"Ghost Sense" - A Project: Demonhunter Side Story

Author's Notes:

- I don't own what I don't own (but I do own Project: Demonhunter, it's associated characters, concepts of mythological figures, and settings), and I don't actively look for other stories and plots, so if you see something familiar… just remember that by this day and age, everything's been done to death. This is just my take on a span of time with the events therein, and it's really for the development of my characters. It's just easier for me if they go play in worlds that are already established.

- The Hell Council is made up of leaders of the Underworld from around the planet and cover the majority of major belief systems. I mean no harm in any which way if anyone is offended, but I would appreciate if some research was done before flames are passed out.

- If you would like to see any illustrations done to go with these stories, or images of the characters from Project: Demonhunter, please visit the links on my user page.

Deep in the Underworld, there stands a place that not many people talk about… largely because they don't know it exists. This is the headquarters of Supernatural Control, lead by the Hell Council. It's members have long since stopped the war between Heaven and Hell, and have come into some semblance of a decent working environment. Gone are the days of epic temptations and salvations, pious heroes and sinful villains… that is not to say that these things do not still exist, but it is now on the shoulders of Supernatural Control to guide the balance between darkness and light.

The following is one of the many exploits that the employees of this organization have embarked on...

"Danny…" A female voice roused the halfa from his sleep. "Danny, get up."

"…Ngh?" One of Danny's eyes cracked open as he attempted to gain consciousness. "Mom?"

As the ghost boy's eyes focused on a woman in dark clothes sitting on the end of his bed, he jumped. The woman smiled at Danny. "Fraid not."

"Who are you?" Danny hissed, trying not to wake the rest of his family.

"My name is Oleander." The woman extended her hand to the boy. "I need to ask a favour of you."

Danny shook the woman's hand. "You're not a ghost are you?"

"Can you see your breath?" Oleander asked.

The ghost boy tried a breath. "… No."

"Then I'm not a ghost." Oleander shrugged. "I do, however, need your help to catch one."

"What do you mean?" Danny raised an eyebrow.

Oleander pulled a photo out of her coat pocket and handed it to Danny. "This man escaped from Hell a few days ago, and my informants say that he's run here. I need your help to track him down and return him to the Underworld."

"Sorry lady, I don't fight demons. Just ghosts." Danny handed the photo back.

"Look again." Oleander stood. "He's just a soul. But he's clever and fast… and I'm on unfamiliar territory, so I need some local help."

"You sure that you couldn't have asked my parents?" Danny looked up. "They're ghost hunters too."

"Yes, but when a soul reaper shows up, the living tend to get a little skittish." Oleander shrugged.

"I see…" Danny nodded, suddenly turning to stare at her when he'd realized what the woman had said. "…Wait, you're a WHAT?"

"I'm a level 8 Soul Reaper, and the third seat of Sector B." Oleander smiled. "I'm here because the reapers in this sector can't catch the guy, not to mention that their zone and sector leaders are busy."

"Right." Danny slowly nodded. "So… you just need me to show you around?"

"More or less." Oleander chuckled. "But I wouldn't mind having you along as backup just in case."

"I can do that." Danny sat back a bit. "When did you want to get started?"

"Tomorrow after you get out of school." Oleander handed the boy a black cell phone with a little ghost charm hanging off it. "Call me when you're ready."

"Okay." Danny accepted the phone and looked at it. "But I…"

The halfa looked back up to the reaper as he started, but found that she'd vanished.