As Sasuke watched the blond, he decided that no, Naruto was not allowed to have pocky anymore.

Why? Simple. The reason Naruto could not have pocky anymore was because of the way he ate it.

When the blond ate his pocky he sucked all the chocolate off, rubbing his tongue down the length of it, and then proceeded to shred it off between his teeth.

Needless to say, it made the Uchiha very... uncomfortable.

So as Naruto went to grab another one of the demon sticks from its red box Sasuke snatched it away, while Naruto blinked in surprise.

Sasuke had to try very hard to make sure that stealing Naruto's pocky was all he did.

Molesting the little blond idiot had never been as tempting as it was at that moment.

"Teme! Gimme back my pocky!" the blond shouted irately, stomping his foot and clenching his fists.

"No," the Uchiha said simply, still fighting to control himself and began to devour the demon sticks one by one, thinking all the while, 'No, Naruto is not allowed to have pocky anymore.'