Kaoru was walking home for school, because Hikaru had given Haruhi a ride home and he didn't want to interfere.

When Kaoru get to his house. He heard a cry and decided to investigate where the crying was

come, he found it coming from behind a tree by the Hitachiin estate. Upon closer inspection he realized, 'It's a baby.'

The baby was covered in a soft, light yellow blanket. The baby stopped crying when Kaoru held it close to his chest. The baby looked up at him to reveal bright blue eyes. Then the baby went to sleep in his arms. Kaoru didn't know what to do, he sprinted the rest of the way to the mansion, careful not to jostle and wake the baby.

The maid came to him to get his book bag. She looked down at what was in arms. "A baby. What are you doing with a baby Kaoru-sama?" She asked him.

"I found him. The baby stopped crying when I held him." Kaoru said "I don't know

what to do, do we have a place for the baby to sleep?" He asked the maid

"Yes" The maid said and gestured for Kaoru to follow her. They

went down the hallway to a room close to his and Hikaru's room. The maid opened the door to what was apparently a baby room . "This is the

room." The maid said.

"Why do we have a room like this?" Kaoru ask the maid.

"This was your and Hikaru's old room from when you were babies." The maid


" I'm home!" Hikaru said come up the stair.

"Oh no" said Kaoru.