"Oh but Dreamy makes you giddy?"

"Who have you been talking to?" asked Meredith. How could James find out so much in two days.

"I'll never reveal my source."


"Yeah," James admitted. "Now I'm off to beat McDreamy within an inch of his life…I'll see you at four."

"See you," said Meredith going back to reading her chart.

Chapter 5

"Grey!" Alex shouted to Meredith.

"What?" she shouted back. She was reading up on the piggy back surgery she was scrubbing in on with James later that day.

"You might want to come down and see this," said Alex looking down over the railing.

"Why? What's going on now? Who has syphilis? Who has Sloan been caught cheating on?" said Meredith dully.

"Houston is kicking Shepherd's ass," Alex shouted. "Oh and he is not taking it lying down. You might want to stop them before they kill each other."

"What?" shouted Meredith running over to where Alex was standing. She looked down at the open plan and saw what everyone was looking at. Derek's nose was bleeding heavily as he threw an almighty punch that sent James flying over the nurses station. James was back on his feet in a flash and proceeded to grab Derek's throat.

"Stop it!" Meredith shouted as she ran down the stairs. She grabbed James' arm and pried it away from Derek's throat. "What the hell is this?"

"This guy…" James growled.

"James, get out," Meredith shouted as he released Derek. Derek just stood there rubbing his throat, looking ready to kill. If Meredith hadn't been standing in between the two of them he would have. "Go and wait in the locker room. I'll deal with you later!"

"I was just…"

"Save it! I don't care what your reasons were," Meredith snapped at him.

"Fine," said James.

"Come on," Meredith mumbled to Derek taking his hand. "Lets clean you up." Wordlessly Derek followed Meredith into an empty exam room and just watched as she gathered cotton and antiseptic to clean the gnash in his cheek and the cuts on his hand.

"Does he usually erupt like that?" Derek asked as Meredith sat in front of him.

"No," she said. "I'm sorry he did that to you."

"He's violent."

"He isn't," said Meredith seeing where Derek was going with this. "He has never even so much as raised his voice to me, let alone his hand."

"He's obviously capable of it though," said Derek.

"I've never seen him like that before," said Meredith. "What did you say to him?"

"You should go and check on your husband," said Derek taking the instruments out of her hand. "I'm fine."

"I am sorry," said Meredith gently gliding her hand over the cut on his face. "I'm sorry you got hurt. Your girlfriend is probably worried about you."

"Meredith," sighed Derek taking her hand. "I'm sorry you got hurt."

"I didn't," said Meredith confused. Derek and James had stopped fighting when she had put herself in the middle of them.

"I meant with us, I'm sorry you got hurt."

"You mean you're sorry you hurt me," Meredith corrected him. "You did and I haven't forgiven you for it yet. You told me you wanted a lifetime with you and right when I knew that is what I wanted with you I find out about yet another woman as if Addison, Sydney and Lexie weren't enough!"

"Nothing happened with Sydney or Lexie!" said Derek forcefully.

"So? Nothing happened with James either," said Meredith.

"Oh please everyone is talking about you two," said Derek. "When he first came here in that exam room…"

"You mean when he took my hair out of my ponytail because he always liked my hair when it was down."

"The locker room."

"Alright he kissed me," said Meredith. "So?"

"And you spent the weekend with him!'

"Yeah we ordered room service, watched TV and we actually did do the crossword puzzle," said Meredith. "But I don't have to explain that to you anymore Derek. We're not together and we never will be again. So you need to get over this little fixation you have with my love life because it has nothing to do with you anymore!"

"When did you get divorced?"

"Did you just hear anything I said?"

"This is the last question I swear."

"The divorce was finalized two months before I met you," sighed Meredith. "We were only married for a few months."

"Why did you get divorced?" asked Derek. He knew he was pushing his luck now.

"I didn't love him enough to spend the rest of my life with him, I thought I did at first but we weren't a great couple. We had sex a lot because that was the only thing we were really that great at, we were friends that slept together not soul mates. We both sort of used my mother's illness as an excuse and we went our separate ways. Before you even ask how I feel for him now, I still love him as my best friend and someone that knows me inside out but will we ever give it another try, maybe."

"Even if you don't love him enough to be with him forever?"

"Do you love Rose enough to be with her forever?"

"No," said Derek.

"But you could one day? You didn't love me the first time you saw me, I was just the girl in a bar," said Meredith. "You grow to love someone enough for forever."

"How do you stop loving someone that you wanted to spent the rest of you life with? How do you stop loving, the love of your life?"

"You tell me," said Meredith getting up and walking to the door. "I sure as hell don't know."

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