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Through The Veil Chapter 3

The group watched as Ginny sat on the stairs deep in thought.

"What do you think she is going to find?" James asked.

"Well, I'm hoping it is the next clue or she is slacking!" Lily answered.

"Of course it will be a clue," Fred said. "I just have no idea where he would hide a clue right there."

Right at that moment, Ginny pulled out a piece of paper from under the rug.

There were distinct grumblings from the group.

"How was she supposed to get that?" James said.

"Harry, dear, you need to find better hiding places." Lily said, shaking her head.

"Well, that was difficult." Remus and Tonks said at the same time.

Fred just laughed and mumbled something about Harry dying really soon.

"She would need a special Marauder's Map to find that!" Sirius commented rather loudly.

"That would be very useful. Why didn't you think about that when we were still alive, Padfoot?" James asked getting distracted from the subject at hand.

Sirius shrugged. "I guess my genius is just more pronounced in my afterlife."

"That makes since," James said, nodding his head in understanding.

"No, it doesn't," they heard Lily groan under her breath. She was sick of explaining that they were exactly like they were when they were dead. Their personalities didn't change, and neither did their physical appearance, which had lead them to teasing Sirius since he was so much older than James and Lily. Physically, at least. Probably not mentally, Lily amended.

After they finished their grumblings about the difficult hiding place, they watched as she finished reading the latest clue. Lily and Tonks immediately picked up on the slight tears that were forming in her eyes.

I wonder what he wrote about that made her cry, Tonks thought to herself, are those happy tears or sad tears?

Before either the women had a chance to comment on the tears, Andromeda Tonks came out of a room with a suitcase in hand.

"Oh, look, Remus," Tonks cried happily, "There's my mum! Maybe we will get to see Teddy,"

Remus just put his arm around his wife.

They heard Andromeda say something about Ginny looking like Luna Lovegood.

"Hey," Sirius said, "that's not exactly a compliment!"

"What are you talking about, Sirius? Luna is a very sweet girl," Remus said sticking up for Luna.

"Maybe," Sirius retorted, "but there is a reason she is called 'Loony Lovegood'."

"Sirius, that's not very nice," Tonks said.

"Yeah," Lily added, "Just because she is different is no reason to make fun of her."

"Whoa, you guys just sounded like mothers," James said.

"Maybe because we are," Lily said, rolling her eyes.

Suddenly, Tonks gasped. "Oh look at Teddy! He's gotten so big since I saw him last!"

Remus chuckled at that. "Honey, you saw him yesterday!"

While the others laughed and shook their heads, Tonks defended herself.

Or tried.

"Well, it's just that I…Lily knows that…I was trying to say that…oh bugger it!"

And with that she folded her arms over the chest and sat back into her seat, a scowl very apparent on her face. She stayed like that while they all watched Ginny enter the living room, and eventually find a place on the couch.

No one said anything as they saw her pull out a piece of paper from under the cushion, which was odd, considering that no one, except possibly for Remus, was known for their silence. They were silent, that is, until Tonks, who had been moping in her chair, reprimanded Teddy.

"Teddy! That is not nice! You do not poke people in the eye! Tell George you are sorry! Teddy! Get your finger out of his nose! You were taught better than that!"

By this time, everyone else, who had been watching Ginny, turned their attention to Teddy and his torture victims, or to Tonks, who was practically standing up and yelling at the veil, not quite knowing what to do.

In the end, everyone started laughing. It was just too funny. Most everyone was laughing at Tonks for doing the same thing that Lily was known to do, but Sirius and Fred were laughing at what Teddy was doing to George and Charlie. They both found two men getting poked and prodded by a toddler immensely humorous.

After a few minutes of laughing, James spoke up. "Where do you guys think the next clue is?"

He had barely spoken these words when Mrs. Weasley walked into the room carrying an adorable red-haired baby.

"That's Victoire," Fred told everyone, "She is Bill and Fleur's first daughter."

Everyone took that moment to comment on the cuteness of baby Victoire.

Then Tonks added, "Don't you guys think that she and Teddy should get married. They would make an adorable couple! Can you imagine their kids? They would be the best looking kids Hogwarts has ever seen!"

They all stared at her for a moment. Finally Remus spoke up.

"As much as I would love to see Teddy and Victoire get married, don't you think we should give them a chance to know each other first. Maybe we should wait at least until they have outgrown the diaper stage?"

Tonks sighed in defeat, "I suppose you are right," then, as an afterthought, "but it would be so perfect!"

"Hey, you guys. Look." Lily shouted as she pointed at the veil, "Ginny is talking to Mrs. Weasley. Do you think she is the next clue?"

"Maybe…" James said, just so he wouldn't get in trouble with Lily.

"I don't know," Remus said, "it would be completely different than all of the other clues."

"Well, Harry has been known to change things up, dear," Tonks chimed in.

Then they saw Mrs. Weasley give Ginny a piece of paper, and a triumphant look on Ginny's face.

"Hah!" Lily said, gloating just a little, because really, who should doubt her? She was always right. Except for that one time…and the time that…

Well ok, but she was right a lot of the time.

They were watching Ginny as she read the letter. She had the same look on her face that she had for all of the other clues.

It was a look that said: Harry you are just so sweet, I can't believe you are doing this for me.

To be quite honest, it was starting to make the men a little sick.

Sirius mostly, ok, it was starting to make Sirius sick. And Fred wasn't too far behind.

"Does she always have that look on her face?" Sirius complained, "She's starting to look like a lovesick fool."

"Sirius, she is a lovesick fool." Lily told him.

Fred, who had been making jokes the whole time, started grumbling the same time Sirius started complaining.

"He just better keep her happy. That is my little sister."

Stupid, unromantic men, was a phrase going through both Lily and Tonks' heads. And they both knew it, too. They took one look at each other, then both of them burst out laughing, much to the bewilderment of all of the 'stupid, unromantic men'.

Then, all of a sudden, James said, "Did Ginny just 'humph'?"

The girls giggled and nodded their heads. Fred, who probably knew Ginny the best, shook his head and said that Harry had better have something good for Ginny at the end of this hunt, or he was going to get it, and 'it' would not be pretty.

Everyone agreed with that. They had seen Ginny do spell work before. At this point, if he didn't do something utterly romantic, he was going to be on the wrong end of a nasty bat-bogey.

Ginny walked upstairs and headed for her room. She walked straight toward the window, and stood staring out of if for a few minutes.

"What is she thinking? Lily, do you know what she is thinking?" James asked. He did not like not knowing.

"Yes, James. I know exactly what she was thinking." Lily answered, rolling her eyes.

"There is no need to be sarcastic, Lily. If you didn't know, all you had to say was so. In any case, if you don't know what she is saying, do you have any idea about what she might be thinking?"

Lily had opened her mouth to retort, which would have led to a rather large and noisy argument between both James and Lily, but Tonks cut her off.

"She is probably remembering a time that she and Harry had at that window."

"Oh…wait. What was Harry doing in Ginny's room?" James asked.

"Way to go, Harry!" Sirius shouted.

That earned him a look from both James and Lily.

When they finally looked back up at the veil, Ginny was reading the next clue.

"Hey, where was that clue at?" Fred asked.

Remus rolled his eyes before answering, "If you guys would have been paying attention, you would have seen her find the note under the window sill."

There was a collective, "Oh."

Remus just rolled his eyes again.

Then they watched Ginny bundle up once more, preparing to head outside. There were multiple groans heard around the room.

"He is probably the most unorganized person I know. Why didn't he do all the outside ones at one time?" Lily asked.

"I don't know, but I'm pretty sure he has a death wish," Fred stated.

"I don't know, Fred," James countered, "She doesn't seem angry."

So they all got up and moved as close to the veil as they could to determine whether or not Ginny was angry with Harry or not.

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