Three months later . . .

Chekov had been dealt with.

After explaining the events that took place in the Pagoda, she'd crashed.

Yuffie remained like that for two days; the excitement and nerve racking adventure finally catching up with her. Once rested, she quickly exclaimed that she was going home.

Tifa had frowned, while Cloud shook his head. She noticed Vincent stiffen slightly at her proclamation but he didn't say anything. Reeve commented that he was coming with her while Marlene curled her nose up at the thought. "I'm not going there again!" she'd said, rolling her eyes. Denzel let out a laugh, pushing the brunette slightly; he was returning to Wutai as well.

"Why do you want to go back there, Yuffie?" Tifa asked, leaning against the kitchen counter. "You ran away from –"

"I ran from Chekov and he's gone, Teef. I can bring Wutai out of the gloom and, if I'm capable, I hope to slowly break away from our traditions and join the rest of Gaea," Nodding to herself, Yuffie glanced at the small group congregated around the table. "But, you can't get rid of me that easily! I'm still part of the WRO – there's no way that I can just sit in the Pagoda doing nothing!"

Her storm grey eyes flicked over to Vincent's, remaining there for a fraction of a second longer before moving on. "I have to go home," she mumbled, looking down. "I have a plan for Wutai – and I have to figure out a way to free Shelke . . ."

Even though Chekov had been done in, Shelke still seemed to remain unconscious. That was one of the reasons she wanted to return; Chekov had caused this so it was only right that she try to solve it. Regardless of what they told her, she still thought it was her fault. Deep down, she knew she should have tried to solve it without involving them.

That was why Reeve was coming with her – even though he wouldn't admit it – he wanted to see for himself what had happened. Yuffie was fine with that; she hated computers anyway.

An hour later, standing on the roof of the WRO building, she gritted her teeth when she noticed Reno, smoking a cigarette as he leaned against the helicopter. "Ugh, what're you doing here, Reno?"

Flicking his cigarette, Reno pushed himself away from the helicopter, smirking at her. "Come on Princess, that's no way to talk to me; I fell in the damn ocean helping you."

"Please," Yuffie rolled her eyes. "That was after you dropped me off – I should really thank Elena for throwing you overboard."

"Che, I took Laney down with me – I know she liked it."

"Pig," Yuffie grumbled, shoving him aside. "I can't believe you're coming too . . ."

"Heh, might just set up a residence there too; the locals look pretty fine –"

"You're banned from Wutai," Yuffie grumbled, climbing up into the helicopter. "Like I want people turning out lime you . . ."

"Don't be so stiff," Reno grumbled, clambering up into the pilot's seat. "You know that'd be way more interesting."

Yuffie rolled her eyes, flipping him off as she sat down heavily onto the seats. "Like hell I do, just get me to Wutai, you hear?"

Reno shook his head, glancing over his shoulder, smirking at Yuffie. "I don't know how you're going to deal with her Valentine," he grumbled, glancing at the silent gunslinger. "You're totally going to have your hands full."

"Why you," Yuffie grumbled, narrowing her eyes as she grabbed the nearest thing – her cell phone – before throwing it at Reno. The red head grinned, dodging the object. "I hate you," Yuffie grumbled, crossing her arms over her chest.

"Now, now, don't say that – you need me to give you a ride, remember."

Yuffie just grumbled under her breath, looking in the opposite direction stubbornly. Reno just smirked, muttering something about her before returning his attention to the controls before him. Minutes later, the helicopter left the helipad, quickly making its way through the sky.

Twenty minutes later, the helicopter landed on Wutai soil – a kilometer or so away from the Pagoda – Yuffie hated to admit it, but she was glad to be home. Throwing off her seatbelt, she had scrambled across the metallic floor, threw open the door and jumped down into the grass.

After all the hell Wutai had put her through – she wasn't sure why she was so glad to return.

Working closely with Reeve – that was, when he wasn't busy working his way through Wutai's computer systems – she had slowly changed Wutai's outlook. The people had accepted her as their leader without any problems; they actually seemed relieved when she took the throne. The curfew on the land was removed and the stress that Chekov's reign seemed to bring about seemed to slowly disappear.

Searching through the computers, Reeve had eventually managed to figure out what had happened to Shelke. It was well known what the ex-Tsviet was capable of doing and it seemed that Chekov had created some sort of virus to lay in waiting, should she go snooping around. Alongside Rude (who seemed to be exceptionally knowledgeable about viruses) they had been able to eradicate the virus and within a week, the Tsviet was up and moving again – and extremely ticked off.

Yuffie wasn't surprised when Shelke appeared on Wutai, throwing the Pagoda doors open, her dual weapons in hand. Needless to say, those residing in the Pagoda were surprised – wasting no time to vacate the main room.

"Shelke, good to see you're up and moving again," Yuffie said, leaning over the banister, smirking at the brunette. "Now, just put your weapons down – I thought I was your friend," Yuffie laughed, vaulting over the railing, landing lightly on the main floor.

Shelke glared at her, her weapons returning to her side. "Where's that bastard Chekov?"

"He's gone," Yuffie shrugged. "Shot him with a gun ShinRa gave me – you're a month too late."

Shelke glared, her hands balling up into fists. "You killed him?"

"No idea," Yuffie said with a frown. "I left right afterwards – but, by the time I came back, Chekov and the Omni Gods were gone –"

"So, there still alive," Shelke summed up, a glint in her eye. "Very well, tell Reeve I'm going on vacation. I've got some stuff to look after."

Yuffie blinked, Shelke's words catching up to her as the brunette turned on her heel, heading for the doors. "Wait – what are you planning, Shelke?"

"Nothing," the brunette said with a shrug. "It's none of your business, or the WRO's, you are not to get involved."

With that, Shelke left the Pagoda, slamming the doors shut behind her. Yuffie sighed, leaning back against the banister, rolling her eyes. Shelke . . . she would always be a mystery.

That was the last time anyone had heard from Shelke. Someone in Costa del Sol had picked up her cell phone, the number disconnected a week later. No one knew where Shelke had disappeared too; the search parties had turned up empty handed. Everyone had shrugged it off; Shelke was Shelke, she would reappear when she wanted too.

Sitting in the Pagoda, listening to another meeting with her council, she couldn't help but drift off. Idly, she wondered if she should have appointed someone else as Wutai's Ruler – being the Queen was way too complicated. She didn't have nearly as much free time as she used too and it seemed she was only able to return to the WRO with her entourage, which was mostly only for treaties and other boring necessities that required signatures. She was also unable to take WRO missions, being a too important figure to go on some secret, underground mission.

Should Wutai loose their Queen and only heir to the throne . . .

She didn't get to see her friends often, communicating with them through email or through phone calls – which she had really bad reception to start with. She didn't get to see Tifa, nor the ring Cloud had gotten her, which was a sore spot for her. She didn't get to see Barrett's reaction to Marlene's reason to her sneaky getaway to Wutai and she didn't get to see Vincent anymore – and he never answered his cell phone anyway.

That was when she decided it. After the meeting, she was going to disappear into the night. There was no way Wutai was going to rule her life, she could watch over Wutai from afar; she didn't need to sit there day in and out. Talk about boring.

Yes, Wutai needed to join with the rest of Gaea; the monarchy was over, Queens and Kings were things of the past.

She was going to enjoy her life – and that wasn't sitting in the Pagoda, passing laws watching life happen outside her window.

That just wasn't something Yuffie Kisaragi did.


A/N: Yes, I know it took 3.5 months to update this. I became very uninspired with this story; the plot did a total 180 from my original idea. I'll have to write that story later then. I think its better then this one - just cause I have a love/hate relationship with this story. Maybe I'll rewrite it again in the future.

Enjoy - it's been fun!