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" Sometimes sorry isn't enough"

Those were her final words to him before she practically ran out of the room. He had been sorry, he really had. He remembered a little, all the things he had done. He remembered what he did to Kyoraku and Ukitake and, and...some other stuff. BESIDES, he had just woken up and wasn't even sure where the hell he was! But still...

I can't believe I made her kiss me.

You were not yourself. You were a little brat. It isn't your fault you got the shit beaten out of you, or the fact that you had wild crazy schemes and tortured all of your friends and fellow workers. Not your fault at all.... supplied Hyorinmaru.

Toshiro put his face in his hands and sighed. He picked up his pencil and started writing.

Captain General Genryusai,

I am so very sorry for my misbehavior and wrongdoings. I will rightly accept my punishment and ensure that the 10th division is in top condition for tomorrow. Rest assured my fuku-taichou Matsumoto Rangiku will also be punished for not caring for the division like she was instructed. As I will be very busy tomorrow please give Captain Unohana my thanks and let Hinamori Momo know that...

What could he say? He sighed for the second time and continued writing.

....that I'm sorry.

Captain Hitsugaya Toshiro

10th company

Toshiro got up from his desk. Everything was nice and orderly. This made him feel uneasy, but he couldn't be sure why. Silently, smoothly, he went to the training grounds and ordered one of his men over. He was young, barely starting, and he stared at Toshiro, terrified ( even though he was 3 inches taller)

"Yes sir!"

"Please deliver this to the Captain General immediately"

"Sir!" the boy squeaked and ran off with the letter. Normally all beginners were terrified of him, but Toshiro knew this boy was scared for all the wrong reasons.

Great, now people will think I'll snap and turn into a child any moment. That's why their terrified.

He stiffly walked back into the 10th building and headed to his room. Once he shut his door, he closed his eyes and rubbed his temples. He slowly got ready for bed, taking care not to bump into anything that could potentially hurt him and set him off into six year old land.

Climbing into his sheets, he felt sad and more then a little angry at himself.

Snap out of it! Why are you being such a sissy? So what if Momo's made at you, you can handle it, you always have.

But Toshiro knew what he did this time hurt Momo so much worse then anytime before. He shoved his face into his pillow.

Fuckin shit.


Momo picked at her ravioli. She wasn't very hungry. What she said to Toshiro was wrong and she felt like oober shit.

" He probably didn't even remember half the things he did!" she muttered.

She looked at the spot where Toshiro used to sit to eat. She remembered when he danced around the table, showing off her undergarments. Even though she wanted to strangle him at the time, she giggled quietly now.

" I miss him around the house"

There were times when she thought she saw the old him. When he was six. Like the time they were laying in bed, and his eyes suddenly flashed that all knowing blue and she thought for certain he had somehow gotten better. But then he said he had to take a pee, and Momo remembered feeling deflated.

She put her bowl in the sink. The silence in the house was spooky.


No one answered.

" Of course he wouldn't answer...he isn't here..."


It had been a few days since Toshiro had woken up. He worked every minute he got. The captain eventually wrote him back, saying he had to help rebuild the 11th building and get his division in tip top shape by the end of the week. He had done that last part way before he got the letter, and had spent his time rebuilding the 11th division with some of his men.

Today he sat on the roof, working on it and making it spiffy.

He was just thinking how to go about talking to Momo, when he heard his name being called. Looking down, there was the bed wetter herself, with a picnic basket in her arms.

"Come eat!" She called.

Toshiro's jaw dropped. FOOD. He immediately dropped the hammer he was holding and jumped off the roof. He began to run to her immediately, but stopped. He began walking casually, looking nonchalant and acting like he was doing Momo a favor by walking to her. She giggled, gave him a small smile, and started walking.

Toshiro was sure as hell confused.

I thought she was mad...?

They stopped on a grassy hill where a lone tree was standing. It was a cloudy day, but it was warm. It would probably rain soon.

Momo set down a blanket. She sat without hesitation. Toshiro stood for several seconds before he himself sat down.

They didn't touch the food. Toshiro wasn't even thinking about it, he was to busy studying Momo. She stared straight ahead, a small smile on her face.

She looks...peaceful.

Suddenly she stared at him and grabbed his hand.

He looked at their intertwined hands in bewilderment.

" I think you were meant to be a six year fate or something."

Toshiro immediately took his hand away. He glared at the sky and exhaled in anger.

" That's ridiculous. I caused so much damage to everyone. I did things that are out of the question. I hurt Hyorinmaru, All of my men, The general, Some of the"

He added the "you" part reluctantly. He felt like he was treading on dangerous waters already. But Momo didn't react angrily, she simply shook her head violently and took his hand again.

" You did some things that were wrong, but I believe that this was to teach you that you need to loosen up a little bit, and have some fun, like your friends do once in a while."

Toshiro was flabbergasted.

" I do fun things!" he argued. " I do lots of...."

Toshiro furrowed his eye brows. Had he ever done anything that was just for fun? Had he?

Momo smiled again. "Don't regret what you did... and I wasn't angry at you." She ruffled his hair.

He stared at her, expressionless. Suddenly he grabbed her other hand and pressed both her hands to his lips gently.

"Thank you." He murmured, never taking his eyes off her.

She smiled, blushing radiantly. This made Toshiro blush, and he released her hands like they were germs. Momo just laughed and took out a huge watermelon from the basket.

Things were okay, Toshiro decided. And, he felt like him and Momo's relationship had deepened. This made him smile, and he eagerly grabbed some watermelon.

" MINE!" he laughed sticking his tongue out at her. Momo's face lit up in radiance.

"You wish!"


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