Avatar: The Legend of Keana

Book One: Sand


The water sages where gathering to decide what plans they had to for a very important person...

"The day is coming. She will be sixteen and she must begin her journey," said water sage Enako..

With a very concerned look on his face sage Heao agreed. "Yes I know and it isn't going to be easy to the rest of the tribe."

"Whatever do you mean?" asked Enako.

"The Tribe will not be pleased to find that the one destined to maintain balance in the world is a kluts."

Suddenly a tall figure walks into the room.

"Now, now that is no way to speak of our new Avatar, now is it?" said the man

"Cheif Makoa? We apologize sir. We...we just think that she should be more disciplined."

"Yes, she does slack off from her training, and her mouth gets her into a lot of trouble," Enako agreed.

"I understand. I will see to it that her waterbending master steps up her training a bit. If she is to be a master waterbender by her sixteenth birthday then she will need to know more advanced techniques".

The Cheif walked out of the room into the snowy village of the Southern Water Tribe.

Hello people! The story will continue if you guys are interested. I have a big story to tell so be patient and find out what happens next.