"Mmn... Ryuuzaki..."

L spared a glance at Raito, fingers pausing over the keys of his laptop. Raito shifted a bit in the bed, and L dismissed it as sleep-talking before returning to his work.

"Ryuuzaki." L glanced at Raito again, sighing through his nose. Raito was somewhat awake, propped up on the pillows and looking rumpled and unrested. L licked his lips briefly before pointedly ignoring the feeling in his gut that stemmed from that look. Raito paused for a moment, rubbing his eyes with the palms of his hands before blinking up at L again. "What are you doing?"

L fixed Raito with a blank stare. "I am working, Raito-kun." L paused this time, before saying, "Raito-kun should be sleeping."

Raito grumbled a little and crawled over L. L froze, heart beating faster and wondering what Raito was up to. His breathing evened out once more as Raito pulled away-- with his laptop. Raito saved L's work and shut the laptop before putting it on the bedside table and giving him a pointed look.

"Ryuuzaki-san should be sleeping, too." He mumbled in a tired imitation of L's speech pattern. He tugged gently on the chain that bound him to L, jerking L in his direction. L gave a small cry of protest as Raito pulled the blankets over them both. Raito flopped back on the pillows, looking at L tiredly. Slowly, his eyelids started to droop.

"Raito-kun, I am not tired." L droned before Raito's eyes could flutter shut. Raito twitched a little and fixed his tired gaze on L once more, annoyed. He stared vacantly at L, who wondered for a moment if Raito had fallen asleep with his eyes open. This theory was dashed when Raito pulled L to his chest, placing his ear next to Raito's heart. "Raito-kun?" L questioned warily, nose pressed against the silk of the other boy's pajamas. Raito shushed him quietly and held L's head to his torso. L was quiet, but watched Raito carefully, suspicious. His eyes were half-lidded, blankly watching L's dark mop of hair rise and fall with his own breathing. After a few minutes, L dared to speak again. "Raito-kun, what--"

"Don't." Raito plead tiredly, eyes glazed and staring at the opposite wall. "Don't talk... don't think. Just concentrate on my breathing."

L slowly shut his mouth and obeyed. He had the distinct feeling that arguing at this point would be fruitless. He forced himself to relax in the warm embrace, and soon found himself breathing in time with Raito, inhaling his scent and counting his heart beats. It was nice, to be enveloped in warmth like this, and L vaguely registered that had been tired after all. In the back of his mind, there was a protest, something that told him that he shouldn't be so relaxed in this boy's arms, but as his eyelids fluttered shut, he could not hear it. He could only hear Raito's breathing.