The fate of Paul Morlock

My name is Paul

a boy who was bad

my mother made a call

to a doctor who was mad.

They made an appointment

at 3:00am I filled with dread

and to my disappointment

"You must stay" he said.

Years went by

I have went through pain

there's no time I didn't cry

and struggled to stay sane.

Lying here in the gloom

waiting for your decedent

I feel this the doom

will be my end.

Finally you come

and the grin I fake

has and could fool some

so I follow for my sake.

You sent me in the tank

filledwith seline

in which I sank

and I started to whine.

You smiled and closed the lid

I couldfeel tears I cried

down my face they slid

but were carried aside.

You couldn't hear me

I looked through the glass

but what I did see

was a gigantic mass.

Everywhere crackling fire

from the sight my mind twisted

I became trasited by desire

to command my muscles to lift it.

I climbed out my vessel

but the heat was too strong

then I realized aswell

I have done wrong.

I crawled on the floor

not glimpsing the sight

I got to the door

and yelled with delight.

I tried to open it

and was shocked

that it didn't budge a bit

Damn, the door was locked.

Fighting to get back from where I came

meaningless are the tears I shed

I feel no fear nor shame

because I am finally dead.