Pikachu walked into Jigglypuff's room, Jigglypuff tapping away on her wiimote.

"To succeed I must use subtlety…" said Pikachu.

"Hi Pikachu!" said Jigglypuff, waving her wiimote around wildly.

"Hey, as a token of what a great friend I am to you…" said Pikachu, "Can you let me play on your wii?"

"Sure!" said Jigglypuff, handing the wiimote over to Pikachu.

This was it. This was the moment Pikachu had been anticipating for years on end. This was everything Pikachu was working for, everything he dreamed of. And the moment was his. It was an emotional and social triumph for Pikachu! He would now be the first American ever (Jigglypuff's an illegal immigrant, okay?!) to play Super Smash Bros Brawl. A tear ran down his cheek as his fingers gripped the hard edges of the wiimote. He looked at the screen. Determined, he pressed the A button and-

Pikachu noticed that Sonic was doing the hammer throw onscreen.

"Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games?" he blurted out angrily. "What a stupid game! I want to play Brawl! I want to play it now!"

"Brawl?" said Jigglypuff angrily, "What's that?!"

"Whatever… I'm just being stupid…" said Pikachu angrily, storming out of the room and slamming the door shut.

The Final Destination music played.

"Wha?!" said Pikachu confused.

As the music's sweet, graceful melody played, Pikachu grabbed onto the door handle and slowly pushed the door open.

"A-ha!" he screamed, flinging the door open.

He scampered through the room proudly and ran up to Jigglypuff. Pointing to the screen, he exclaimed, "So you wereplaying Super Smash Bros Brawl!"

"What?!" said Jigglypuff, confused.

Pikachu looked at the screen. Vector and Tails were rowing onscreen.

"Where did you get the Final Destination music from?!" said Pikachu angrily.

"What?" said Jigglypuff, confused, "…look… I think I'm going to have to call the asylum on you."

"You can't trick me," said Pikachu angrily, walking back out of the room and closing the door.

The sound of a key press resonated. "Go Lucario! Go!" shouted a female voice from inside her room, comical punching sounds and random screams of 'Falcon Punch' audible.

"A-ha!" screamed Pikachu, slamming open the door and running up to Jigglypuff. "What do you call this then?"

Pikachu pointed proudly to a vase on a table.

"Uh…" said Jigglypuff.

"There was a Wii there before!" screamed Pikachu hysterically, "What did you do with the Wii?"

"What Wii? What's this Wii?" said Jigglypuff, confused.

"You had a freaking Wii there!" said Pikachu hysterically.

"What's a Wii?" said Jigglypuff, smiling dumbly.

Pikachu walked out, disgruntled.

More Falcon Punches and Lucario grunts became audible.

Pikachu ran in, cackling manically as he ran up to Jigglypuff.

"A-ha!" he said, pointing to an empty space on the wall. "I saw you playing-"

"WHERE'S THE FREAKING VASE?!" he screamed. "There's not even a FREAKING VASE THERE ANYMORE!1"

"I think you're just crazy," said Jigglypuff sweetly.

"I'll expose you!" said Pikachu angrily, "I'll expose you! I'll expose you and then I'll play brawl and then I'll be the best Sonic player ever!"

Pikachu ran out of the room and slammed the door shut.

Sonic ran up to Pikachu. "Did… someone call my name?" said Sonic sexily.

"Yes," said Pikachu.

"So can we like, make out?" said Sonic.

"Fine!" said Pikachu angrily.

They made out angrily.

Ike, Link, Wario and Pit were sitting in a plane.

"Wow!" said Wario, impressed, "Ike, your magical powers of seduction ofboth males and females to land us seats in first class with no pay is so cool!"

"It's… it's a gift…" said Ike, pretending to cut his nails (he was pretending because his magical powers that stop his fingernail growth prevent him from growing fingernails so they can be at the perfect, perfect length).

"If only I could have as good mad skills as you, Ike!" said Link wishfully.

"You can, if you just believe in yourself," said Ike.

"Really?" said Link hopefully.

"No," laughed Ike.

Everybody laughed.

"It's funny because he's so perfect," said Wario.

"Hey guys!" said Mewtwo, stepping into a seat next to Ike in first class.

"Sorry, only Brawl people are allowed in first class!" said Ike.

"Waah!" cried Mewtwo, "I'm going back to business class and hang with the normal people!"

Mewtwo ran off, crying.

Roy's phone in Roy's house rang.

"Hello?" said Roy, picking up the receiver with one hand and holding the mouthpiece with the other (you see, Roy is stuck in the 1940's… it's very important to the storyline).

"Hi Roy!" sobbed Mewtwo, sounds of tumbling bottles in the background.

"Yes?" said Roy, filing his nails.

"It's Mewtwo!" sobbed Mewtwo.

"Are you… are you in an airport?" said Roy.

"Yes!" cried Mewtwo, "Ike used his bullying powers to get me kicked off the plane so I'm drowning my sorrows by buying coke from a vending machine multiple times!"

"Uh… there there?" said Roy.

Mewtwo continued to sob.

"So why are you calling?" asked Roy.

"I just wanted to talk to a fellow smasher who was cut from Brawl!" cried Mewtwo. "I want to talk to someone else who's gone through the same things as me, experienced the same emotions, cut the same parts of the arm-"

"Uh… about that…" said Roy, slipping on wolf feet, "Uh… I'm not…really cut from Brawl."

"What do you mean?!" said Mewtwo, outraged, "You're not on the list!"

"Yeah um… about that…" said Roy shiftily, "Roy isn't on the list, but… Lucario is."

"What do you mean?!" sobbed Mewtwo.

"Um… you know how there's a few new Pokemon coming to Brawl?" said Roy, slipping on his wolf torso.

"Yes?!" cried Mewtwo.

"Well… I'm actually… one of those Pokemon…" said Roy, putting on his head.

"What do you mean?!" cried Mewtwo, "Are you coming back to the mansion as Roy, the Pokemon?"

"Lucario, your taxi is here," said some random chauffeur in the background.

"Uh… no…" said Roy. "I kind of… injected you during the night, stole your moveset by transferring some DNA from you …"

"What do you mean?!" sobbed Mewtwo, "You mean it was you that injected me in the night when I thought it was all just a dream?"

"…yeah…" said Roy.

"I hate life!" sobbed Mewtwo.

"There, there," said Roy. "You have a legacy! Now I can use new moves and pretend to be a Pokemon! That's pretty cool, huh?"

"When the real Lucario finds out about this… he'll be outraged!" said Mewtwo angrily.

"I… don't think so," said Roy, pointing to a skinless Pokemon wolf carcass on the other side of his kitchen.

"What do you mean?!" said Mewtwo, hyperventilating.

"I… stole his skin," said Roy.

"But I was planning to steal his skin!" cried Mewtwo.

"Well, you're just too late," said Roy. "Now bye! Lucario has to go to the Smash Mansion!"

"NUUUEZ!" screamed Mewtwo.

Roy hung up.

"Okay, Lucario's ready to go!" said Lucario to the chauffeur.

Lucario's skin started to rot.

"Maybe I should've made my own costume instead of stealing skin," said Lucario, attracting maggots.

The chauffeur stared at Lucario.

"What?!" laughed Lucario hysterically, "Nothing!"

"Ah," chuckled the chauffeur.

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