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"I think the think I miss the most, besides Harry, of course, is shopping," Lily Potter said, taking a sip of tea. She and Tonks were sitting in the kitchen drinking tea and talking about what they missed most about being alive.

"I agree with you. I never really appreciated the fact that we could go buy something whenever we wanted. And now, I'm lucky if I get anything new!" Tonks said, her eyes glazing over, apparently remembering what it was like to walk in to a store with money in one pocket and a list of things to get in your head. She sighed sadly.

"Yes, I know exactly what you mean. All in all though, being dead isn't as bad as what you are led to believe. Well, you can't talk to your family," Lily said.

"Or go shopping," Tonks reminded her.

"Or tell you sister she needs to take better care of your son," Lily said thinking back to how poorly Petunia and her great oaf of a husband treated Harry.

"Or comfort your family," Tonks said with a sad smile.

"Or have more kids," they both sighed sadly at this one.

"Or drink Firewhiskey till your silly, fall asleep, and wake up the next morning wondering whether or not you treated everyone in the room to you singing "Love Shack" karaoke," Tonks said quite seriously

Lily looked at her friend with a mixture of disbelief and amusement. "Did you really do that, Tonks?" she asked, not sure she wanted the answer.

"Yea, and for the record, the words are "The Love Shack is a little old place where we can get together" not "The Love Shack is the little old place where you can dance together", for some reason, I always said that wrong." Tonks answered a little sheepishly.

Both girls then looked at each other, then burst into a fit of giggles that left them in tears ten minutes later when the men came in to see what was going on.

"Ladies. What's so funny?" James Potter asked as he came into the kitchen, kissing his wife on the cheek. Remus and Sirius walked in right behind him.

"Oh we were just talking about what I did when I was drunk this one time," Tonks answered for Lily, who was still trying to control her giggles.

"You mean singing "Love Shack" while slaughtering the words in the process?" Remus, Tonks' husband asked. When they nodded, Remus laughed, "Dear, that was definitely more than once."

At this, everyone burst out laughing, while Tonks, trying to glare at Remus, "Why is it that men always feel the need to butt-in to a conversation whether it concerns them or not?" she asked rather grumpily.

Everyone just laughed harder at this. Finally, Lily got her giggles under control and asked the guys what they had been up to.

"Just been talking about the good old days, when Remus still transformed,"

"Yea, the good old days," Remus interrupted as he rolled his eyes.

Sirius continued after a mock glare at Remus for interrupting him. "When James still had the Invisibility Cloak, we still had the Marauder's Map, and I was still young and innocent."

Everyone started laughing at Sirius when he stated that he was innocent at a moment in his life. None of them could remember such a time. Eventually Sirius laughed right along with them.

"Ok," he said after they had controlled the giggles, "Maybe not completely innocent,"

"Padfoot, I've known you for years, and you have never been known as innocent," James told Sirius.

They continued this banter for awhile longer, teasing Tonks for her singing mishaps and Sirius for mistakenly calling himself innocent. They were interrupted by a knock on the door. Remus went to go open it and came back with a tall red head. His name was Fred Weasley.

"Fred!" Sirius greeted him, "To what do we owe the pleasure of you visit? Not that you really need an excuse to want to see us." Sirius finished laughingly.

"I was wondering whether or not you guys have checked the veil today? You might find some interesting things going on."

"Really?" Lily asked, "What kind of things?"

"Well," sitting down and taking a deep breath as if getting ready to tell a long story. Everyone followed his lead and sat down, anxious to hear what was going on.

"Uncle Gideon was in our veil room looking in on the Burrow like he does every morning, bit obsessive really, but anyway, he was sitting there and was surprised to see Ginny walking around the house while everyone else was asleep. First she headed up to the room where Ron and Harry were sleeping. At this point he was rather curious, so he called me and Uncle Fabian into the room and we watched as she went up to their room and went directly to Harry's trunk, pulled a note from the lid, read it, we couldn't see it, but we assumed it was from Harry by the way she was smiling. It was like the way Hermione smiles at Ron when he actually does something sweet."

They all chuckled as they thought about the relationship that had finally happened much to the relief of everyone, even James and Lily were rooting for them. They had seen Ron and Hermione over the years as they watched their son through the veil, and were reminded a little of themselves.

"Anyway," Fred continued, "She then headed down to the kitchen, and gets another clue from a chair. By this time we think that Harry has sent Ginny on a treasure hunt and I thought that you guys might want to watch, too. Especially since it involves Harry."

James, excited at the thought of watching Harry, jumped up enthusiastically, and said, "What are we waiting for? Let's go watch Harry and Ginny!"

They all agreed and headed toward a room at the back of the house. The room was small, painted blue and in the center of the back wall was a long narrow, transparent piece of cloth that allowed them to look through it to the living world. Through the veil where they could watch their son.

Looking now, they saw Harry watching Ginny as she was outside looking in what looked to be an old boot. The scene changed as Ginny went into the kitchen talking to Mrs. Weasley, Fred's mum.

"Good morning, Ginny. What were you doing outside?" Mrs. Weasley asked.

"Harry sent me on a treasure hunt this morning," Ginny decided to answer truthfully because she knew her mum would know if she was lying.

"Smart choice," Fred said, which caused both Lily and Tonks to shush him.

"A treasure hunt?" Mrs. Weasley asked, slightly puzzled, "What's the special occasion?"

"Yeah! What's the special occasion?" James asked Ginny, even though he knew that she could not hear him.

"James! Hush!" Lily admonished him. He looked at her guiltily. She just rolled her eyes.

"I have no idea," answered Ginny, "But so far all the clues have been really sweet and thoughtful. I think Hermione might have helped him with them."

"She's probably right," Remus said.

"Hey! He could be like me and think of sweet things to say all by himself, right Lily?" James asked his wife.

Lily thought for a moment. "If he takes after you, Hermione helped him," she said with a sly smile on her face."

Everyone laughed at the fake hurt face James showed Lily.

"I think he is going to propose," Tonks predicted.

"I agree!" Lily said, siding with Tonks.

"I think it's just a way to annoy Ginny," Sirius said.

"Yea, Ginny hates not knowing everything. This will drive her nuts!" Fred answered gleefully.

"Actually, I think he is going to tell her he loves her," Remus predicted.

James looked thoughtful for a moment, not noticing the expectant looks all the others were giving him. Finally he said,

"I agree with Remus,"

Then the betting began. At first it was just a few Knuts each, then as they started to get more confident in their predictions, they started betting Sickles. Fred left the room saying he was going to see if his uncles wanted to get involved.

The others began to conjure up chairs, loveseats, pillows, and whatever else they would need to ensure their comfort while they watched what promised to be a very important event in the lives of Harry and Ginny.

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