Hi again!!! I decided to, for fun, write a sequel to Wind and Waves. I guess I wasn't quite ready to leave the pirate world :) Anyway, I know that because of the outcome of Wind and Waves, this story is more AU than the last, but that's just how it worked out. I do have a plot for this, but some of the finer points aren't worked out yet, so it may take some time. My hope is that you all will enjoy this story as much as Wind and Waves.

Warning: If you have not already read Wind and Waves please go and read it - as this is its sequel :)

Disclaimer: I do not own the familiar Harry Potter characters; I do own my characters and my plot

Without further ado...

As the Wind Blows


Darkness had fallen on the small town, and many of the inhabitants had closed their shutters, barred their doors, and tucked themselves tightly in their beds. But in the pub near the other end of town, lights blazed and music rang from the shabby walls and broken windows, leaking out into the once-quiet streets.

The pub was filled to the brim, women on the arm of almost every man, and every man leaning for support from their drunken legs. Music from the sagging piano in the corner blasted the eardrums, and the barman slid pint after pint of rum down the bar to the stumbling men. Laughter drifted above the din, and time after time one man would be led up the stairs by a woman, disappearing into one of the secluded bedrooms above.

Remus Lupin lounged at a table against the wall, smiling slightly at the play before him, amusingly watching each man as they grew more and more drunk. His own rum was only slightly touched and he still had most of his head about him.

His eyes caught the figure steadily coming towards him and his smile widened ever so slightly. She sat down across the table, leaning her pale elbows on the table and leaning her child-like face on her palms. Her bluer-than-blue eyes glittered with happiness and her lips, as red as the blood that was now pulsing quickly through Remus' body, curled in a sweet smile.

"Remus." She said slowly, her voice drifted like bells over the din, for his ears only. He smiled at her, reaching across the distance and brushing a golden lock of hair off her china cheek. She leaned her head against his cheek and he felt her breath tickling his palm.

Dropping his hand, Remus took her hand and pulled her to her feet, leading her out from the pub and into the street. They walked side by side through the town and the moonlight made her almost glow. Her dress seemed all the more regal on her body than any other wench – red to match her lips and a flowing pink skirt that brought out the blush on her cheeks. She giggled at him, leaning against his shoulder and whispering words that made Remus' heart soar to the stars.

They finally arrived at the beach, the cold water eroding the sand. Remus let go of her hand and stepped forward, staring out at the sea that stretched out before him, reflecting the stars and moon from the black sky. He turned back, smiling, to the girl, but froze suddenly as he stared at her.

No longer did the moon reflect from her skin. Her clothes had faded to a dismal blush that was barely visible in the shadow she now stood. Her eyes were dim and gray, and her hair darkened and falling in uneven locks around her drawn face.

"You left me." Her voice cracked and broke, like rock falling from a cliff. "You ran away."

Remus swallowed hard. "I didn't mean…I tried…when I came back…" He stumbled over his words. Wind whipped around his face and he glanced over his shoulder to see dark ships looming on the horizon and the sky filled with dark circling clouds, like sharks around meat. He swallowed again.

"You said you loved me." The voice was sad, barely being able to be heard over the wind and waves that were now battering the shore. But Remus heard every word. "You didn't mean it."

"I did…I do…I'm sorry…" He stepped toward her and she stepped away, her face still sad.

"I might be dead now." She said, her voice cutting now. "You stopped looking for me…you gave up on me…"

Remus felt his body shaking under the weight of her words. "I tried…but…" His words felt weak against hers.

She shook her head at him. "I'm gone…you lost me…you left me…you failed...I'm gone…you lost me…." The words repeated and with every word the wind increased, with every breath the waves battered harder, and Remus stepped backward, stumbling over his feet and falling into the water….

Eyes snapping open Remus lurched upward from his bed, his chest heaving and his shirt soaked with sweat. His limbs shook and he put his head in his hands, closing his eyes and listening. There was no sound of wind, nor sound of waves. And there was no girl.

Swallowing, Remus looked over across the room. Sirius rolled over in his hammock, muttering in his sleep and curling deeper under the blanket he had wrapped around his shoulders. Remus let out a breath and pulled himself from his bed, slowly stepping from the room. He made his way past one door and than another down the hall until he found himself on deck.

No one was at the wheel, and the crow's nest was empty, as it had been for awhile now. Remus walked over and leaned against the rail of the ship, staring out into the clear night. He let out a long, pained breath and bent his head down on his arms, hiding his face from the glare of the moon.