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--Chapter II--New Leads

After everyone had gone back to his or her work, Ziva had settled back into her old routine. She grinned as she watched Tony clicking away on his computer as she then walked over towards the filing cabinet next to his desk that housed all the cold cases. As she pulled out the drawer and grabbed a file, Tony started talking to her.

"You wouldn't really have made me do that, would you?" he asked, leaning back in his chair and placing his hands behind his head.

"I do not know. Would you really have put super glue on my keyboard and put a mouse in my desk?" she responded, tapping the folder against the drawer.

Tony gave his little nervous laughs, "Ha, uhh, no."

Ziva cocked her eyebrows at him as Gibbs's phone rang on his desk. "Gibbs," he said. "Yeah, we'll send someone over right away," he said, writing something down on a pad of paper.

"We got something boss?" Tony asked, pulling out his desk drawer and grabbing his gun.

"Yeah. Ziva, McGee, go check it out. We could have a new lead on a cold case," he said, handing off the paper to McGee as he came over and grabbed it from him. Ziva filed the folder back into the filing cabinet and then walked back to her desk to grab her gun and badge. "Apparently, a woman watched one of those real life crime shows and recognized one of our missing girls and called it in."

"What cold case is that, Gibbs?" Ziva asked, as she then cocked an eyebrow at Tony at his desk opening and closing his mouth like a fish.

"The Jeffreys case. File is in there," Gibbs answered, pointing towards the filing cabinet that Ziva had just left. Ziva walked back over to the filing cabinet and started searching through the folders until she found Jeffreys. "Look over it on your way there."

"Boss," Tony finally spoke out. "Why can't I go with Ziva?"

"Because, DiNozzo," Gibbs said, "you never send two agents out together alone who are in a relationship. Rule number 12, revised."

"Sorry, Tony," Ziva said, patting him on the head as she walked past his desk. Gibbs tossed the keys up and Ziva grabbed them from McGee. "I'm driving."

"Ziva, please," McGee pleaded.

"McGee, I have a child now. I drive better," Ziva stated, heading towards the elevator.

Tony started coughing and laughing, setting down his coffee on the table before he spilled it.

"Shut up, Tony!" Ziva yelled back as the elevator arrived. The two of them entered the elevator, and as McGee walked in, he stuck his head out and mouthed, "Help me!" to Tony before Ziva pulled him in.

Once on the road, McGee read through the information on the case, though he was slightly turning green from trying not to be sick. "So, about ten years ago, Marine Admiral Carl Jeffreys's five-year old daughter went missing from their home on base. No sign of forced entry, no leads, case went cold."

Ziva shivered at the wheel. "I couldn't imagine anything worse than losing a child," she said, swerving around a car in front of her. "If anyone took Caitlin, I would hunt them down and shoot them, none too humanely either."

McGee looked over at Ziva and her fiery eyes, and decided to direct the conversation in a safer direction. "How is Caitie?" he asked.

Ziva smiled immediately like a proud mother as she swerved again around another car. "She is absolutely wonderful. Of course, she does keep us up at night like any other five-month old would, but she is getting better. She is getting so big, though, and her eyes are becoming like Tony's," she finished, smiling happily.

"Poor kid," McGee said mockingly in his seat, a half grin on his face.

"McGee!" Ziva yelled, reaching over and slapping his leg. "Only Gibbs and I are allowed to insult Tony like that."

"You let Abby do it," McGee answered, rubbing his leg where Ziva's hand had come in contact.

"Yes, well, Abby's Abby. You cannot changer her, and she has known Tony a lot longer than I have," Ziva answered as she screeched to a halt in front of the address Gibbs had given them.

"I've known him longer too," McGee complained, getting out of the sedan.

"One year, McGee. Besides, the amount of time I have spent alone with him at home has most definitely made my time with him longer than yours," she answered, a coy grin spreading across her face.

McGee put up his hands in a surrendering gesture. "I don't want to know."

Ziva chuckled as she knocked on the thick wooden door. The door swung open to reveal an older lady with grey hair, but still lively eyes dancing behind her spectacles. "Mrs. Claire Sommers?" Ziva asked as the woman then nodded. "I'm Officer David, and this is Special Agent McGee. We are from NCIS," she then added, flashing her ID and badge.

"Ah yes, thank you so much for coming! Come in, come in," Mrs. Keller said, opening her door wider to admit the two agents. "Can I get you anything to drink? Sweet tea? Water?"

"No, I am fine Mrs. Sommers, thank you," Ziva responded first.

McGee echoed her a millisecond later, "I'm fine, thanks."

Mrs. Sommers then sat down on the couch, and opened her arms to the rest of the couch and the other comfy chair in the living room. "Please, sit."

McGee sat on the edge of the chair as Ziva perched on the couch. They both took out their PDAs, and then McGee asked, "So, Mrs. Sommers, you called into NCIS saying that you recognized the missing girl, Lisa Jeffreys, as someone you have seen recently?"

"Oh, yes," she answered. "That girl is most definitely my niece."

--End Chapter--

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