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Hitsugaya couldn't take it. All morning the only sounds he could hear were CRASH, BANG and the occasional laugh. HE COULDN'T TAKE IT! His ears were going to burst! The sounds whirled in his head. Crash,bang, boom. Crash,bang,boom. CRASH BANG BOOOOOOMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The crashing didn't stop.

Hitsugaya was getting a major migraine. How the hell was he supposed to do paper work with such RACKET!?

Stomping from his desk to the door he opened it up and inhaled sharply.


Dirt. Everywhere. All over.

Trying to step over the dirt and broken pieces of pottery Toshiro was speechless.

' What the hell has Matsumoto been doing?"


Was the matusumoto? She sounded alarmed. Looking up to the balcony above he suddenly fell back. Tasting dirt and possibly a worm Hitsugaya went unconscious.

0.0.o.About 1 hour later! o.o.o

"Hitsugaya taichou...?" A hand went to his forehead. Where was he...?


Was that Hinamori? What had happened to him? Wasn't she supposed to be at that school...?

Opening his eyes slowly, Toshiro was met with 6 pairs of eyes. Alarmed he sat up quickly.

"Shiro-chan!!" he felt a strong pair of arms engulf him. What the hell was going on here? Who the hell was hugging him? Wait... is that...?

"Bed wetter?"

Immediately Momo let go. She was NOT a BED WETTER!

Toshiro looked around and started to panic. Needles...


Medicine all over the place.

Hard, uncomfortable bed...

No way.

He was in a doctors office.

A shrill cry could be heard all over soul society. Toshiro jumped up from the bed and sprang for the door. Lunging out, he ran down the hallway screaming like a maniac. "IT'S A DOCTORS OFFICE, I'M GOING TO DIE!!!!!! BED WETTER I BLAME YOU!!!!!!!" Finding the nearest door Toshiro flung it open. Kenpachi Zaraki looked at Toshiro with a brow raised. Kenpachi grunted his name.

Toshiro screamed and flew out of the room. Where was he? Who were all these freaks???? AND HOW THE HELL DID THEY KNOW WHO HE WAS!??

Screaming still Toshiro kept running. Where was the exit!? Turning a corner he smacked right into a wall and fell down. Whimpering a bit Toshiro pouted.

And started to sniffle.

Tears threatened to fall. Being stubborn Toshiro crossed his arms and refused to let them fall. What would bed wetter think...?

"Shiro-chan...?" Momo was scared as she neared him. What was wrong with him?

"Bed wetter..." Toshiro whined. " Why am I in a doctors office!? I DON'T WANNA NEEDLE!" frustrated Toshiro turned his head and refused to look at Momo.

Momo eye's widened. How serious was this bump on the head!?

Suddenly Unohana came past Hinamori and bent over to face Toshiro.

"Shiro-chan...?" Unohana asked kindly. "Would you please come back with me so I can check up on you?"

Toshiro wouldn't fall for the fake kindness. Doctor's were cruel people. Jumping up he tried to make a run for it.

But it was hopeless.

"HEY LEMME GO!!! LEMME GO YOU SICKO!" Toshiro squirmed. God this woman was STRONG!

"Er, Unohana-taichou?" Momo was shocked. Unohana had Toshiro slung over her shoulder like a sac of flower!

"It seems that bump on the head is a bit more serious then we thought." Unohana said thoughtfully. "He thinks he's the boy he used to be in rukongai."

Momo stopped walking.


When they got back Unohana dropped Toshiro back on the bed. Toshiro huffed and crossed his arms looking away from Unohana.

Matsumoto only looked at her taichou with her eye's wide. Since when was Toshiro so...Childish?

"It seems Toshiro's mind has gone back in time. He thinks he's a 6 year old."

Matsumoto gasped. Momo looked worried. "What did you DO Matsumoto?"

Matsumoto started to stutter. "W-well me and Kira were-were-were... dropping plants over the balcony for fun!" Matsumoto started to wail. " I didn't think Taichou would come out of his office!!! he's usually so into his paperwork and- and!!" Matsumoto started to sob.

"OH TAICHOU!" Matsumoto grabbed Toshiro and started crushing him in a hug.

"LEMME GO YOU MORON!" Toshiro screamed. Matsumoto let go and sniffed.

Momo looked at Unohana worriedly. "Is there anything you can do?"

"I will give him a pill we use for people who have concussions." She gave Hitsugaya the pill. Grudgingly Hitsugaya took it. He just wanted to get out of here.

"I need some WATER!" Toshiro demanded. Momo sighed and poured him a cup.

"Here Shiro-chan."

Hitsugaya snatched it and gulped down the pill.

"He should be back to normal in about two weeks."

Matsumoto and Momo gasped.

"Two weeks!? But that's so far away!"

"You'll just have to take over for Hitsugaya-taichou until then, Matsumoto." Unohana replied.

Matsumoto whimpered.

"Hinamori-fukutaichou, will you take care of Shiro till then?"

Momo blushed and nodded.

"Good." " Now if you'll excuse me..." Unohana left the room. " Oh Zaraki-Taichou?"

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