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Summary: Well, the title is kind of self-explanatory. Evelyn's diary. Her innermost private thoughts. Will most likely be a continuation, frequently updated! Read and Review and let me know if I should keep going!

Dear Diary,

Goodness, that sounds silly and childish, doesn't it? But at the moment I really don't care. I'm too happy. You see, I received this diary as a gift from my brother. A wedding gift. That's right, I'm married! I can hardly believe it.

At first, I thought there was no possible way he could love me, what with me being so conservative and him being a big adventurer and all, but now we are married.

And I have never been happier.

It all seemed to happen so fast. It all seems unreal. I never imagined I would get to experience love. But now, as my new husband sleeps beside me (And snores, I might add), I know it's all real. Everything is perfect.

I'm sorry, I'm just running on and on. Perhaps I should write about my wedding day.

Well, it was just beautiful. All of my close friends were there, as well as Jonathan, of course. The church was decorated in white flowers. I wore my gorgeous gown. And Rick never looked more handsome in his suit.

I had no doubts as I walked up the aisle towards him. He looked at me with his huge blue eyes and I knew that I had found the perfect one.

The ceremony was a simple one; we exchanged vows and rings. The reception was beautiful as well. Afterwards, we left for our honeymoon. It wasn't exactly leaving, we just went to a very nice hotel in downtown Cairo for a few days, but it was still perfect. I will admit this only to you, Diary, that I was extremely nervous about our wedding night. But Rick was wonderful about it. He didn't rush me; we had a perfect night. It was the most wonderful three days of my life.

That was a week ago, and Rick is packing to move into mine and Jonathan's house. It was our parent's house, and they left it to the both of us. It's absolutely enormous, so the three of us will suit just fine in it.

For now, Rick is staying with us; we are still waiting for his things to arrive.

It's the most wonderful thing; waking up in the morning and the first thing I see is the man I love more than life itself. I'm so excite about our future. What we will do together. Spending the rest of our lives with each other.

I also can't wait to have children together. If we have a son, I know he'll look exactly like Rick. Which means he would grow up to be as handsome as Rick is...

Oh, Rick is waking up. I best be finishing up now!
I'll write more soon!