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"You haven't missed a thing." Andy straightened herself out. "But we need to get this kid. I don't want him trying to go after anyone else if he's starting to get this aggressive."

"I have one question before we go." Danny looked up at the reaper. "I think I get why Johnny's here… but… the Box Ghost?"

"I want to contain Hibiki." Oleander shrugged. "I thought he would be useful in that respect."

"Makes sense." Danny nodded.

"Good. Now that we're all on the same page, let's get this done with." Oleander started down the street.


At the center of town, Oleander stopped, pulling a small skull on a chain out of her bag, holding it at arms' length.

"What are you doing?" Sam asked, tilting her head slightly.

"Looking." Oleander closed her eyes, as the skull started swaying back and forth. "I have a feeling I know where Hibiki is, but the sun's coming up soon, and I don't want to be going in circles."

"What's so bad about the sun coming up?" Johnny asked. "Ghosts around here attack whenever they want."

"But Hibiki's not from around here." Oleander shrugged, as the charm pulled towards the Nasty Burger. "He's going to go into hiding for the day, and we'll never be able to find the little bugger."

The reaper grabbed the charm out of the air, turning in the direction it pointed. "What's that way?"

"The Nasty Burger." Tucker supplied. " Do you think he's gotten hungry?"

"Most likely." Oleander nodded, as the group started off. "The things he's doing take a lot of spiritual energy."

As the group approached the Nasty Burger, it appeared to be abandoned, as if no one had been there in years.

"What happened here?" Vlad raised an eyebrow.

"This is just an illusion." Oleander shrugged, waving her hand in front of the chained up door to show that it was fine as the mist cleared.

"Should we take him here?" Skulker asked.

"No." Oleander shook her head. "I want to get him somewhere that won't have a lot of collateral damage. I don't want to have to do the paperwork."

The reaper pulled the doors open, and as the group ventured in, they heard something eating.

"That… that's him, right?" Sam asked.

"It should be." Oleander nodded, pointing to moving black tendrils behind the counter.

Danny approached the counter, peering over it to see the boy shoveling burgers into his mouth with his hands, while his hair had become tendrils that he was using to feed the mouth that had opened in the back of his head. Blanching slightly as he straightened, the ghost boy turned to Andy. "Yeah. That's creepy."

"My apologies. Would you prefer that I held my pinkie up?" The mouth at the back of the boy's head grinned creepily as he stood, wiping his face.

"Personally, I'd rather that you came quietly, Hibiki." Andy crossed her arms.

"No! It was boring down there!" The Japanese boy spun around, arms akimbo. "You can't make me go back!"

"Oh, yes I can." Oleander reached into her bag for her staff, using her other hand to vault herself over the counter.

Hibiki took off as Oleander ran after him, leaving the ghosts and mortals in her wake.

Danny blinked, realizing what just happened. "Hey! Wait for us!"

The group split up, Sam, Johnny, the Box Ghost and Walker heading out the front doors, Skulker and Tucker following Danny through the kitchen.

Oleander chased Hibiki out of the back of the Nasty Burger, running out into the parking lot as Walker rounded the corner, hoping to cut the little boy off before he got too far.

As Walker lunged for the kid, Hibiki turned into will-o-the-wisps and disappeared, flying off into multiple directions.

The group gathered in the parking lot, Oleander fuming as she put her scythe away.

"I don't believe that kid!" The reaper threw up her hands. "He is not going to like me when I get my hands on him…"

The reaper's phone rang, getting to Andy's last nerve. Digging it out, she flipped it open. "WHAT?! … Oh. My apologies, sir… yes. I haven't been able to get him pinned down yet. … No, he hasn't tried to leave the city. It shouldn't take more than another day… I know, sir. I will. Thank you."

Oleander sighed as she put her phone away. "I love my job… I love my job… I love my job."

"Problem?" Danny asked.

"Well, I just yelled at the Angel of Death, I'm running out of time to handle this on my own, and if I don't get this kid taken in by tomorrow night, we're going to have a visit from Supernatural Control." Oleander crossed her arms.

"Supernatural Control? I've never heard of them." Skulker raised an eyebrow.

"That's the point." Oleander nodded. "If they get involved, Hibiki won't be going back downstairs. …He won't be going anywhere, actually."

"What do you mean?" Sam asked.

"If they send who I think they will, Hibiki will be destroyed." Oleander rubbed the back of her neck. "I just want him to go back downstairs. He was in line to be reincarnated."


Futa-kuchi-onna – A woman afflicted with a curse that slowly turns her into a monster. Believed to stem from a woman who lets her stepchild die while ensuring her own children are well-fed, or a woman who never eats, sought by a miser as his wife. The back of her head slowly splits, forming a functioning second mouth. If it is not fed, the second mouth begins to mumble obscenities and screech, causing the woman extreme pain. Eventually, her hair begins to form tendrils that allow the mouth to help itself to the woman's meals, sometimes consuming twice as much food as the woman herself.