It's a Monkey Thing
Chapter 1
By Captainkodak1


Kim swung down from the jungle canopy, her grapple grabbing onto a branch on a tree across from her. Her eyes were on one thing: Monkeyfist. He was stealing an ancient text from a temple in the Philippines. Kim landed in front of Monkeyfist and set herself into a crouch.

"Give it up, Monkeyfist! Hand over the scroll!"

Monkey gazed at Kim with distain.

"Oh, please! Do you really think that you're going to stop me. Besides, where is the buffoo…"

Monkeyfist was unable to finish his sentence as all the air was knocked from his chest by something hitting him from behind. Monkeyfist sprawled into the mud in front of him, the scroll flying from his grip. Kim's hand flicked out and grabbed the scroll in midair. Ron tripped over Monkeyfist to land face down at Kim's feet. Kim stared down at Monkeyfist.

"Don't be dissing my boyfriend."

Kim glared down at the muddy, soggy Monkeyfist as she tossed the scroll in her hand. Keeping her eyes on him, she knelt down and pried Ron's face out of the mud. Using a handkerchief from her backpack, she wiped his face off and kissed him on the cheek.

"Way to go there."

Ron stood up.

"Sorry, KP. I meant to land behind him and distract him but I missed."

Kim just smiled at him.

"I think you did just right."

"O-h-h-h n-o-o-o-o," moaned Monkeyfist. "I didn't believe it when Dementor told me. Then Drakken and Shego mentioned something about it and I still couldn't believe it."

Ron stood up beside Kim as she snaked her arm around him.

"You can't believewhat, dude?"

Monkeyfist cringed to see the two standing so close.

"That the two of you…you…you are…"

Kim grinned and raised her arm around Ron's neck.

"That we're boyfriend and girlfriend? Well, you'd better believe it, because it is s-o-o-o-o true."

Monkeyfist shivered. "That is just s-o-o-o wrong."

He jumped up from the mud and disappeared into the forest with his ninja monkeys following.

Kim activated the Kimmunicator and Wade's face appeared on the screen.

"Wade, we got the scroll. Any ideas of why he wanted this one so bad?"

Wade shook his head as he typed on his keyboard.

"Not yet, Kim. I found another copy in a museum. They have a scanned copy they're sending to me. GJ just picked up the scroll for safe-keeping. Dr. Director wanted to keep both copies safe until we can find out what Monkeyfist is up to."

Kim put the scroll in her holster and locked it shut. She looked back at the screen.

"Any idea when our ride will get here?"

Wade shook his head.

"Not until late tonight or tomorrow morning. There's a friendly village a mile to the south. I've contacted the village chief and he would be happy for the two of you to stay there tonight. I just downloaded the coordinates and trails to the Kimmunicator."

Kim nodded and took Ron's hand.

"Okay, Wade. We'll call you in the morning after pickup."

Kim looked at the Kimmunicator and pointed to a trail in the forest. They started down the trail holding hands.

Above them in the darkness of the tree canopy the leering face of Monkeyfist stared down.

"Well, this is going better than I thought. I was wondering how I was going to solve my problem with what the scroll told me. Now it's going to be like killing two birds with one stone."


Kim sat at the small vanity in the hut that the people of the village had given them to stay. Earlier that afternoon they had stepped out of the jungle only to be met by the village chief.

"Welcome to our village. Your friend told us that you were coming and we've arranged for your stay. We have a room for you and have arranged for you to clean up and get your clothes washed. Please come this way."

Wade had arranged for a change of clothes to be sent in, so both of them had a chance to clean up from the mud and heat of the jungle. Both of them were feeling and smelling a bit funky by the time they had arrived at the village.

Kim finished brushing her hair and pulled it back into a ponytail. Pulling a scrunchy from her pack, she put it around her hair and let the ponytail fall down her back. The village was hosting a dinner for them that night plus some entertainment of native dancing. Kim checked her holster to make sure the scroll was still there and then stood up to leave the room. Ron stepped into the room as she reached the door.

"Ready, KP?"

Kim nodded and took his arm as they headed across the compound to the village meeting house where the dinner was being held. Ron smiled as Kim clasped his arm tightly with hers. They were a little tired but were looking forward to a good meal. Music and drums began in the meeting house as the two them walked across the compound. Behind them in the darkness, small lithe figures jumped from tree to tree along the edge of the jungle. Two feral eyes watched as the teens entered the meeting house. A deep, chilling chuckle sounded in the darkness as the two eyes disappeared.


Kim sighed as she walked along the trail back to the hut that she was sharing with Ron. The moon was out in the clear sky. Her eyes shone as she thought of the dinner and Ron sitting next to her the whole night. His hand barely left hers the entire evening. She had slipped her shoe off at one point and rubbed the inside of his calf with her stocking foot. Ron had smiled and placed his hand on her thigh and given it a gentle squeeze. A thrill ran through her at his touch. Some people still questioned why she chose him. She could have had her pick of the hottest guys in Middleton or any of the hotties of the big and small screen, but none of them measured up to Ron. Sure, he was goofy at times, and a sometimes more than a little lazy. It was his heart, though, that she fell in love with, and she felt like the luckiest girl in the world in what she had found in him.

Her thoughts of Ron froze in her mind when a twig snapped in the bushes. She instantly spun around and was getting into a defensive stance when several small bodies tackled her. She started to scream, but a thick smelling cloth covered her mouth before she could make a sound. She thrashed about and fought until her mind went numb as the smell of the cloth overcame her. The figures pulled her into the bushes and disappeared with her into the jungle.

Monkeyfist met his ninjas in a nearby clearing as they dragged the unconscious Kim behind them. He reached out and slapped one of the monkey ninjas.

"Fool! Of all the stupid things to do to step on a twig! If she had not been so brain-addled thinking of the buffoon, she would have beaten the lot of you."

He bent over and slashed open her holster. Pulling the contents out on the jungle floor he spotted the scroll. He carefully picked it up and glanced down at Kim.

"Well, the first part is done. Now for the rest. Bind and gag her and bring her along. We have a trip to make."

The monkey ninjas produced a long bamboo pole and tied Kim to it. They stuffed a twisted cloth between her teeth and tied it behind her head. Picking up the pole with Kim tied to it, they followed their master into the darkness.


A smile crossed Ron's face as he headed for the hut that he and Kim were sharing that night. The chief's son had the new version of Zombie Mayhem and wanted Ron to show him some of the game's new moves. Ron had been polite and showed the young boy a few moves, but then let out an exaggerated yawn. He didn't plan to spend his evening playing games, at least not video games. The shining glint in Kim's eyes told him of the games that awaited him at the hut. He preferred those games over the video kind any time. He entered the hut and looked around. Kim was not there and nothing had been disturbed.

Turning around, Ron looked back up the path. He had not seen her at any of the other huts on his way here and she did not say that she was going to stop on the way. He walked back up the trail heading back to the village when he heard:

Beep, beep be-beep

Turning to the right, he saw the glow of the Kimmunicator in the bushes along the side of the trail. He turned on his light and noticed the dirt and grass had been trampled. It looked like there had been a fight. He grabbed the Kimmunicator out of the grass and noticed it had been taken off. Kim never took it off unless she was at home. Then he saw Kim's scrunchy lying beside the trail.

Beep, beep be-beep

He activated the Kimmunicator and Wade's face appeared on the screen.

"Ron? Where's Kim? I have some information on that scroll."

Ron shook his head.

"I don't know where she is. She was supposed to meet me at the hut but she's not there. I found the Kimmunicator in the grass beside the trail. Scan the area."

Ron held out the device as a blue beam played over the area. Wade typed quickly on his keyboard.

"Ron, from what I just learned from the scroll and from what the scan just told me we have problems and Kim is in big trouble. My scans show signs of MonkeyFist's monkey ninjas. They must have captured Kim. That means they've got the scroll and Kim. That's not good."

Ron stared at the screen.

"What do you mean?"

Wade sighed as he stared back at Ron.

"You'd better go back to the hut and sit down and I'll explain. Right now I'm putting in a priority pickup for you."


Ron sat back in his seat on the hypersonic hovercraft. In his hands was Kim's backpack. Around his wrist was Kim's scrunchy. That was all he had to remember her by for now. His thoughts went back to what Wade had told him. He had gone back to the hut and gathered all of their equipment and stuff as Wade talked to him.

"Ron, I checked over the scroll. It talks about a special mystical monkey power force. It's a lot like the amulet that you and Kim dealt with before, except this amplifies the mystical monkey power of anyone who possesses it. I have no doubt that Monkeyfist will do anything to get his hands on it."

Ron glanced at the screen.

"Well, where is it? Some museum or temple? Let's get going so that we can get there first"

Wade shook his head.

"I wish it was that easy, Ron. This amulet is located on an uncharted island and the amulet is in an area where it's protected."

Ron stuffed Kim's clean shirt in her bag.

"So what else is new? We're always heading for some mysterious temple or place when it comes to Monkeyfist. So what's the deal with the power with this island? What's protecting the amulet and why do they need KP?"

Wade didn't answer for a few seconds so Ron turned his face to the screen to see for the first time tears coming down Wade's face. He stopped and stared at the screen. A lump came to his throat and he asked the question he knew he didn't want to know the answer to.

"Wade? Why do they need Kim?"

Wade sighed and looked straight into Ron's eyes.

"To get by the power protecting the amulet requires a sacrifice; the sacrifice of a young girl."


Greetings all. This story was inspired by a picture I posted over at my DeviantArts account. It looks like Kim is going to meet the biggest monkey of them all. Okay, apes are not monkeys but they are in the family. Ron will definitely have to get over his fear of monkeys and gorillas if he is going to help Kim. Stay tuned,

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