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Chapter 2

The innkeeper looked at him anxiously, and she said
"I'm sorry, I really wouldn't ask, but all our rooms are full." Felix replied quickly
"No, it's fine, really." She smiled slightly, and left, leaving Felix and Lauren in the room.
After a few minutes of silence, Felix decided that someone had to say something.
"So. How are you?" he said. She replied.
"Fine, thanks. You?" It wasn't a good conversation, but it was a start. And, slowly, they began to talk almost normally.

* * *

It was the next morning, a day that promised warmth from the moment you woke. Felix and Lauren were both training in the armoury as dawn broke. After all, warriors have to keep in practice.

In the warmth of the day, the work was horribly difficult, cutting down the targets an actual task, even for the two experienced warriors.

But then, without any warning or explanation, a chill spread through the town, and the sky darkened for just a single moment. Instantly, the two looked at each other, and ran for the edge of the town.

It took barely a minute to reach the town limit, and as they arrived they instantly saw the cause of the change.

A small group of undead were standing around, shambling towards the town.

The two of them instantly charged, Felix with a long, black-bladed sword, Lauren with that strange staff of hers.
They cut into the undead, Felix' weapon hitting one skeleton and inexplicably turning it into dust, Lauren's weapon cutting through two, leaving their bones melted and charred.

Virissa flew overhead, breathing a cone of blinding light over the zombies attacking behind them, their skin blistering and rotting away on contact with it, Kris flying next to her and aiming a blast of frost onto the creatures, leaving them frozen, easy prey for Lauren.

The two warriors danced through the undead, melting and disintegrating them as they went.

As Felix was attacking a particularly persistent creature, something snuck up on him, raising its weapon.

A fireball took off its head.

Lauren reached down a hand, helping Felix up.
"Thanks." he said.
"Anytime, I!-" started Lauren.

Felix threw a dagger past her head, impaling a zombie through the eyeball.

Lauren turned, saw the zombie, and nodded her thanks.

They continued.

* * *

Within a few minutes, the attackers were destroyed.

Both warriors were breathing a little heavily
"Want to get a drink?" asked Felix.
"I'd like that." smiled Lauren.

* * *
Later, back at the room…
* * *

Felix opened the door, laughing. Lauren followed him in, her arm wrapped around him, the two dragonets flying over their heads. They both looked quite a bit less than sober.
"So, how did you get that fiery magic… thing?" asked Felix, slurring a little bit.
"My uncle Xan made it for me." replied Lauren. "He was… he was a nice person before…" she broke off.
"Yeah… I believe you." said Felix, seriously.

There was an uncomfortable silence, as a door shut in front of them.
"Did Virissa and Kris just go into a room and shut the door behind them?" asked Felix, laughing.
"Yeah. They did. Maybe they have the right idea…" said Lauren, smiling.

Felix blinked.

"I like the way you think."

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