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Beyond The Other Side – V 1.1

Night had fallen over the city of West Shinjuku. It has been a quiet evening unless you counted the battle happening between two Digimon.

"Walk all over him, Renamon." The fox Digimon got into a battle stance. Vilemon smirked and charged at full speed. Rika took a card out of her pouch. "Digi Modify!!! Clone Activate!!!"

Renamon vanished and appeared behind Vilemon. "Diamond Storm!!" Hundreds of little diamonds hit Vilemon, vaporizing it into data.

Takato stared in horror. "You killed a Digimon..." Henry was too stunned to speak.

Before he could ask Rika why she did what she did, Renamon gave a surprised yelp. "There's something wrong with Vilemon's data!!" A light surrounded the group and they vanished without a trace.

"Takato, wake up! Come on!!"

The boy slowly opened his eyes. "Man, that was intense!! I think I know what Tai felt when he and the other Digidestined entered the digital world. What did happen?"

Henry look around. "From the surroundings, I can conclude that we are in the digital world."

Takato sprang up as soon as he heard the words 'digital world'. "You're kidding, right? We are actually in the digital world?!? This is so cool!!!"

Terriermon piped up. "It would be more cool if we didn't have that rude girl along with us. Right now, she's off by the river, cursing about what happened and that she's stuck with...what was that word, Henry?"

Henry smiled. "Goggleheads. But that would have to apply more to Takato than me."

"Is Takatomon alright?"

Takato sighed. "It's back to Takatomon huh, Guilmon."

The red dinosaur Digimon scratched its head. "I've always called you Takatomon. You told me that was your name."

By the river, a certain redhead was fuming at her current situation. "Of all the stupid..."

"Calm down, Rika."

"Everything was going fine until those two wannabe tamers showed up!! Now I'm stuck here with idiots for company!!"

Renamon raised an eyebrow. Rika noticed the glare she was receiving from her partner. "You excluded." Then an idea dawned on Rika. "Since this is the digital world, this place must be filled with Digimon...who are probably willing to battle. This may be an opportunity for you to get enough experience and data to digivolve. Let's go, Renamon."


Rika whirled around. "What do you want?" she snapped.

Takato raised his hands in defense. "Henry says it would be a better idea to stick together. We could watch each other's backs and stuff like that."

"Renamon doesn't need you and neither do I," said Rika in an icy tone.

Henry walked up with Terriermon perched on his head. "You aren't exactly the most polite person in the world. But we should work together and combine our resources. Eventually, you will run into a situation in which the Modify cards you have won't work. With me and Takato with you, the three of us has a better selection of Modify cards."

'Damn...they're right.' Rika clenched her fists. "Fine. But as soon as we get back home, our alliance is terminated."

Takato glared at Henry. "Are you sure this is wise? I frankly wouldn't mind her going off alone."

The boy nodded. "I know what you mean. But with this alliance, we can make sure she doesn't do anything stupid."

"Takatomon, what is that over there?" Takato looked at where Guilmon was pointing at and found himself dumbstruck when he recognized Digitamamon's diner.

"We're your friends!!"

Henry went pale. "That sounded like Mimi...Takato, do you realize what this means?" The boy blinked in confusion. Henry sighed before continuing. "This digital world is set inside the television show!! And if I remember my episodes correctly, this is when the Digiegg of Sincerity is given to Yolei!"

Takato gulped. "What should we do?"

Henry thought about it for a moment before speaking. "We shouldn't do anything to interfere with the Digimon storyline. It's just like on that weird show...I forgot what it was but they had a law not to interfere with the lives of other civilizations that have no clue about them. We have to be careful and not let anyone see us. Who knows how badly the storyline can be damaged."

Terriermon poked Henry to get his attention. "Too late."

The boys looked up to see Rika and Renamon, engaged in battle against Digitamamon.

"Who is she?" Cody stuttered out.

"I don't know but I guess she's one of us," said Kari.

Flamedramon eyed the Digimon and the girl suspiciously. "I don't recognize her Digimon."

"Who cares? We could always use another member of the team to help fight the Digimon Emperor," stated Davis.

"Enough!! Time to end this, Renamon!!!" Rika took her Digivice and a Modify card.

TK stared in confusion. "What is she doing?"

"Digi Modify!!! Agumon's Frozen Wind Activate!!" The Digidestined gave a start.

The same thought ran through their minds. 'What does Agumon have to do with this?!'

Renamon leaped just above Digitamamon. Before he could fire a Nightmare Syndrome, Renamon had already frozen him with the frozen wind.

"Finish this, Renamon." Takato and Henry were running to try and stop her but by the time they got there, Renamon was downloading Digitamamon's data and the dark spiral was destroyed.

Takato looked at the shocked faces of the Digidestined. "This ain't good. What do we do now?!"

Rika snorted. "We leave. There's nothing to do here."

"Thanks to you, they are going to have a tougher time battling with the Emperor. Things may not turn out as shown," said Henry gravely.

This earned another snort from the girl. "You watch too much TV."

"Why?!?" Rika turned to face a broken down Mimi. "Why did you destroy him?!? If you just destroyed the spiral, he would have become normal again!!! But you killed him!!!"

[You killed a Digimon...]

"Digimon are nothing more than data. And if you don't have the courage to do what it takes to stop evil, you shouldn't be in the digital world at all." With that said, Rika walked away from the battlescene with Renamon behind her.

Guilmon moved closer to Takato. "What now, Takatomon?" Takato turned to Henry for an answer.

"We better follow Rika and make sure she doesn't cause anymore damage. As for the Digidestined...I don't know." They decided to catch up to Rika before she vanishes from their sight.