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Warnings: Spoilers for Rockman's origins.

Just a little ficlet written at the prompting of a friend.

A Window of Glass

Dr. Hikari reached out to touch the little baby's finger. So warm and full of life.

His finger met with glass.

Dr. Hikari sighed and let his hand fall away from the picture. It was fitting, he supposed. Though his son still lived, the only thing he could ever touch would be the glass of a computer screen. My fault.

He hadn't asked for his son to be taken by a rare heart condition, of course, but it was his fault that there was now a pane of glass forever between his son and his family. Had it been right for him to intervene? Had it been right to save his life at the expense of his childhood? Had it been right to trap him in another world, always on the outside looking in?

"Papa! Guess what me an' Rockman did today!"

Had it been right?

Dr. Hikari put the picture down - face down, because Netto didn't know - and turned to regard the grinning face of his younger son. "Oh? What did you do?"

Netto held up his PET. Rockman was there, and though his fingers touched the window that would always keep him out, he was smiling too.

Had it been right?

Dr. Hikari smiled as he listened to his son - to both his sons - babble about their day.

Maybe it didn't matter if he had been right.