Chapter 1

It was the morning after Derek and Meredith broke up, she had managed to avoid him all day. She had to face him now though, she had a patient that needed a Neuro consult. She was dreading having to talk to him. When most people ran into their ex boyfriends they tried to look their best, make them see what they were missing. Not Meredith though. She hadn't slept all night, she was hung over and she had been working since 5am. She looked like crap.

"Wouldn't want to meet you in a dark alley?" remarked Alex.

"Right back atcha," said Meredith.

"Grey you look like crap," he said bluntly.

"Really? I wasn't aware of that," said Meredith. "I have to go and find Derek, my patient needs a consult."

"Looking like that?"

"Alex you're really not helping," sighed Meredith.

"Sorry," said Alex knowing that he had taken the teasing too far. "You don't look so bad."

"Liar," she said smiling faintly.

"I can take this patient off your hands if you want to avoid McDreamy."

"Are you kidding? It's going to be an amazing surgery," said Meredith wishing she wasn't tempted to take him up on his offer.

"That's the attitude," said Alex. "Looking like crap or not you're hotter than most. I still do you."

"Thank you that's really touching," said Meredith.

"Anytime," said Alex. "Now run along and find McDreamy and get that surgery. If he gives you any trouble…send him to me."

"See you Alex."


"Have you seen the new resident?" asked Izzie as she caught up with Meredith in the hallway.

"New resident?"

"Yeah apparently he's like a big deal…so hot!"

"Great," muttered Meredith.

"Dr. McCreamy That's his McName…Cristina's idea obviously."

"Cristina needs to get laid," said Meredith barely bothering to sound interested.

"You're right…McCreamy is a little crude even by her standards," said Izzie pretending she didn't notice how down Meredith was. "But you should see this guy."

"I have work to do," said Meredith.

"Oh there he is…" said Izzie pointing to where the new resident, Derek and Mark were standing.

"Crap," whispered Meredith.


"I'm going to kill him," muttered Meredith feeling irrationally angry.

Derek looked down the hall and spotted Meredith. He sighed knowing they were going to have to work together sooner or later, he just wished it could wait until he wasn't feeling so raw about the whole break up. Then she started to storm down the hallway towards him, he started to panic. Maybe she had found out about his dinner date with Rose the night before?

"What the hell…" she started angrily.

"Mer…" Derek started, but he trailed off when he realised she wasn't glaring at him.

"Meredith hi," said Dr. Houston. "You're looking as beautiful as always."

"What are you doing here?" she demanded.

"What? I can't visit my ex wife?"

"Wife? Did he just say wife?" exclaimed Izzie. "Meredith?"