"

itachi walked towards Orochimaru's old room. Thinking about it Itachi's never been in his room before. Wile he was thinking what it was going to look like itachi finally reached orochimaru's room. Holding the handle itachi threw the door open.

"AGGGGGGGHH!!!!" kisame yelled as he ran out of the Akatsuki hide out.

The very evil shopping list for the Akatsuki people




And a whole lot of evil things


The bank


345678943456789 pounds of meat


Dove Shampoo

And some dog food





Some hours later the Akatsuki found itachi locked in orochimaru's room unconscious and with a LOT of sasuke pictures (conserved) witch made every one think of itachi very differently and kisame was still not to be found


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