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'Hey, Kadaj… Tell me one thing.' said the man who was seated in a wheelchair. His whole body was covered by a huge cloth that obscured his features.

Beside him stood a youngman whose garments were made of black leather. His hair that stretched down to his shoulders was the color of silver, while his eyes were a mixture of mako blue and emerald green. Both of them were at the top of a building undergoing construction; they were viewing the great chaos that the silver-haired youth and his brothers had caused.

'Just one thing…' the youth replied to the man.

'You said that you would become normal once you got Jenova's cells, but… what did you mean by that?'

'He… will return.' he answered coldly.

'…Sephiroth' the name sent chills down the spine of the older man. '…a nightmare, huh?'

'So I hear.' the youth responded once more.

'So you hear?'

'I don't know Sephiroth. Yeah, I just feel him!' a mixture of annoyance and confusion was etched on the young man's face. 'It irritates me! Me or Sephiroth, which does Mother…'

'Poor Spirit…' the man in the wheelchair sarcastically said.

'Whichever it ends up, you all will meet the same end!' The youth replied with contempt in his eyes. 'Mother made a long journey to come to this planet… to erase a bunch of fools from space, you see.'

He then turned his gaze to the man in the wheelchair, a small grin formed on his lips. 'But… you know, don't you? Nothing has changed here since the time when Mother came. That's why I'm going to make Mother happy. I'll do anything if Mother commands it.'

'Hmph, the nightmare comes again, huh?'

'As long as you guys are here, the same thing will keep happening.'

The man glanced at his right hand; the signs of the disease that had invaded his body were evident. 'The lifestream, which governs the flow of worlds…' he softly spoke. 'It comes and goes in the space between life and death… If that repetition is proof of life… it is inevitable that history will repeat itself.'

He then turned his attention to the silver-haired youth. 'I don't know about Jenova or Sephiroth, but… the same thing should keep happening. We will obey the fate of life. And while doing so, we will stop you.'

Though the man's eyes were shrouded by the cloth that covered him, they radiated an aura of confidence and determination as they stared at the silver-haired youth that stood beside him. And as he stared at the young man he could almost see it… the demonic smile of the one-winged angel.

Rufus quickly opened his eyes. He had dozed off on his chair. His desk was littered by countless documents and folders. He slowly massaged his forehead; he had dreamt of it again… that nightmare which has haunted him for the past year.

It had been almost 5 years since the Kalimdor incident. New entities that they now call shadows, that originated from the vortex in Kalimdor had increased the monster and fiend population in the planet. Towns and Cities were constantly under siege, because of this he had decided to implement the New SOLDIER Program sooner than originally planned. The first batch of SOLDIERs had arrived over a year ago. He had placed SOLDIER in the hands of one of his most reliable colleagues, Reeve Tuesti. Thanks to them the shadow attacks had decreased by as much as thirty percent.

He slowly stood from his chair and looked out at one of the giant windows of his office.

The city of Edge had developed quite well. He had spent the last decade and a half in trying to improve the city and make it better than its predecessor, Midgar. There were very few slum areas now and most of the old and worn-down infrastructures had been replaced by new ones. The city was prospering… and that was something that he was proud of.

And yet he was worried…

Fate, though kind, could be very cruel as well. He knew deep in his heart that all they had worked for, all that they had achieved… everything… could be destroyed in just a blink of an eye. Fate had this habit of balancing things out. It would surely interfere soon… but when? When another darkness comes… were they strong enough to defeat it? Were they strong enough to protect the present that they had worked so hard to make..? To preserve the future that they continue to strive for..?

As Rufus continued to stare out the window, a small folder suddenly fell off his desk. On its front lay the words:



Inside a small church somewhere in the sector five area, a young man and woman in their teens could be seen staring at a gravestone in the middle of a flower patch.

The man had spiky light-brown hair while his eyes were the color of the deep ocean. He was wearing a black hooded vest that was placed over a dark blue shirt. He was also wearing dark baggy short pants whose length covered his knees. On his left hand he held what looked like a giant key, a small five-pointed star keychain was dangling on its hilt. On his right side, a huge Buster Sword could be seen embedded on the ground. A pink ribbon was wrapped around its handle.

The young woman on the other hand, had red hair that stretched down to her shoulders while her eyes were the color of indigo. She was wearing a pink dress that had a zipper which divided her outfit in the middle.

Their hands were clasped together as they stood there in silence.

The silence in the church, however, was suddenly broken by the sound of the young man's cell phone. He took out his phone and opened it; he had just received a text message.

From: Reeve Tuesti; SOLDIER High Commander.

Mission Rank A

Rally Point at Gongaga Village. Meet at 17:00 hours. Mission details will be given on location.

As the brown-haired young man returned the cell phone to his pocket, he turned his gaze towards the red-haired girl standing beside him. She had a questioning look on her face.

'Who was it?' she asked.

"It's Reeve again. He wants me to go to Gongaga."

'Another mission…' the girl looked annoyed. 'This is the third time this month. They sure are working you guys like chocobos.'

"Well… what did you expect?" he smiled at her. "It's not like there's a lot of us to go around to begin with."

He quickly pulled out the Buster sword that was embedded on the ground and made his way to the exit.

'Be careful, alright!' the girl yelled out to him.

He glanced back at her. "Got it… Oh, and I'll buy you a souvenir while I'm there, Ok!"

'Ah man! I'm sooo bored!!' a young man complained. He had blonde hair that was tied at the back and wore a yellow shirt and blue jeans. A small pistol could be seen stowed away on his back. He was aboard a small buggy together with four other people. They were headed to Gongaga.

He turned to the youth that was seated beside him; a young man who had blonde hair and red eyes. 'Hey Ramza, are we there yet?!'

'Mustadio, will you please just shut up!' the young woman who sat at the opposite end scolded. She had long blonde hair and hazel brown eyes, her face was feminine yet she exuded an aura of masculinity. 'You've been talking non-stop ever since we left Junon! Will you just keep quiet for a few minutes!'

'Why don't you make me, rookie!' he jeered at her.

She glared at him. She hated the fact that this man graduated a year before her.

Mustadio smirked at her. 'And what's up with that name of yours?' he continued. 'Agrias… isn't that a guys name! What are you, a lesb-'

But before he could finish speaking, the girl named Agrias had placed her sword's blade on Mustadio's neck.

'I swear to God, if you say one more word then I'm going to slit your throat! You got that!'

A nervous smile crept on Mustadio's lips. 'Y-Ye… Yeah. Got it.'

'Hey, come on guys. We shouldn't be fighting.' A young girl with dark brown hair and equally dark brown eyes spoke. 'Right, Olan.'

'Rafa's right guys.' replied the young man driving the buggy. The sides of his hair were shaved while the long black hair on the top of his head was neatly combed and tied to the back. 'I do want to get to Gongaga in one piece.'

The blonde-haired young man named Ramza glanced at the watch on his wrist. 'Olan, how far off are we?'

'We're just a few miles away. We'll probably be there in about 30 minutes.'

'Good…' he looked at the girl named Agrias; she was still holding her sword against Mustadio's throat. 'Agrias please put down your sword. I don't want anymore unnecessary arguments on this mission, alright.'

Agrias blushed as she slowly pulled the sword away. 'Yes sir, I'm sorry.'

Mustadio quickly touched his neck and sighed with relief. 'Phew… Thanks Ramz. Man, I thought I was a goner.'

Ramza raised an eyebrow. 'And Mustadio, this is our fourth mission together so try to follow orders and please try to be considerate about the other members' feelings.'

'The what-what now?' Mustadio asked in a confused tone.

Ramza shook his head. '…just forget it.'

After half an hour had passed, they had arrived at Gongaga Village. As they got off the buggy they were immediately met by two men. The first one was a stout looking man with a long beard; the other one was a tall adult and was very skinny.

'Welcome to Gongaga Village!' the stout looking man greeted. 'I am Mr. Sheck; I've been the mayor of this village for the past two years now. This man over here is Mr. Talico…' the tall man that stood beside the mayor gave them a small bow. 'He's the vice-mayor of Gongaga.'

The five of them made their way towards the Mayor and shook his hand. They started to introduce themselves one by one.

'Hi! My name's Olan Durai. SOLDIER, 3rd Class.'

'I'm Rafa Galathana. I'm a SOLDIER 3rd Class too.'

'Agrias Oaks, SOLDIER 2nd Class. It's nice to meet you.'

'Was'sup! The name's Mustadio Bunanza. I'm also a SOLDIER 2nd Class like her.'

'Her..?' the Mayor interrupted. 'But I thought Ms. Rafa was a SOLDIER 3rd Class?'

'Not that one..!' corrected Mustadio. 'This one!' he pointed at Agrias with a slight smirk on his face. 'I know she looks like a guy, but they say she's a girl… although I'm not really a hundred percent sure about that.'

Agrias glared at him.

'I… see…' Mr. Sheck nervously uttered.

Ramza stepped forward and introduced himself to the Mayor. 'Hello! My name is Ramza Beoulve, SOLDIER 1st Class. I'm the assigned leader of this mission.'

'1st Class!' Mr. Talico looked surprised. 'They actually sent a 1st Class SOLDIER here!'

'It's nothing to be concerned about actually…' Ramza assured him. 'There have been a lot of missions this past month so there isn't much of us to go around.'

'Oh, I see. Now I understand.' Mr. Talico started looking around; something seemed to be bothering him. 'Wait, according to the letter that Shin-Ra sent us, there was supposed to be six of you. Where's the other one?'

'The front office was late in notifying us about it. They said that we would meet him here. He should be arriving shortly.'

No sooner did Ramza finish speaking when he suddenly heard the sound of a motor from a distance.

All of them glanced back and saw a great red blur streaking through the road in high speed.

'He's here…' he whispered.

Within moments, the red blur that turned out to be a red motorbike whose frame resembled that of a fiery dragon stopped near them. Its rider, a young man with light brown hair and deep blue eyes, slowly got off the motorbike and approached the group. He stood in front of the mayor. The young man shook his hand and with a smile he introduced himself.

"Hi! My name's Sora Gainsborough Strife, SOLDIER 1st Class. Sorry I'm a little late."

'Another one..! What in the name of Gaia is going on here?' Mr. Sheck thought to himself.

Sora turned to Ramza and shook his hand as well.

"I'm guessing that you're the mission leader… Am I right?"

Ramza nodded. 'Yeah. I'm Ramza Beoulve. I'm glad to have you on the team.'

"Like wise." Sora responded.

'Excuse me…' Mr. Talico interrupted. 'If you want… I'll guide you to your inn now.'

'Oh, yes. Thank you.'

Mr. Talico guided them through the town. As they walked through the Village of Gongaga their sights wandered through the brick huts that littered the village. There were also newer buildings mixed in with the old ones.

'Hey Mr. Talico! Could you tell us where the old Mako reactor was located back in the day?' Olan requested to the skinny man who served as their guide.

'Yes, of course.' Mr. Talico replied. 'It's right over there.' he said as he pointed at a huge area cluttered with houses and other small buildings made of stone and bricks. 'Shin-Ra cleared all the rubbish and waste products of the old reactor sight over 16 years ago; afterwards we used the reparation funds and expanded Gongaga Village.'

The vice-mayor then took them to a nearby inn. The inn looked very simple and had a homely feel to it. It was only 3 floors high but it was probably one of the tallest buildings in the village. As they entered the inn, they were immediately welcomed by a big bodied gentleman. He was quite masculine but his face seemed calm and friendly.

'Oi Talico!' he spoke to the tall man that accompanied the small contingent of SOLDIERs. 'Do ya mind telling me who these kids are.'

'They're the SOLDIERs that Shin-Ra deployed here' he answered.

'SOLDIER, huh. I was expectin a bunch of cocky guys in their late 20's, but I never thought that they'd be sendin kids here instead.'

'Hey! I resent that!' Mustadio protested.

'Ha ha ha ha!' the bearded man laughed in a booming voice. 'Sorry about that, since the last group they sent here were all in their early 20's I thought they'd be sendin people that were a bit older.'

"…last group?" Sora whispered.

'Anyways, let me introduce myself. The name's Patch, I'm the innkeeper here. Hope ya enjoy your stay here in my inn.'

As Mr. Talico left, all of them gathered inside one of the rooms in the inn for their mission briefing. Olan took out his laptop and a small projector from his bag. After a few minutes of setting the equipment a holographic chart immediately appeared in front of them. The chart contained some data while just below it was a miniature 3D landscape of Gongaga village. Ramza started to speak.

'Ok. Approximately 3 months ago a group of shadows appeared in the outskirts of Gongaga and terrorized the village. The local authorities contacted Shin-Ra for assistance and in response Shin-Ra sent out a group consisting of four 3rd Class and two 2nd Class SOLDIERs.'

An image of a black four legged beast with metal scales on its back appeared in front of them. It had giant thorn-filled antlers and a red glyph could be seen on its forehead.

'This is the shadow they fought. Most of them were around Class E Shadows while some were D Class. After 3 days they were able to wipe out all the shadows and classified the mission as complete. However, after one month, these things started to appear from out of nowhere again. Shin-Ra sent another batch of SOLDIERs. After cleaning up the village, they left two 2nd Class SOLDIERs to monitor and report about the origins of the said Shadows. After 3 weeks, they gathered enough evidence to prove the existence of an A Class Shadow lurking around this area.'

'A Class, huh. I guess that explains why they sent two 1st Class SOLDIERs in here.' Mustadio interrupted.

"Did the surveillance team get a visual of the target?" Sora asked.

'Yes… although it's not much, it more than confirms our suspicions.'

A video was now being played by the projector.

'Watch closely at the readings below.' Ramza pointed at a few numbers at the bottom of the video.

As the others watched the video, an image suddenly passed through and as it did the readings at the bottom immediately increased greatly. The image was too fast for them to make out its details, and when they tried to zoom in at the image it always came out blurred.

'As you just saw in the video, our target is quite fast and has a knack for hiding. So we basically have our work cut out for us. The surveillance team believes that this thing may have the ability to self replicate, although the replicas tend to be weaker than the original.'

"Kill the source and its mission accomplished, right?"

'More or less.' Olan replied.

Ramza turned to the others. 'Alright then, all of us should get a good night's rest. We'll discuss tactics and strategy tomorrow. Everyone will meet here at exactly 05:00 hours. Dismissed.'

All of them were in their respective rooms. Sora was lying on his bed, both his hands on the back of his head. After a year of constantly traveling around Gaia he had gotten used to sleeping in inns, though he still preferred resting on his own bed.

It was half past midnight. He usually found it hard to sleep on the first day in a new inn. He turned his head to the side and glanced at the Buster sword that lay at the corner of the room. His eyes lingered at the pink ribbon that was wrapped around its hilt. That ribbon… it was his mother's.

A small smile made its way to his lips. Back when he was still a child, she would always sing to him every time he couldn't sleep. He remembered how she would cradle his head in her arms when he was younger.

He missed her… the same way that any loving son would miss his own mother. It had been almost 5 years since she had died, and yet the huge void that she left had not been fully filled. His childhood had ended the moment she had left. He thought about how he had taken her presence for granted. If he had known that she would depart sooner than he could have ever imagined then he would have made it his priority to show her how important she was to him… how thankful he was that she was his mother.

He closed his eyes… dwelling in the past was something that he did not wish to do, yet he always ended up doing nonetheless.

Suddenly, he heard someone… singing.

Uta o uta ou sekai no uta o

He quickly opened his eyes. The voice was coming from above him. His room was on the third floor which meant that it was probably coming from the rooftop.

Doko made ikou Sora o aoi de

He quickly got out of bed. He crept out the back window of his room and with the speed and stealth of a 1st Class Soldier that he is, he easily made his way to the top of the roof unnoticed by the owner of the voice.

He focused his eyes on the feminine figure that stood on top of the roof. Her features were obscured by the darkness of the night as she continued to sing that sweet melody emanating from her lips.

Hito no fuuoe mushi no habataki

Fuwa fuwa fururi omoi no sete

And as the figure turned to face him, the moon bathed her in its light.

He was shocked as his eyes were met by a deep emerald gaze.


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Author's Note: (1) The first part was taken from AC. The dialogue was from the subtitles of my DVD. (2) "My" Shadows are in no way related to the shadows of the KH franchise. Here's a little info about them. Shadows are different from monsters because of 2 main reasons: they are a bit more organized compared to most monsters in FF7 and they also have strange markings or glyphs that are either clearly visible or hidden somewhere in their bodies. Shadows are classified according to class. This classes are S, A, B, C, D, and E. S being the strongest and E being the weakest. The stronger the shadow the more intelligent it is. (3) Yes, I know some of the characters (especially Mustadio) are a bit OOC. (4) The name of the song in the end is "Konoyo no Uta" by Iwasaki Taku.