Title: The Line between Love and Hatred
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Summary: Atobe was obsessed with Tezuka not because he is in love with him but because Tezuka has everything. And Tezuka's everything is Fuji. AtoFujiTez.

The first time Atobe saw Tezuka was during the preliminary game in the Kantou Tournament in their second year. Atobe was not the captain yet and so was Tezuka but their prowess in tennis are talked in hushed voices both the freshman and seniors alike.

Nonetheless, Atobe was sure that he would gain the captainship by next year.

And so, as Atobe was strolling aimlessly after his intense match in singles 2, he saw flock of people avidly watching a game nearby. Atobe's eyebrows twitched seeing that people were paying attention to other things instead of his blinding beauty. But as irked as he was, he couldn't possibly deny that he was intrigued and curious as to whom it was who people spend their time cheering and watching.

And Atobe stopped breathing as soon as he stepped closer to the fence surrounding the court.

He couldn't imagine that such tennis exists.

It was tennis full of vigor and sharpness. And although, the guy playing was just twisting and turning his foot in a circular motion, his tennis was spectacularly excellent in everyone's eyes including Atobe.

"Star-struck?" one Kansai accent voice drawled and Atobe didn't need to turn his eyes away from the game to even confirm as to who was talking to him.

"Star-struck and mute," the voice added playfully. Atobe clicked his tongue as if admonishing the guy talking.

"Tezuka Kunimitsu, second year student in Seishun Gakuen, left-handed, uses—"

"Enough Oshitari, I did not even ask you," Atobe sharply remarked but Oshitari gave a smile that was meant to annoy Atobe even more. But Atobe was not looking at him.

"I'd say you're envious of him," Oshitari said in a low voice. Atobe felt the need to smirk in a disgusted way.

"Why would I be envious? I have everything. Money, looks, fame and glory everything is under the flick of my hand Oshitari. That man—" Atobe paused and cast a scrutinizing look at Tezuka who was now winning with the score on the board as 5-0.

"—has nothing."

Oshitari shrugged showing that he didn't care at all and as the game ended with Tezuka's victory, the two of them left the vicinity.

"I'm going ahead of you, I still have—"

"—a date with a girl, you never learn Oshitari," Atobe finished for Oshitari, his voice ringing with irritation. Oshitari grinned at him.

"I have social life you know, one that involves me and my girl," Oshitari answered haughtily.

"Your girl of the week," Atobe clarified. Oshitari hummed, as if not listening. But an idea clicked in Oshitari's twisted brain.

"Well, at least I have someone. One the other hand, you have no one."

"Unlike you, I am wanted by many. I'm looking at some. I may be taken by no one but I am waiting for one," Atobe shot back wistfully. Oshitari then couldn't contain his laughter.

"That's a nice slogan you have there Atobe. Very, nice," Oshitari commented tauntingly.

"Shut up and just go," Atobe snapped. Oshitari raised both of his hands and flashed a smile before going.

"See you, Your Highness."

And Atobe was walking alone again. Although Atobe won't admit it to himself, only Oshitari has the wits to withstand his sharp tongue and nasty choice of words. They were the opposites and it was very well known theory that opposite attracts. That must be the only reason why they are in good terms, he thought.

But still, the intense tennis match he witnessed was still carved at the back of his mind. And he was so consumed on his thoughts that he didn't notice a person in front of him. Atobe remained rooted on his spot, thoroughly vexed at the thought that someone dared step on his foot and dirtied his expensive uniform. The one whom he had unfortunately bumped to staggered for a while before falling on the ground.

"Ouch," the guy winced as he tried to get rid of the dirt in his pants. Atobe glared down on him.

"You little, insignificant creature, how dare you dirtied Ore-sama's clothes," Atobe snarled. The guy sitting on the ground said nothing but everyone on the vicinity sensed the snapping of veins from both sides. The guy stood up and faced Atobe, his eyes slowly opening only to reveal sadistic blue eyes.

"You are the one who was not looking," he replied, his voice devoid of any annoyance or anger. But Atobe was fuming.

"You dare talk back to Ore-sama?! Ahn? Do you even know who are you talking to?" Atobe hissed as if there was venom in every word. Fuji looked at him, his eyes sharp as ever.

"I honestly don't care who you might be, but one thing is for sure…" Fuji picked the things that fell from his hands and cast one narrowed look at Atobe.

"…you are nothing but an amoeba." And that was all Fuji did for Atobe to lose his remaining composure and stormed towards Fuji, pulled Fuji's arms to turn him towards Atobe and slapped him but Fuji's other hand blocked Atobe's that instant.

"I am not the type of person to mess with," Atobe snarled.

"Neither am I," Fuji replied, his grip tightening around Atobe's wrist.

"Fuji, what are you doing?" an all familiar voice drawled and Fuji loosened his grip on Atobe quickly as his face reverted back to that usual smiling façade he had earlier.

"Nothing Tezuka," Fuji answered merrily but Tezuka was still in doubt. He then walked towards Atobe and asked him.

"Is there something wrong?" he confirmed. The wrist which Fuji gripped stung a bit but it was not important. Atobe stopped and stared at Tezuka then glanced for a brief moment to Fuji who was glaring back at him. Atobe then suddenly had a sly idea creeping at the back of his mind.

"Nothing, I believe you are Tezuka Kunimitsu from Seishun Gakuen," Atobe said as he extended his arm towards Tezuka. The latter shook it.

"I am and who might you be?" Tezuka asked sharply.

"Atobe, Atobe Keigo of Hyoutei," Atobe said proudly. Tezuka's face softened in a brief period.

"I see, I hear rumors about you," Tezuka admitted his eyes fully fixated on Atobe. Atobe flashed a smile at him.

"I hear rumors about you too," Atobe lied. Tezuka's face relaxed again but this time a bit longer.

"Really…" Tezuka murmured. Atobe smiled again but his smile was directed at Fuji who was fuming at the back.

"And who might he be?" Atobe asked Tezuka. Tezuka turned back briefly and then back at Atobe.

"He's Fuji; he's a tennis player too," Tezuka answered. Now that made Atobe's interest at Fuji heightened.

"I see…" a smile crept at Atobe's face.

"Tezuka let's go," Fuji insisted as he tugged Tezuka's arm. Tezuka then cast one last look at Atobe before they were gone.

Atobe remained standing still.

"So Tezuka has something…" Atobe drawled.

"Fuji Syusuke,"

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