Its a Monkey Thing
Chapter 6
by Captainkodak1

Ron ducked under another branch in his headlong rush away from Kong. Having a tree thrown at you is not good for your health or mental state. Kong missed but it did induce Ron to run faster. The sound of Monkey Fist's scream was music to Ron's ears. At least the big ape was chasing Monkey Fist instead of him. Ron took a turn onto a trail and checked Kim's locater. The signal was weak and was not moving. For some reason that did not sit well with him. During the whole sitch, Kim's signal had always been strong and was almost always moving albeit slow. He took a bearing and started off at a jog in the direction of the signal. The mountain he had seen before loomed in front of him and soon the trail started up.

Shaking her head, Kim tried to clear the cobwebs from her mind. Opening her eyes she realized that there were cobwebs all over her as well as in her head. She realized that she was hanging from the side of the ravine several feet from the floor. Spider silk was wrapped around her effectively keeping her from moving a great deal. A clicking and clacking noise caused her to look to her side. Her eyes grew wide as she saw a large spider finish wrapping a small raptor in silk and then with a swift motion, sink its fangs into the raptor's neck. The raptor screamed, then became still except for it's legs which continued to twitch.

Kim let her eyes travel around the ravine some more until she came upon a sight that she wished she had not. It was the shriveled remains of a human. Apparently she was not the first of those given to Kong that had fallen down into the ravine. The silk holding her began to vibrate and she looked up. Another spider was coming down some of the threads directly toward her. She tried to twist out threads but they held her fast. The drip of moisture landing on her arm caused her to look up. The spider was directly above her, the venom dripping off its fangs. She stopped moving and stared back into the multiple eyes staring back at her. She gulped as she saw her own reflection in the soul less eyes of the creature. It swayed back and forth as it stared back at her. Kim fought down her fear. It was the same as if Roachie and his friends were around. It was funny, the girl who could do anything was afraid of something, although that one thing happened to be industrial sized insects and arachnids.

Kim felt the threads holding her start to vibrate, then she felt the legs of the spiders touching her, moving her, slowly spinning her around. Her legs were pulled together as she felt the spider wrap more silk around her legs, then begin to slowly move upwards. It was wrapping her up much as it had the raptor. Kim remembered what had happened to the raptor. She began to twist her arms and legs, anything to attempt to get free. Hissing the spider turned around and faced her, its fangs hanging above her neck. Kim froze and closed her eyes. Her lips slowly moved.

"Ron, remember that I always loved you."

Gasping Ron reached an plateau on the side of the mountain. The Kimmunicator told him Kim was close very close. So close he should be able to see her, but he didn't. Ron stood on the rocks and looked around then consulted the Kimmunicator. He slowly followed her signal until it was literally under his feet. Looking down he saw a deep ravine. Squinting he glanced down into the darkness of the deep ravine. He could see the spider webs crossing from one side to the other. Spiders the size of suitcases and small cars moved about, but it was the thrashing movement on one part of the ravine that caught his eyes. Something was caught in a part of the web and one of the spiders was wrapping it in silk. The flash of auburn hair was all that Ron had to see. He took three steps back and ran forward and jumped.

Kim waited for the pinch of the fangs. She hoped that it would be over quickly. Then within the narrow confines of the rock walls came a howl of what seemed to be a thousand monkeys. She swore that the very fibers of silk holding her vibrated from the sound. Then within the reverberations of the howl came a scream that seemed to crack the very rocks of the ravine.


Kim's eyes sprang open to reveal a sight for her eyes.

Ron was leaping into the depths for the ravine. He landed at the bottom and picked up two long bones that lay amongst the debris littering the floor of the ravine. The spider hanging over Kim hissed and jumped at Ron. Before Kim could even yell a warning Ron made an incredible leap and met the spider in midair. Ron twisted in midair, dodging all of the spiders legs and the wisps of silk it was spraying out. He brought one of the bones down on one of the spider's legs. Kim heard a distinct snap and saw the leg separate from the spider. An unearthly scream filled the dark ravine as the spider hit the wall and bounced to the floor. It turned to face Ron limping and turning slowly. Ron hit the fall wall and rebounded over the top of the spider. He flew over the spider and landing on it's back the began to beat on it's head with the bones.

Kim could not believe the flurry of blows that he was landing on the skull of the spider. The blows came so fast that they sounded like a ripping sound. The spider squealed and flopped to the ground, it's skull caved in from the Ron's blows. Then she noticed other spiders climbing down toward Ron.

"Ron, look out!"

Ron jumped out of the way of one spider and knocked another out of the air with as double armed blow that sent it flying through the webbing to splat against a sharp rock. Ron picked up several bones that had been rib bones of some large reptile. The bones had been broken at sometime. They were slightly concave and had one sharp end. The bones started to fly from Ron's hand. Each throw ended with a spider being impaled with a bone. Then it was strangely quiet in the depths of the ravine.

Gasping Ron all but one of the bones in his hand and climbed up to Kim. No words were said as the two locked eyes. It had been almost two weeks since they had been this close. Turning the bone around in is hand, Ron began sawing and pulling at the spider thread. Being careful not to let them attach to him he continued to free Kim. At the threads came free, she was able to pull her arms free and wrap them around his neck. The last of the web came free and Ron jumped to the floor of the ravine with Kim in his arms. Setting her down he looked her over closely.

"You okay KP, they didn't bite you or anything did they?"

Kim stood still as Ron ran his hand up and down her body touching here, caressing there as he continued to pull the webbing from her body. Kim shook her hair free and reached down to pull Ron to his feet. He was about to ask another question when she placed a slim finger on his lips. Dropping her finger she replaced her finger with her lips. One arm went around his back and the other cupped the back of his head as she pulled herself to him. She barely felt one of his hands settle on her lower back, while the other slid through her auburn locks to caress one ear then settle on the back of her neck. She raised one leg to entwine around the back of his. She wanted every inch of her against him. To actually feel him there, to have him in her arms, to feel his breath on the top of her head was paradise for her. She could feel her body warm itself against him as she continued to pull him closer. A kiss settled on the top of her head and two lips whispered into her ear.

"uhhhh, KP. I don't think we can get any closer together. Our clothes are sorta in the way."

She pulled back with an evil smile.

"Not that I mind the offer and the idea but I don't think this is the time and place."

Ron stared down at her for a moment then busted out with a laugh. His arms came down her again as he laughed.

"Ohhh man KP, I didn't know if I would ever see you again."

Kim pulled back to look up at him again. Tears were coursing down his face. His voice caught as he tried to continue to speak.

"I...I thought I had lost you."

Kim settled her head back on his shoulder.

"It's okay Ron. I'm here. You are here. We are together and nothing will ever take us apart again."

The clicking and clanking noise returned as they stared both direction down the ravine. More spiders were coming out of holes in the wall and from further down the ravine. They looked both directions to see they were surrounded. Reaching down Kim picked up a large thin bone that had a sharp broken end. She glanced back to see Ron looking up. Before she could say anything he held his head back and let loose with a clacking, clicking noise of his own. Kim knew she had heard it before then it dawned on her it was the sound he made when he was talking to Roachie and the other mutant roaches. Ron pulled her against him as he continued the call. One spider was nearly upon them when a rock came down crushing two of it's legs. Soon rocks started to fall like a spring shower. Each rock hit a spider or caused another to back up. She looked up to gape in surprise. Dozens of tremendous roaches were flying over them dropping rocks on the spiders.

Ron held up his arms when Kim heard a loud thrumming noise. He yelled at Kim.

"Hang on to me KP!"

Kim dropped the bone she held and wrapped her arms around his neck. She felt themselves being pulled up. A hurricane of wind from above whipped her hair in every direction. She held on tighter and raising her legs; wrapped them around Ron's waist. She chased a glance up as they flew out of the ravine. The biggest roach she had ever seen was holding Ron's arms. They flew for several seconds until she felt Ron's feet touch ground again. The whirlwind of air went away as she put her legs down and dropped her arms from around Ron's neck.

Looking around she realized that they were standing several yards away from the ravine on the plateau where Kong had taken her. Ron waved at the roaches as they landed and crawled away into the jungle. She pulled him down for another long deep kiss. They stood that way for what seemed to be an eternity when they broke the kiss to take a breath of air. She dropped her eyes and looked up at him with demure eyes. A small smile crossed her lips.

"That sir is just the first installment."

Both of them jumped when they heard Kong roaring in the distance.

Kim looked around and grabbed Ron's arm.

"Ron, come on you have to see this."

Pulling Ron with her, she headed for the cave where the items she had seen rested. They entered the cave and slowly walked toward the blue glow. Kim noticed the look on Ron's face. It was as it he was feeling something very good. Kim watched in amazement as threads of blue light seem to fly the item to Ron and back again. Stopping at the center of the room Ron reached over and picked up the amulet that lay on the rock in front of him.

"KP, I can feel it. That's the power they were talking about."

Ron suddenly stopped and looked around. He eyes were wide open, yet Kim could tell he wasn't seeing anything. Ron started to speak but his voice was different. It had an unusual sound to it. Like he was speaking into a microphone with some reverb set it.

"Kim. I can see the island. I can sense Kong, Monkey Fist and all the monkeys. I can choose one and look through it's eyes."

Kim thought for a moment.

"Ron, if you can sense Kong, do you think he can sense you?"

Ron snapped his head back to look at Kim. The expression on his face gave her the answer. She shook her head.

"OOOHHHH snap!"

Monkey Fist kept running. He long ago has lost Bates and all of his monkey ninjas. The statement he had made that this was not working out like he had planned had been the beginning of everything falling apart. The big ape had been chasing him for a couple of hours now and would not stop. Monkey Fist was used to fighting monkeys, Possible and Stoppable but fighting Kong was a lost cause to start with. He stopped under a tree to catch his breath. Dodging spears, shuriken and other small objects was one thing. But dodging trees was another matter. His clothes hung in tatters, his body was bruised and cut. If he didn't shake Kong soon Kong would stomp him into a little greasy spot on the ground. Fist looked around and listened it was completely quiet. No birds were singing and there were no animals calling.

He stepped out from behind the tree. Looking around he could not see Kong anywhere. He let out a relieved gasp. Now all he had to do is find Bates and his monkey ninjas. Then on to find the power. He wondered what had happened to Possible. Seeing that Kong was concentrated on him made his think that just maybe he had rid himself of her for good. Stoppable was another matter. He relished the thought of beating the young man to a pulp. Then he would leave their remains on the island as he left the island with the power to become the supreme monkey master.

He moved from tree to tree slowly making his way back toward the mountain. He hoped that Bates and the monkeys would be doing the same thing. Then, a feeling came over him. At first cold, then warm, then it felt like someone was standing with him. A thread of anger rolled in his soul. STOPPABLE! He had reached the power. Monkey Fist gritted his teeth and growled.

"No, this is not the way. Stoppable was not supposed reach it. It was HIS!

A number of trees parted and Kong stepped into the clearing. Fist recoiled in horror until he noticed that Kong was not paying any attention to him but looking off in the distance toward the mountain where he sensed the power came from. Kong stood with a roar and charged toward the mountain, smashing everything out of his way. Monkey Fist started to grin. Maybe things would work out after all.

Kim and Ron had left the cave looking for a way down the mountain. They knew they could not go back the way they came because there was no doubt the Kong was on his way back and there was not getting around him. Ron looked over the cliff and shook his head. There was no climbing down. Neither one of them wanted to try and see if there was a way out through the ravine. Ron kept looking around until he looked up. The side of the mountain was steep and covered in loose boulders. Maybe just maybe they would be light enough to climb up while Kong would be too heavy. He turned to face Kim and noticed that she was looking up th mountain also. A grin crossed her face. She pointed up the mountain.

"Ron, that's our way out. We need to go up. I think we can climb up with no problem but there is no way Kong can follow us. The rock are too small and loose to hold him. If we can get over the ridge and down the other side we will have a chance of getting out of here. Kong would have to go down this side and go all the way around. It would at least give us a head start."

Both of them started to climb. Most of the rocks were loose but large enough that their weight did not move them. Kim and Ron crossed over a ledge and continued to climb when Kong came into the clearing on the plateau. Looking up the mountain, he saw Kim and Ron. His lips pealed back in a snarl and he roared with anger.

Kim and Ron glanced down but continued to climb as fast as they could. Kong tried to follow but the rocks would not hold him. He screamed in anger again and tried to jump up to where they were climbing. His outstretched hand landing just yards behind them. Dust and shards of rock pattered the two teens. Snarling, Kong slid back to the ground. He turned picked up a large boulder and hurled it at Kim and Ron. Kim glanced back just in time to shout a warning.

"Look out Ron!"

The boulder landed just above them and caused the loose rock to shift. Soon the two teens were sliding back down toward Kong. Ron twisted to fire the grapple gun but a falling rock knocked it out of his hand. The loose rock washed them down to the ridge below. The ridge turned out to be level with Kong's head. His hand whipped out and picked up a stunned Kim. Ron stood on the ledge and yelled.

"Hey you big ape. Give me back my girlfriend."

Kong grumbled then let loose a roar right in Ron's face that fluttered his hair. Kong held his face right up against Ron's. Ron brushed his hair back nonchalantly and smiled back at Kong. He raised his hand and pushed Kong's face back a little.

"Yoo dude, personal space. Have you ever thought of a good mouthwash."

Kim gaped at the scene from Kong's hand. Ron was standing up to Kong like it was nothing. Then she thought of Roachie. Ron wasn't scared of the large roaches and he wasn't scared of the giant gorilla. Kong snarled and screamed back in Ron's face. Ron continued to stare back at Kong, but this time wiped his face with his sleeve.

"Hey dude, say it don't spray it. By the way here's what I have to say."

Ron pulled his head back at let loose a yell. Kim was astonished as she covered her ears. It was a mixture of his own scream mixed in with the scream of hundreds of monkeys. Kong stood back for a moment, shook his head and leaned forward for another scream right in Ron's face. This time Ron held up his hand with a finger raised. Kong stared back at Ron apparently confused by his actions. Ron pulled off his packed and retrieved an item from his pack. He quietly ate what ever he had in the container. Kim wondered what in the world he was doing when he finished his snack and stood upright again. He waved for Kong to come closer. When Kong's face was within a few feet of his Ron let loose with another monkey scream. This time however Kim gasped and covered her nose and mouth with her hand. Whatever he ate smelled awful! Kong reeled back and shook his head.

"Ron, what was that?"

Ron grinned as he kept this eyes on Kong.

"Oh, it's nothing KP, just a little snack I came up with. I had just a little left. Its a small Naco, with onions, hot sauce and anchovies. Its been sitting in a cool pack in my pack. I figured a little bad breath might get his atteniton."

Ron stood there for a few seconds then began to move like a monkey and made grunts and screams like one. Kong stood there for a moment then grumbled something back to Ron. Ron smiled and grunted in a certain sequence. Kong looked back at Ron and grunted some more. This time Ron reached into his pocket and retrieved the amulet that he had taken from the cave. He placed it around his neck and then stood still. He began to glow blue for a moment and levitated into the air. Ron floated there for a moment then descended so that he was standing on the ledge again. Kong stared at Ron then back at Kim. Stepping forward, he set Kim down on the ledge next to Ron.

Kim watched as Kong backed up and sat down. Ron turned to her with a smile as he took the amulet off and put it back in his pocket. A grin crossed her face.

"So you have moved up from talking to cockroaches to giant apes."

Ron just shrugged.

"I am what I is."

Kim giggled and launched herself into his arms.

Monkey Fist motioned for his ninja monkeys to slowly move forward. He had found Bates minutes after Kong had left. The monkey ninjas had joined them only minutes later. Now the group was heading for the mountain where Kong had disappeared. They had heard the roaring and crashing up on the mountain. Monkey Fist smiled at the thoughts of a mangled Ron on the ground with a weeping Kim Possible sitting beside what was left of him. It would be a simple act to wait for Kong to pick up Kim and walk off with her while he found the source of the power. He didn't have the feeling that he had before that Ron had possession of the power. So Ron had to be dead. The fact that he didn't feel the power at all didn't concern him. The closer he got to the mountain he was sure that he would start feeling it again.

The trail they were following curved through a grove of trees. Monkey Fist was about to move forward again when he heard voices. Instantly he motioned for his monkey ninjas to get into an ambush condition. Apparently either the natives were inside the fence or incredibly that Stoppable and Possible had survived. That would be no matter. He and his ninjas would make short work of them.

Crouching behind a tree he watched as Kim and Ron appeared from around the curve of the trail. Kim was limping and using Stoppable's shoulder to support herself as she limped along.

"I'm sorry Kim, I tried to warn you about that slippery rock."

Kim shook her head smiling.

"No big Ron. I was just clumsy. I think it is just sprained. I am sure mom will go overboard and run all sorts of tests and try to put me in the hospital. All I need is some ice and to stay off of it for awhile. Think you could keep me company?"

Monkey Fist stepped out into the trail as the monkey ninjas surrounded the pair.

"Well, well, well, the pain and the buffoon survive somehow. No matter. I am sure we can remedy that situation. Now, hand over the source of power and I will consider letting you go."

Kim snorted.

"Right like you would keep your word."

Monkey Fist smiled.

"It's no matter Miss Possible, you are in no shape to fight and I doubt that Stoppable will be able to stop all of us. So Stoppable, give me the power and I will let you take your little girlfriend home. Make me take it from you and I will make sure she will be returned to her big hairy groom."

Ron's face hardened.

"Over my dead body and our new friend."

Monkey Fist motioned for the monkey ninjas to attack.

"As you wish as you have no friends here."

A large shadow loomed from behind Kim and Ron. Kong stared down at Monkey Fist and his ninjas, who at one glance of Kong disappeared into the jungle. Kong glanced down at Ron then at Monkey Fist. Ron turned to look up at Kong. He grunted and growled for a moment then looked back at Monkey Fist as he lifted one arm and pointed at him. Kong stepped forward with a growl.

Monkey Fist started to back up.

"Ohhh, dear. Not again."

Kong knelt down on his knuckles and lowered his face to within feet of Monkey Fist. Monkey Fist stood there in terror as Kong's lips curled into a snarl. A deep rumbling came within Kong as he took in a deep breath. Monkey Fist covered his ears, closed his eyes and waited for roar. He waited, and waited, and waited. When the roar did not come he opened his eyes to see Kong's face filling his vision. Kong open his mouth and just gave a small grunt. Kim swore it sounded like "BOOO!"

Monkey Fist screamed and passed out on the ground. Kong rose up on his haunches rumbling. Kim looked at Ron who was struggling to hold back a laugh. She giggled then looked up at Kong as he continued to rumble. Her eyes went wide when she realized he was laughing. Her giggle broke out into full laughter as Ron joined in.

Ron helped Kim settle into the passenger seat of the Sloth. They had left Kong to keep Monkey Fist busy. Ron had assured Kim the Kong had agreed not to kill Monkey Fist, or hurt him badly, but did not say that he would make Monkey Fist life miserable for a day or so. Kim sighed as Ron helped her to lift her foot into the car. A scan by Wade had revealed that her ankle was badly sprained. Ron had used the medical kit in the Sloth to wrap her ankle up, then popped open a couple of instant ice packs to place around it.

Kim took Ron's face in her hands as he knelt beside her.

"Ron, I just wanted to tell you something. I never lost faith that you would come for me. When Kong first appeared, I'll say that I was really scared. Then when I saw you I knew everything would be alright. You were brave, smart and strong. You and always will be my partner, my friend and my hero. The fact that you are my boyfriend is just icing on the cake."

She pulled his face to her as she gave him a slow deep kiss. After a few seconds she pulled back with satisfied smile.

"Now that is a second payment for what you did. There are several payments to come."

Ron smiled as he stood and closed the door. Stepping around the Sloth he started to get into the driver's seat when a small spider crawled from under the seat onto the driver's seat. Ron's eyes went wide when he saw the spider. He screamed and tried to pull back out of the Sloth. But his head hit the inside of the roof of the Sloth and he fell backwards to the ground out cold. Kim rolled her eyes for a moment, then a smile crossed her face as she opened the door and limped around the side of the Sloth. Minutes later she had pulled him up under the shade of the trees and laid his head in her lap. Wade had scanned Ron's and gave him a clear bill of health other than being out cold. Kim held up her spare Kimmunicator as she talked to him.

"Thanks Wade. Notify GJ that we will need a pickup. We decided to turn the amulet over to GJ so they could put it in secure storage. Having that thing floating around would just cause more trouble and the two of us have had enough for while."

Wade nodded as he typed on his keyboard.

"Okay Kim. GJ said they would be there in an hour or so. Ron should wake up in a few minutes. His head will hurt for awhile but he'll be okay."

Kim stroked Ron's hair as she held another ice pack to Ron's head.

"Thanks Wade. We'll be waiting."

The screen went blank as Wade signed off. Kim put the Kimmunicator down and continued to stroke Ron's hair.

"My hero, the man who can talk to giant insects and apes, the man who faced down the same without one blink of his eyes. Yet knocks himself out cold because of a tiny little spider. That's my Ron."

She bent over and gently kissed him on the forehead, then she settled back against the tree. GJ would be there soon and they would be on their way home.

So ends the story. I hope that you enjoyed it. This has been an interesting story to put together.

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The Captain.