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I spent my days at school trying to get as close to Ash at possible, in hopes of hearing anything about my Bella. I spent my nights in the aching company of my mind, tortured with images of her from both the past and the present. Oh god she's just so gorgeous.

In two ridiculously stretched out weeks I felt that I knew more about Ash than I did about myself, soaking up any information which he forfeited. Bella never came to school again. When I asked about this subtly Ash laughed it off saying that her week of picking him up had come to an end.

I prompted him endlessly about his home life and whatever would sway his thoughts towards Bella so I could launch myself into his mind and greedily lap up every brief passing of her. My nights were torturous and I had to keep myself from following Ash inconspicuously to his home just in the hopes of catching a glimpse of my darling.

Ash was aware of the interest I held in his mother however didn't find it strange. Apparently there had been many male students who attempted to saddle up with him to try and get close to his mother. Oh god. Mother. I still couldn't come to terms with it.

I felt bad for using Ash however after the first week I actually found myself enjoying his conversation and company. Something which I had never had with any human other than Bella. Or Izzy, as shes known now. God I would never call her that.

She had such a beautiful name and to butcher it in such a way was unheard of. Bella rolled off the tongue and resonated through your ears where Izzy only left an unpleasant taste in my mouth and twanging in my head.

I was sitting next to Ash in class, listening to him politely prattle about some 'chick' which he had recently 'scored' with. Regardless of me generally enjoying our conversations, this was never a topic which I showed much interest. His words floated over me, forming a slurred sort of buzzing however I was broken out of this by the mention of my darlings name. Well, her new name I suppose.

I turned to face him more directly, as much as our tables could allow. "Pardon? I missed that Ash, you speak at a million miles an hour." He chuckled lightly but didn't deny the comment before rephraising what he had said.

"I asked if you wanted to come over after school man. Izzy's is having some friends around but I think we'd still be able to get a good start on this group assignment." I looked at him somewhat quizzically. "You know?" he prompted. "That one we were given two days ago, you and me? Partners?"

I nodded slowly. It wasn't like me to 'fall behind' at school how it was obvious my memory had been significantly impaired my Bella-obsession. I swallowed heavily before replying calmly, "This afternoon is fine. Should I meet you at your house?" He shook his head, "Nah it's fine. I actually have the car today, plus you drive here in a communal car hey? Just meet me in the parking lot after school."

The conversation ended here and the class carried on without any major landmarks. My thoughts ran through my head at an alarming pace. I felt nervous and happy for the first time in a very long stretch. I didn't know how Bella would take my appearance in her life so suddenly. What if she hated me? Kicked me out of her house? Or worse, didn't even remember me? I quelled all these thoughts, thinking that regardless of the outcome I would be seeing my love.

The end of the school day could not come soon enough and moments before the last bell rang I was already making my way out of the building. I waited beside Ash's, or I suppose, Bella's car. Its sleek black paintjob reflected my image back to me. I looked cool and collected however on the inside, I was in chaos.

I had already informed Alice of my plans for this afternoon and she excitedly skipped off to tell my other siblings. She seemed to assume that Bella would come running back into our cold, open arms. But I couldn't be that optimistic.

Ash greeted me at the car not long after I had reached it and beeped it open. I slide into the passenger seat and inhaled deeply. Bella's sent mixed with the smell of leather assaulted my senses. God, it hadn't changed.

Ash drove fast, but with precision and within ten minutes we had pulled up outside a very respectable house. It seemed that Bella had done well for herself. My stomach dropped as I got out of the car and closed the door with a soft thud. Ash grinned back at me sensing my nervousness. It seemed that this boy wasn't lying when he said he was used to friends being infatuated with his mother.

"Some of my friend's mothers don't let them come around here. They say my mother's 'inappropriate'. I call her fun. And I call them jealous." His grin grew as he walked up to the house. I followed in tow, mind too wrought to give any two dimensional aspect to the conversation.

Surprisingly the door was unlocked and Ash had to only turn the handle. "There always someone here." He explained. "No need for locking when you have on hand security hey?" I laughed half-heartedly, truly too lost in my own thoughts for anything else.

Ash led me down the hallway and I nearly fainted from the intensity of Bella's scent. Having been away from it for so long I was in no way prepared for the onslaught to my senses. My throat burned in a familiar way however from the time that Bella and I spent together I had long learned to control my need.

Loud music blasted from a state of the art stereo in the living room, no doubt filling the whole house with the sound of it. Ash walked past it turning down the volume dial as he did so it was at a more manageable level. He led me through a few rooms before settling in what I assumed to be the lounge room.

He signalled for me to take a seat on the couch beside him before pulling out a laptop and tossing me a textbook. "We have to email it to him by Friday so I think it would be best if we kept all out work together in one file rather than having random pieces of handwritten paper flying around which we would later have to transcribe. How's that sound?" I nodded lazily, drunk off of Bella's sent whilst still on edge waiting for her to appear at any moment. Wishing that she would appear.

We worked on the assignment for around half an hour in silence. We were making progress quickly, with the assignment not being particularly challenging for a normal teen, let alone me. My mind was elsewhere though. My stomach lurched as I heard the sound of bare feet on wooden stairs, coming down towards us. I kept my eyes trained on the open textbook in front of me as Bella entered the room. I stopped breathing for a while before taking in her scent once again. God she was amazing.

I looked up in her direction seeing that she was yet to take notice of my presence. As soon as I looked up my eyes shot back to my lap. Bella's chocolate hair was longer than when I last saw her, reaching down to her waist. She stood on the marble floor in a black lace bra, matching underwear and a loose, open business shirt which clearly did not belong to her and swallowed up her small frame.

I had never seen her in such a state of undress, even while we were dating. My breath hitched in my throat. Her skin was milky pale as ever. She was slender and curved at the hips and bust just in the right ways. Oh god. I feel like a creep. The kitchen was attached open plan to the living room and she sauntered over to the counter, reaching up to a high cupboard. She was facing away from us and I couldn't help but stare as her leg and thigh muscles stretched.

"Ash baby. Can you help me for a second?" He mm'd in response and stood up, making his way towards her. He reached down for her a pair of wine glasses which he passed to her. "Thanks darling. I'm going back upstairs 'kay, Freddy's over an….." She turned back to face the lounge as Ash made his way back to the sofa.

Her eyes landed on me and an expression of what I can only gauge as pure, unadultered shock plastered itself on her face. Glass shattered on the marble floor as she dropped the glasses but she didn't move and neither her or myself, or Ash for that matter broke the silence. I lifted my eyes from the shattered glass back to her eyes. They were still warm pools of chocolate brown, and oh gods, I'm drowning.