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Loud panting, loud clicking of foot steps, and seductive hollers from behind me; That was all I could hear that dark night. This man looked of in his late 30's, resembling somewhat of a hobo. Disgusted by ever word he said, I ran as fast as I could, any direction away from him.

-Earlier that night-

"Hey Mel! You commin' or what?" Tommy yelled from outside, leaning against his car, waiting. "Dang it, HOLD ON!" Melanie came out, slipping her hoodie on. "Melanie, you better get your ass back in this house!" yelled her mother, storming out of the house. Under her voice came out a few curses before getting in the car with Tommy, Driving off to the arena where RAW was taking place that night. "Ugh, why does she freakin' care?!" Melanie blurted out to her best friend as he drove. "She just cares about you, Mel." Tommy was Melanie's best friend since middle school. He was two years older than her, now 16. Tommy was in high school, leaving Melanie in her last year of middle school. He was regretting taking her to RAW that night because of the consequences that she would face when he returned her home. Since they didn't attend the same school anymore, they decided to take this chance to hang out again. Melanie sat there in silence, looking out the window the whole drive there.

Melanie Layna Lee was a young girl. 13 years old, turning 14 in the next month. Even thought she was young, she looked much older than she really was. She had all the curves in the right places, thin but not to the extent of "anorexic", standing about 5'3, long brunette hair to her elbows, and beautiful green eyes. She didn't take much pride in her "beauty," hiding it under her 2 sizes larger hoodie with her tomboy attitude. Being said she was a tomboy, she had a wrestling obsession. Her mother and step-father didn't like her being interested with it because it affected her academic skills. They were education driven and strict at that; being strict only when they needed to be. Her parents loved her with all their hearts, but she didn't understand it quite yet. They helped her all they could with any and every problem but she kept pushing them away, avoiding the awkward feeling she got around them.

Now at the arena, the two bestfriends shared laughs, boo's, cheering, and suspense from the show. After the show, Melanie had gone to the restroom with Tommy waiting for her outside the arena. Once outside, she saw her best friend smoking a cigarette with a beer in his hand. She never like it when people drank and smoke underage. With that, she stormed up to him, snatching the cigarette from his hand and knocking the beer down. She furiously yelled at him "WHAT THE HELL TOMMY! DO YOU KNOW WHAT THIS COULD DO TO YOU?!" He glared at her and took out another cigarette about to light it. She snatched that one away and took his lighter too. He must of picked up this habit from high school with her not watching what what he does. "Aye, give that back bitch" he must have been too drunk to notice her. She was shocked at his words. He never spoke to her like that before. After saying that he walked away to his car, leaving Melanie.

Melanie was upset and yet mad at Tommy. How was she going to get home? She wasn't going to risk her life riding back with Tommy and she wasn't going to call her parents up. She stood there for a good while and decided to find someone safe that was leaving to take her home. Bad choice. Walking around teary eyed, looking for a somebody, someone yanked on her arm. "Hey there Little Miss, you seemed lost. Would you like me to help you?" A devious smile came across the man's face. He stenched of beer and his appearance was horrid. "Get your hands off of me!" I yelled at him, furious. He pulled me closer to his body. "Hey now, I ain't gunna hurt ya. But then it ain't a guarantee."


I was now cornered in the back on the arena, now where else to run. Closer and closer this man got. I was terrified. In that moment that I had, I prayed to God that he would send me something, someone, to save me. Just as he was getting near me, a backstage door open. It was dark so I couldn't recognized this man. All I could see was that he had a fit body and was about 6'4. He glanced at me and the other man and noticed what was going on. The 'rapist' yelled for mystery man to get out of his way, but this man pushed him away. "Hey buddy, get out of my way, I'm busy," was what the rapist said. "Busy? You better step away and get out of here before you get hurt. You're not getting anywhere near her." Aggravated, the rapist attempted to push him away but the mystery man shoved him to the ground. "What the hell did I tell you?! I said get your ass out of here!" The rapist threw a punch to the mystery man's face and he returned it, throwing throwing kicks and punches to the rapist's face and stomach. Finishing it, the mystery man kicked him in the crotch as hard as he could, leaving him scrunched up on the ground in pain. With all the strength he had left, he got up and ran out of sight. "You're not raping anybody anymore now buddy! You can count on it!"

This mystery man turned around and started walking towards me. Who was he? Did God send him or was it just a coincidence? Is he my prayer, my "Guardian Angel"? "Hey, he's gone now. Are you okay?" He said to me with a concerned tone in his voice. As he stepped closer, he stepped into the small, beaming light and I realized who had just saved me. My jaw slightly dropped, surprised at who was standing infront of me. It was no one other than the "Legend Killer," Randy Orton.

What will happen with Melanie? What's with this whole "Guardian Angel" thing? What's up with Tommy? Where are those responsible parents?

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